Alternative Ways to Use Gemstones

To continue my series on gemstones we will be looking at the
alternate ways to reap the rewards of their many benefits. You might
want to check out my past posts to make sure you’re getting the most
out of this one, they are … For the Love of Gemstones, Benefits of Gemstones, and Gemstone Styling.

Besides necklaces, earrings and rings, there are many other ways to
wear gemstones. In ancient times, warriors wore them in armbands.
Today, women wear them as fashionable ornaments. Gemstones worn here
should be those like Agate that promote courage and strength. Priests
in Egypt would also ground Malachite into a mix that they would wear as
eye shadow. It was their belief that this gemstone would promote their
visionary powers. In some ancient cultures, gemstones like Amethyst,
were frequently placed in the center of the forehead to help increase
psychic powers.

Another good idea is to wear gemstones in belts. The gorgeous
Turquoise belts popular in the Southwest are a good example of a
beautiful item that is functional as well. Turquoise is known to
promote relaxation. Other ideal stones for belts include Carnelian for
motivation, Agates for energy, Bloodstone for healing, and Shells or
Jasper for increased energy balance.

Other ways of incorporating gemstones into your life are hanging a
gemstone around the mirror in your car. Something for protection, like
Turquoise or Red Coral. If you use a computer a lot, don’t forget to
place a Pink Quartz near it to help diffuse the machine’s strong energy
fields. Agates and Petrified Wood are gorgeous as bookends, or desk
ornaments. If you have an altar, put stones on it to enhance energies.
Remember, just like in human beings, inanimate objects have the same
left receptive side and right action side … so place appropriate stones
for what you need to receive on the left, and what you would like to
send out to the world on the right.

Medicine men would frequently carry pouches with healing stones such
as Emeralds, Carnelian or Bloodstone. When creating a pouch, it is a
great idea to use other earth energies such as silk, cotton, leather or
metal wires for tying. The combination can create a strong vibration.

Above all when selecting gems, either from the earth, a rock shop,
or individual seller, it is important to place the intended gemstone in
your left hand. Leave it there for a while and feel the energies of the stone.
Let your intuition be your guide … you will know if it’s right for you.
Lastly, never take someone else’s advice – rather choose the stones
that feel best for you.

Next we’ll talk about color harmonies in gemstones!

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