A Map to Your Chakras

Understanding and learning to balance your chakras can have a profound impact on your life. You can boost everything from your happiness to your health to your sex life to your psychic abilities just by understanding these seven energy centers in your body.

Chakras (pronounced Cha-Kra) are energy vortexes within the body (chakra means “wheel” or “turning”) and were first mentioned in the Indian Vedas before the second millennium BCE. We all have seven major chakras that exist within the spiritual/psychic realm, and which are interconnected with our physical being. Each chakra is located at specific points along the spinal column and nerve centers, and holds specific physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and elemental energies.

Here is a very brief description of each chakra and its associated location and governing characteristics.

Chakra One – The Root Chakra

Location: Perineum
Represents: Survival

Chakra Two – Sacral Plexus

Location: Lower abdomen, just below the navel
Represents: Emotions and Sexuality

Chakra Three – Solar Plexus

Location: Between the sternum and the navel
Represents: Will, personal power (as well as our Chi energy) and self-esteem

Chakra Four – Heart Chakra

Location: The Sternum
Represents: Love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance

Chakra Five – Throat Chakra

Location: Middle of the throat.
Represents: Communication and creativity

Chakra Six – Third Eye

Location: Middle of the forehead
Represents: Imagination, insight, intuition and psychic ability

Chakra Seven – The Crown Chakra

Location: Top of the head
Represents: Connection to Spirit, knowledge, wisdom and transcending limited states of consciousness.

Each chakra also presents its own unique challenges and issues if it is blocked, over-active or otherwise imbalanced. Having one blocked can set off a chain reaction of imbalances in other chakras creating further complications, whereas having them working properly creates a life of supreme joy and balance.

The first step in understanding your chakras is education. You cannot change or enhance that which you know nothing about. The second is being aware of how the energy of each of your chakras feels within your body: Are there specific feelings, emotions or images attached to them? Are they strong and stable? Are they full of power, or do they have a “deadened” or shut-down feeling? Through practice and education, you will be able to do a self-assessment and make the changes necessary to live a much more balanced life.

When our Chakras are balanced and working properly, we are much more connected to Spirit, our source. Our creativity, communication, imagination and intuition are at their highest levels and allow for greater prosperity and manifestation. Our hearts are open with unconditional love and compassion for all beings. Personal, emotional and sexual powers are used in healthy, constructive, positive ways and we are grounded like the roots of a tree, feeling comfortable and secure within ourselves and the world around us.

When we as practitioners access this energy, it enters the crown chakra and travels down each chakra to the root chakra, and as it passes through each, the chakras become more balanced and are placed in proper working order, allowing us to transfer this pure and focused energy into our clients, assisting them in bringing balanced healing to their chakras and their system as a whole.

This is the process that fills us as practitioners with the breaking dawn of Spirit’s cosmic gift of all-encompassing healing, loving energy; allowing it to flow into our bodies, traveling from our heart through our hands and into the people we wish to see achieve their own profound state of personal perfection.

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  11. kit

    It will help and guide you on how to cleanse/balance all the chakras… it’s a wonderful experience, reviving and rejuvenating oneself… i’m on my fourth level to learning these techniques… it’s so great to be on it..

  12. Rita

    For those of you who have inquired about what chakras are and how to “rebalance” or unblock them, typically Reiki practitioners or other energy workers can help you with that. I invite you to visit my website for more information as I am an intuitive healer and would be happy to answer any questions or invite you to come for a Reiki session. be well, Rita.

  13. Joyce

    Thank you so much for this article. I look forward to more articles. I love learning more and more . I align my chakras about once a month. I have health problems and I think it really helps. Thank you. I love the California Psychics site. Thank you for being there for us.

  14. vivian

    Goodmorning, I would like to know how to clear my chakras, or who do I see to do that thank you, I know what chakras are but not much else so could u please get back to me on that thank you for your time Vivian

  15. Lacey

    Ok, so now what? The article explains the chakras, then tells you they need to be kept balanced. End of article. No more explanation?

  16. devyn5303Devyn x5303

    Great article! Balancing the chakras can make immediate and lasting changes in a persons life.

    Peace and Love,

    Devyn x5303

  17. adoni05

    The Chakras are a part of the subtle body (spiritual body) and directly connected to the physical. They are inseparable, are with you every single moment of your life, even when lying down 🙂

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  19. diana

    what happen with my chakras when i am lying down -are they still the same coloured wheels around me??
    Regards. D.


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