8 Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

The Center of Your Emotions

If your emotional life is feeling cluttered, you’re probably looking for the culprit. Often, it’s your very cluttered bedroom. Do you have overstuffed closets? Are you dirty clothes and shoes strewn about the floor? A messy bedroom is a chi energy disruptor. Chi energy is the life force that flows through and around everything. Here are eight feng shui tips to make the chi energy in your bedroom flow again.

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1. Your Wardrobe
Is your wardrobe overly full of clothes that are outdated, worn, too small or even too big? It must be a pain to have to rummage through it trying to find something to wear that you can feel good in. Why are you holding on to these clothes? Get rid of them! If they can be donated, give them to charity, and if they are worn, toss them in the garbage. Learn how to shop for versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, go from day to night, and make you feel good and beautiful.

2. Your Bed
Don’t position your bed so that your feet are pointed towards the bedroom door. Your life’s energy will just drain out of you and through that door if you do. Headboards should always be placed against a wall. This will help you stay grounded. Cushions are nice, but don’t add too many or the bed will look cluttered. Make sure there is nothing under your bed that can block chi energy. This will improve the quality of your sleep.

3. Your Windows
Open your windows often. This will let the old, stale energy out and let in new, fresh energy. Curtains should be light and airy. Keep your windows clean so that your view is clear and not clouded with dirt.

4. Your Mirrors
Like windows, your mirrors should always be clean. The placing of a mirror is very important, so avoid placing it opposite your bed. We never look our best, first thing in the morning!

5. Your Purses and Wallet
Is your purse neat and organized, or is it filled with rubbish like old receipts and candy wrappers? How can you feel good when you are literally weighing yourself down with trash? Clean your purse out! And while we are at it, clean your wallet out too! Get rid of all the old receipts. Make room for money to flow in.

6. Your Loving Space
If you are looking for love, make your bedroom inviting. Have two of everything, like nightstands. This shows that you want to share your space with someone. Place rose quartz and amethyst crystals to balance emotions and attract love. These crystals are powerful and renew your energy. Adding a touch of red, whether it’s flowers or throw pillows, ignites passion, but don’t add too much, or it will create arguments.

7. Your Plants
Plants or fresh flowers add extra chi energy to a room, but avoid dried flowers and cactus. Dried flowers are dead flowers and you want love that feels fresh and alive. If a cactus has needles, that means arguments.

8. Your Scented Candles
Candles add a romantic element to the bedroom, but never leave them unattended or place them next to flammable things. Lavender, rose, jasmine, chamomile and patchouli are lovely scents and help promote love and balance.

All About Emotions

Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is all about your emotions, which is why it’s important to keep it clean and decluttered. I hope my feng shui tips help you feel more balanced, more calm and more in love.

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4 thoughts on “8 Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

  1. Ben

    what do purses and wallets have anything to do with bedroom feng shui? good advice to keep clean and declutter to make room for money to flow in, but bedroom feng shui I doubt it…

  2. Carol J Murto

    In our city we are able to recycle used clothes that are no longer wearable as well as scraps of material. I invite everyone to check what is available in your area for recycling. So much better than tossing in the garbage and adding to already stagnant chi in landfills.

  3. Pat

    Thanks so much Tabitha!!!Guess its time to do some spring cleaning..This is all very helpful and I’m sure the transformation is going to be amazing!!!..Feng Shui really works and its really helpful to be freshened up with this info!Well..better start cleaning out my closet!.I’m sure its going to feel much better once its done..!!.Blessings to All…enjoy!!!


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