4 Fundamental Changes That Can Transform Your Life

From Good Intentions to Lasting Changes

Will 2017 be the year you succeed at making the change you’d like to see in your life? The power of turning thoughts and wishes into reality is within you; it’s within us all. The power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction (The belief that your thoughts and words can shape your reality.) are helpful tools in achieving the fundamental changes that can transform your life, but the most important belief is the one you have in yourself. Here are four steps that can guide you on your journey of transformation.

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1. Identify What You’d Like to Change
Write down a list of the things you’d like to transform in your life, and number them in order of importance and realistic timetables. Suppose you have two goals—one is to make your first million dollars and the other is to lose 20 pounds. While both goals may be equally important to you, a realist would tell you that you could lose 20 pounds before you make your first million, so that may be the goal to work on first.

2. Focus on the Positive and Be Specific
Believe it or not, the words and thoughts you use to form your intentions certainly have a lot to do with your ability to achieve your goals. For instance, instead of saying, “I don’t want to be broke” or “I don’t want to be alone” or “I wish I could lose weight” which all focus on negative feelings, try rephrasing those statements. Instead say, “I will make $100,000 this year” or “I’m so excited about meeting my perfect love match” or “I look forward to dropping 20 pounds.” Focus on what you do want, instead of what you don’t want.

As an added component, be sure to be as specific as possible. For example, don’t just say you want to be rich; concentrate on making a specific amount within a specific amount of time. If you want your perfect love match to also be a great cook or to have a great sense of humor, add it your statement. The more targeted your goal, the more likely it is you can also make the fundamental changes that transform your life into exactly what you want.

3. Believe You Can Achieve
You can think, affirm and entertain the notion that you want to be thinner, but if you don’t believe it in your heart, you’ll never achieve it. Quiet the voice in your head that’s trying to convince you that transformation is just too hard or too much. Stop sabotaging yourself. Make a commitment and stick to it. The only person you have to convince is yourself.

4. Take Positive Action
The first step in making a transformation is to transform your intentions into action. Here are five keys to get you on track:

  • Make yourself a priority.
  • Set reasonable goals.
  • Rephrase any negative thoughts or words into positive statements.
  • Keep your eye on the goal.
  • Imagine yourself succeeding and feeling better.

Transformations both big and small take determination and making a change isn’t always easy. It starts with intention. Your intention will turn into action and your action will soon become a habit. As you begin to see evidence that you’re on the right track, you can congratulate yourself on making the fundamental changes that can and will certainly transform your life. Your dedication, intention and commitment will all determine the outcome.

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