28 Things to Do When Life is Nuts

When Life Isn’t Perfect, Try This

If life were perfect all the time, we’d probably drop from boredom. So I guess we’re lucky that life isn’t always perfect, but when life gets crazy and there seems to be no end in sight, how do you cope? I say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

No matter where you are in life, you should be able to use a few, if not all, of these suggestions to banish the crazies. Here are 28 things to do when life is nuts. Is your life a bit too crazy? Find out when things will settle down with a life path reading from Psychic Julia ext. 9131.

1. De-clutter a closet to banish the nuttiness.

2. Tell everyone to get their swimsuits on and wash your car.

3. Turn on a reality show and realize how blessed you are to be you.

“When you show greater compassion towards yourself, the universe automatically responds by rewarding you with greater blessings.” – Psychic Kelli ext. 5130

4. Eat a food on your “no-no” list and make no apologies.

5. Start a blog about your nutty life and see the humor in it (Book deal?).

6. Plug in the headphones and sing your brains out—yes, in public.

7. Eat only yellow foods for a day—be creative.

8. Run a hot bath, light some candles and find that Enya CD from 1995.

Doing silly and absurd stuff can remind you of just how normal your life really is. Here’s a few more:

9. Go on—see if blondes, redheads or brunettes have more fun. Try them all.

10. Chew a wad of bubble gum and try blowing the biggest bubble ever! (World record?)

11. Immerse yourself in a good book in a quiet place.

12. Eat all the cookies in the cookie jar and don’t take the blame.

13. Take a photo of whatever is “nuts” in your life. You’ll laugh later, trust me.

“This may sound crazy, but laughter is one of the greatest healers of all. Sometimes it’s better to put down the inspirational books and rent a bunch of DVD’s of stand up comedians.” – Psychic Chloe ext. 9421

14. Dress up in your best clothes and go out to dinner with a fun friend.

15. Rearrange the furniture, switch rooms around and enjoy your new digs.

16. Answer the phone, “Xena Warrior Princess speaking” (Check caller ID first).

17. Shut the phone off for an hour or two. Go on, do it. I dare you.

18. Write a nonsensical blurb and post it on Facebook and tell your friends to find the hidden message.

19. Bake dog biscuits and bring them to the local dog pound. Okay, buy them if you must.

20. Invite more nuttiness into your life by bringing home a puppy. It’s the good kind of nutty.

21. Photoshop yourself at the Oscars and go social media crazy with it.

22. Program all the buttons on your car radio to the same station then ask a passenger to change the station.

23. Meditate, if even for a few minutes, or do yoga.

24. Go to fiverr.com and offer your problems up for sale—$5.

25. Have an entire conversation with a friend in pig latin.

26. Go for a drive and get lost on purpose (No GPS).

27. Pretend you’re on the phone with Santa in front of kids.

28. Eat dessert for dinner.

Sometimes there’s just no avoiding it. When life is nuts, you’ve just got to make peanut butter.

7 thoughts on “28 Things to Do When Life is Nuts

  1. Rox

    Hi, reading a psychic for me is unnecessary although I read the articles. But I like to leave a comment on this article… At the end it asked Is my life crazy… I can respond that for you without a psychic. Im honest.. No, My life is not crazy, Im just exclaiming it, I feel good. As I wanted as far as task goes. Sure growth for foregoing is always a plus and doing the right thing in my personal life. I can honestly say Im a good person. I use my own judgement for myself to myself And this is why Im answering the question. Right now besides reading your article I can probably watch a movie in place of this but Im not… Im expressing without a psychic reading by reading your articles and that question came up, I figure I wanted to say that to someone. You were a comment I left for a answer for myself to look and judge myself reflect my action besides other things When I read the whole article (no lie I read the article I am a half insight Scorpio Nov. 1984 would say in my stars, figure for myself)… Thanks.. P.S. Comment readers this was just extra reading. Sometimes you never know if someone for curious reads. That’s life You can’t figure they look to. 🙂

  2. LJ

    I love the responses – purple oatmeal, carney speak and adopting a pet!
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and feedback – keep adding on to the list, I’d love to hear more ideas because we all have our “crazy” moments when we’d like to float above the peanut factory.

  3. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    A note concerning #7 –
    Yellow isn’t my thing, so I tried purple.
    The kids wouldn’t touch the purple mashed potatoes no matter what I told them or how many silly songs I sang, but purple oatmeal was a big hit.

  4. quinn ext. 5484

    great article – love choles quote. laughter is the best fixer ever.
    thank you all for your inspirational cures to nutty-ness.
    #25 my mom and dad talked pig-latin. i just learned the pig part. 🙂 oink
    buddha bless,

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Cute article L J !!!!

    I like # 25…didn’t know anybody COULD speak pig latin anymore,…. except for myself…..LOL….

    …..And then there is ” Carney talk “….a spin off of pig latin. Circus performers and carnival folks used to speak ” Carney talk “.
    ( I know this because my GrandParents used to be friends with a married couple , that trained elephants, that traveled with Barnum & Bailey Circus many years ago ).

    And of course # 20….only , PLEASE, ” ADOPT don’t shop ” for a pet…..give a little soul a nice home !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

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