10 Tips to Get Organized, Save Time and Money

Get Organized, Save Time and Money

A Psychic Twist On Getting Organized

Most people have a hard time getting organized because they try to do too much at once. If you have a list of stuff you’d like to tackle this year, I suggest you prioritize it from most important to least important. Then focus all of your attention on the most important task and see it through to completion before you tackle another task. With every task you cross off your list, you’ll experience a boost in self-esteem.

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Whether your list includes losing weight, finishing your novel or improving your well-being, know that success starts at home. A messy, unorganized house hurts your mentally and emotionally. It can drain your energy and creativity. I want to share with you the 10 things I’ve started doing that keep me organized, reduce clutter and save me time and money. I feel like my well-being has also improved. I hope they work for you too!

1. Get a Better Vacuum Cleaner
I’m a pet owner (dog, cats, rabbit and fish), and with all that pet hair, I previously had to vacuum every day. However, when I bought a better quality vacuum cleaner, I discovered that I only have to vacuum once or twice a week. All that pet hair gets sucked up, almost like magic, and my carpet still looks plush and new. Cost: About $170.

2. Invest in Bathroom Storage
I bought a small cabinet for my bathroom. I store everything in it, it’s always within arm’s reach and it reduces the clutter on my sink and around my tub. I can even store things on top of it or top it with a vase full of fresh flowers. Cost: $40.

3. Buy a Hanging Jewelry Organizer
I have a lot of fashion jewelry, so I bought a hanging jewelry organizer for my closet. It has clear pouches, so I can see what’s where. The pockets also keep the jewelry from getting twisted and tangled. Cost: $10 – $15.

4. Get Decorative Holders for Your Dish Soap and Sponge
I put my dish detergent in a pretty soap dispenser and got a matching soap dish for my sponge. They really dress up my kitchen and I keep the extra detergent and the ugly plastic bottle it comes it out of sight. Cost: About $6 for each.

5. Buy Candles That Don’t Make a Mess
I love candles. They really create ambiance and set the mood. I bought battery-operated candles from my local dollar store. I don’t have to worry about cleaning up melted wax and they flicker, just like real candles. Also, they’re safe for my pets to be around. battery-operated candles come in a variety of colors and scents. Some are even covered in real wax. Cost: Variable depending on size.

6. Water Your Houseplants Without Spilling
If you have a lot of plants in your home like I do, it can be a hassle to water them. I used to take multiple trips back and forth to the sink to fill a pitcher with water. But then I bought an expandable cloth hose with a special attachment for my bathroom sink. I use it to water my houseplants. I don’t have to keep filling up a small pitcher and I don’t have to worry about spilling water on my floors. Cost: About $23.

7. Feed Your Pets Without Hurting Your Back
I got some giant storage containers for pet food. They are great for 15lb-plus bags. The lid snaps off, and there is a scoop or pour option. The containers keep bugs out, keep the food moisture- and mold-free and prevent spillage. Cost: About $15

8. Keep Kitchen Scraps Contained
When you’re preparing food, you probably make a big pile of scraps as you go along and that eats away at your available work space. An over-the-cabinet hanger works great in the kitchen. I put plastic bags on it and use it for food debris when cooking. Now I don’t have to touch a dirty trash bin while in the midst of cooking. Cost: $5.

9. Organize Your Electronics
I always seemed to lose my remote controls and phone chargers and it took me a lot of time to recover them. Now I have a leather revolving desk caddy on my coffee table that stores remotes, chargers, phones, etc. Everything is in one place and easy to find. Cost: $15.

10. Download Free and Low-Cost Apps
There’s an app for that! I love apps that sync your calendars and send you reminders. Navigation apps get me where I need to go. Health apps keep track of my medical history. I have an app that allow me to make free, international phone calls, and my bank app lets me do most of my banking from home. There are also many free and low-cost apps for small business owners.

Get organized! It doesn’t have to be a headache. It can be really affordable and fun! Reducing the clutter in your home contributes to your overall well-being as does anything that saves you time and money. Now, what are you going to do with all the time and money I’ve saved you?

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  1. Kallista, ext. 9623

    Nice article, Laverne! Really like how you listed specific items along with their cost. I am going to get one of those desk caddy organizers! 🙂


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