Your Top 10 Cougar Additions

Last week we posted a lovely, humorous list of the top 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Cougar – we got so many extra additions that we’ve compiled the best! Be sure to keep these in mind, guys, when encountering that lovely older woman in your life – awkward silences are no fun for anybody …

1. So, what was the great depression like?

2. Is that what they call ‘crows feet’? – Psychic Jacqueline

3. You look REALLY good for your age…

4. What were you like in your 20s and 30s? Psychic Abigail

5. You must have been relieved when condoms first came out!

6. Your perfume smells just like my mom’s.

7. Wow, you really know how to pull off leather pants.

8. What was your favorite decade?

9. This is my first time…

And last but not least!

10. Have you had much work done? It doesn’t show.

Thank you for your input!

2 thoughts on “Your Top 10 Cougar Additions

  1. katie

    When will someone come up with something better than “Cougar” ? It sounds so predatory-and derogatory. Ugh.


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