Your Sun Sign Determines How You Fall In Love

Your Sun Sign Determines How You Fall In Love

Hello Sexy. What’s Your Sign?

They say that love is written in the stars, and it’s true. The universe has plenty of wisdom to share with us. And while Venus might have plenty to say on the subject of amore, it’s our Sun Sign that gives us and others that first glance into how we approach love, how we fall in love and how we keep those love fires burning. So, what does your sign say about how you fall in love? Let’s put on our heart-shaped glasses and take a behind-the-scenes look at love through the signs:

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You’re sentimental when it comes to love. You’re also very physical and passionate in the bedroom. Pangs of interest can come on quickly, but falling in love may take a little longer. Your sign says, “I want someone just like me who’s sporty, energetic, sexual, supportive and full of unpredictable excitement.”


You’re a sensual sign, but you don’t usually rush into love. That’s mostly because you’re looking for someone who isn’t too conservative. Conservative equals boring, but someone too wild and crazy would make you perpetually nervous. Your sign says, “I want someone to have and to hold. Let’s just hope it never feels old.”


You need someone who can be as adventurous, impulsive and mercurial—just like you. If they’re also a good listener, then you just might be able to end your search for lasting love. Your sign says, “Let’s skip the gym and go get married.” You’re spontaneous and you can fall rather quickly.


You take a cautious approach to love. Inside, you’re sensitive, caring and ultra-romantic. In love you need the real deal. Once you’re in love you’re in all the way—just as long as it stays joyful. If not, you’ll deal with it until you finally blow up. Your sign says, “I’ll allow myself to enjoy this as long as I can trust it.”


Very few are impervious to your charms. So when you come across someone who presents a challenge or ignores you, your love radar starts beeping. You find this provocation alluring, causing you to turn up the flirt and charm until you win them over. Your sign says, “When it’s something worth fighting for, it’s something worth keeping.”


You may fall for good looks, but it won’t last if there is no emotional connection. Finding your ideal mate isn’t easy, but when you find someone who intuitively understands you, then you’ve most likely found your soulmate. Your sign says, “Every day we’re together, I grow to love you more.”


As the partnership sign you prefer being in a relationship. However, even when you think you’ve found love, you lack that “you complete me” feeling that you’re sure you should feel. To fall in love in a lasting way, all you need is to trust that the one you’re already with just might be Mr. or Ms. Right. Your sign says, ““If I’m complete within myself, maybe I can just enjoy the romance itself.”


You take a long time to feel trust and full-fledged love in a relationship, but when you find a partner who can stand the test of time (and perhaps a few other tests), your trust turns into true love and loyalty. Your sign says, “I thought you were the one; I just had to be sure.”


You’re not incapable of loving just one person. You just love your freedom so much that it takes someone really special to get you to stand still long enough to develop the trust you want in a relationship. Your sign says, “I’m glad I stopped and took the time to let love in.”


It’s not easy to explain how you fall in love. You have to know the core of someone’s nature before you give them your heart. Perhaps it’s intuition or simple chemistry, but once you’re convinced, your sign says, “Now that I’m sure I can trust you with my heart, I’ll be a loving, passionate partner for life.”


You’re unique and original, so pardon any attempt to lump you into a group. There is one thing that can be said for Aquarians, however: When it comes to love, you fall for the one who treasures and respects your individuality. Your sign says, “It may not be love at first sight, but I do appreciate feeling understood, and that’s a start.”


Because you’re so romantic, falling in love is an all-encompassing experience. Having independent interests allows you to somehow feel safe in love. What your sign says about how you fall in love is, “I want you to want me, but still have a life of your own. I want you to be your authentic self as you allow me to be myself. And together we can be exceptional.”

4 thoughts on “Your Sun Sign Determines How You Fall In Love

  1. LJ

    Thanks Gina Rose – you are so correct, that’s kind of where I was going with the intuitive part, but I guess I cut it for space reasons. It’s hard to fit into a paragraph what could really take up a whole book. LOL – Glad you agree on Aries.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article LJ……if I may add on to Virgo…..for most Virgo’s not only does there have to be an emotional connection ( which you stated ) but also a connection on the intellectual, mental plane as well.

    Had a chuckle with the Aries one…..fits my Aries daughter to a T !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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