Why Married Men Never Leave

why married men never leave

Will he leave his wife for me?

Married men choose to stay married even when they’re cheating on their wives. The mistress makes the marriage tolerable. Yesterday started on a sad note. I received a phone call early in the morning from my best friend, informing me that her husband had been cheating on her for 10 years! That was one phone call I wish I had missed.

My friend was still in that early hysterical stage immediately following the discovery that she had been betrayed by the man she was married to — and shared four children with. She was screaming “I love him more than life itself! I have invested my entire life here with him. Years of care taking, cleaning, cooking — and all that time, he was making love to another woman!” She went silent.

“He made promises of marriage to her!”

“Wait a minute,” I said, as I interrupted her. “Marriage?”

“Yes!” she said. “He told her I had cancer, and he explained to her that as soon as I was cancer free, he would come to her “for good,” and marry her.”

“Ok, calm down.” I said. “First off, do you have cancer, Debbie?”

“NO!” she screamed at me.

“How did you get all this information?” I asked.

“The girl that has always done my hair, Linda. She was the one that called me at 3am, asking to speak to Chip. She was drunk and said she was having an affair with him. I confronted him about the affair. He admitted it! I am in shock,” she said. “This has been going on for 10 years between them.”

I just listened to her while she told me everything. She spent two hours telling me stories about an entire alternate life that Chip had been living with his mistress. Cruises, skiing trips… He had attended all of her family events, even one where they both had ‘stood up’ for the bride and groom!

Chip and Debbie had been married for 20 years. The entire time that I have known Debbie, she has always portrayed to me a Disney-like picture of her family life.

I wondered silently if she had received any clues? “I am her best friend,” I thought. I should just ask …

She slammed the phone down!

Frozen in silence thinking, my thoughts went to my many readings on love and relationships for California Psychics. I have heard this story so many times over the years that I have been reading — including the cancer scam — this couldn’t just be a coincidence. Did this theme come from a famous movie?

There have been many other reasons a man has told his mistress he needs time to leave, but most of them could be categorized in the illness area. Mental illness is the one I hear most, then cancer.

Beyond those, I hear the kids are doing terribly (emotional problems) and they need counseling. It is always because of the evil mother who may do away with them if the man leaves. He is so noble to stay and protect them, my client tells me. The ‘other women’ have been contributing money to these causes as well. In a few cases, the other women are brought to bankruptcy trying to help the new lover solve these issues. Of course this is when they call me asking why he has backed away from them.

What my friend doesn’t know is that the other woman usually gets to go on all the vacations. The wife writes those down on his calendar for him as ‘business trips!’ As the other women are willing to foot the bill also, he is free to go.

Debbie has never been on a trip with Chip in 20 years.

I often hear from women and men who are in the victim role. I truly believe that a person could save themselves and others a lot of grief if they would just make sure their new love was telling the truth. The only way to proceed would be to see the divorce papers.

I recently advised one of my clients to do just that.

If you enable another to escape that pain, more than likely, they will take you up on your offer. It will make their marriage or relationship bearable, and they most likely will not leave it. You will be surprised how fast a man that who really does love you will be back at your door, divorce papers in hand, if you put down the law to him. “No contact until you’re legally available.”

I am going to be supporting my friend Debbie in her time of need, but I also am going to be waiting for your phone call to me as well, here at California Psychics. Don’t settle for next best, there are many awesome, available men out there looking for you, ripe for the picking!

144 thoughts on “Why Married Men Never Leave

  1. almagf1989

    Loook life is hard and complicated everything seems easy at the beggining and wonderful and at last this happens. Why? Remember god has given us the gift of choice, so we get to choose for ourselves what to do in life or what we want. Everything is clear but is just that right know your confuse. We all get to this stage sometimes or worser that we ask ourselfs what should I do? What did I do wrong to deserve this? The answer is simple listen to what your heart tells you, if you do go back with him at least you know you loved the man honestly, learn to forgive, make him suffer in a good way. This will be to seperate from him, give him the divorse papers and wait for him to come to you, just be patient this may take a couple of months. If he does’nt its obvious your too much women for him and you do deserve some one better. Who cares if you have 4-8 kids the man that loves you would love you with your children. Theirs hope you know, but listen to your good, honest thoughts. Tell him how you feel about it so you wont have so much sadness and anger and then walk away and do what I told you earlier. Life is short and time keeps running no matter what. Another thing children have nothing to do with parents having this type or any type of problems they dont understand why this is going on, its definetly not their fault or concern. They dont understand or know from good or bad. Remember they are just children. Since this is happening it will be good for you to take your children out with you to have fun and let them see and know you are doin good, and sit down and tell them why dad is no longer with them in a way they will understand. You are know a new woman, never show weakness to your x start living life, share your time with your children. Show thenm the wonderful mom that you are. Start living with your head up high. Remember you are no more or less of a human than him god made us to be next to the man shoulder to shoulder, no more or no less, and specially not the gum in their shoe. Move on theres alot of wonderful things that life offers. Look around.

  2. Sheila

    I am one who got lost in the Lies a man can tell.
    I belived we had areal love that would last for all time.Well he desided to go back to being a GOOD MORMON and we all know thay never get divoriced.Well now I with a man who is free and has been for years.We are very happy together.

  3. Barbara

    A wonderful article. I feel for your friend, but I am in the same position. I am the other woman.
    And it sure made me stop and think. Not defending the man but all circumstances are not the same. Some men are treated very badly by their wives. But because they believe in their marriage vows they are going to stick it out. I believe it says for better or worse. Men need love too. They don’t get it at home they will seek it else where. Married women do the same thing, so its not just the man. And you are not going to tell me she never saw the signs. The signs are alway there. I have been on both ends of the stick so to speak. Yes, my husband cheated on me too. I pick up on it by the clues. And I began doing some detective work. Oh yes I caught him. They are there. Oh yes he is dead now and I gave 34 years of my life to him. Faithful and stood by him, for what. So it is pay back time. Don’t get me wrong, finding this out does hurt. But as you said, once they do it they will continue to do it. I am old but I am going to have some pleasure out of life before I die. I have a wonderful man now and yes he is married neither of us have that many years left and we have both found happiness. If the wife finds out so be it. I learned to take care of myself so can she. He works, he comes home, cleans the house, fixes the meals, does the laundry and runs all the errands. She does absolutely nothing to help. Yes she has health issues, but sure doesn’t stop her from going to Walmarts and shop. I see it this way, if they truly love each other they need to set down and talk it out. Find out what is missing. There is a reason that either the man or woman seeks out someone else. I see it all the time. If you have children, make an effort to set aside some alone time with your husband or wife. Again I feel for your friend, but she needs to wake up and smell the roses so to speak. Find out what the reason is.

  4. Jacki

    My heart goes out to Debbie. Does she feel he loves her even though he is having an affair with another woman ? What kind of love is that? Did he still treat her well? She probably would have known something if he started treating her badly. He must be a real decietful person and a real good liar.She should think long & hard about what kind of a person can carry on with another & still do be intimate with her. When she comes to grips with he pain she should think of what he was saying about her. He is a jerk, in my opinion. I hope she does see him for what he is.

  5. Leona LaSala

    I’ve been in a simular relationship and after 25 yrs. am deciding I’ve had enough.Each time 2 to 3 women while seperated ending up with the promising to divorce me and marry them. He told the last one I signed seperation papers and waiting for divorce papers.I never got the papers but was willing to sign right there. Stupid me talked with him and took him back once again. He has been recently seen with a woman during the day at a restaurant by a friend of mine. Its the last straw. Tired of the cheating and lying trying to make me think Im crazy.Its not worth my health or my childrens health and sanity and Debbie its not worth yours either. Don’t waste anymore of your life with him wondering where he is, is he with her,etc..Life is precious and yours is slipping away. Your not getting younger. You don’t know what diseases he has either. Find a nice man who deserves you not a skanky jiggalo.

  6. seleinia

    like Dr. Phil said, the feeling of getting cheated on is like loosing a loved one with death. She lost that husband that she thought she knew and it’s going to be very hard on her to gain his trust. But 10 years is along time! I can see 1 time or even twice and it would of been a mistake but 10 years is a ridiculous amount of time to have an affair. He aint going to change. karma is a bitch! But what do you do is you know that your bestfriends husband is cheating on her?

  7. Deanne

    You can’t even try and think the other woman is doing you a service by telling you about the affair with your husband. The only thing they want is to see you get mad blow up at your husband so that you will say those two magic words “GET OUT” mission accomplished into the arms of her he runs. Lesson no matter how it may hurt and what you may want to do don’t tell him to get out! Look into what he has to say then you make up your mind don’t let the misstress to it for you.

  8. Sue

    i too am in a relationship with a man who told me that he loves me yada yada yada. but the kicker is that now he says he cant leave his wife and 18 year old daughter until they get a job he says he has an obligation to them what he really is saying that he wont leave he likes his life he has his friends and if he goes with me he will lose all of that am i a fool yes i do believe i am but I do love him.

  9. mae

    it is a very sad thing that the person whom you loved the most can cause you your worst heartache. after surviving my husbands infidelity, i really thought that he has “it” off his systems. we’ve been happy for the last 4 years after his affair, thought we did good. lately he has been back in track again. he denied it same as he denied his past relationship. just about the same reaction as hes had in the past. for the nth time he said he will leave but he never did. i called one of your psychics in the past. i asked if i should go ahead and get a divorce. she said that our married life might not be perfect but it is forever. but my question is, should i just go on like this forever? just be miserable to save our marriage and he is doing nothing?

  10. Sally

    I really want for Debbie to be strong i know it’s hard
    to do now but what I mean is always think as a strong
    person and bleive in your self. I am at the same
    situation almost and I know what it means..
    Thank you

  11. Audrey

    Cheater very often are in love or infatuated with their partners, they may stay married out of feeling of guilt or misguided loyalty.
    The decieved partner should very carefully consider whether they want a partner who is emotionally detached from them. I most certainly would not ,my advise Get a divorce, the kids, the house, the money the car abd the dogs.

  12. Marie

    well my heart goes out to Debbie, But specially the children, since they’re the ones that endup getting hurt most of the time.Debbie here has one choice accept the fact that your husband cheated and work things out (but keep in mind that trust has been lost) or look at the other way and pretend that nothing ever happened and start back over (maybe doing things different) Good Luck!! PS. people is always going to want what you have.

  13. Dottie

    i don’t mean to be mean but come on 20 years she had to expect something i know when i went through it i did now excepting it that was something else all my warm wishes go out to her only she can decide what to do one more thing don’t kid yourselfs children do play a really big factor into this mess again my very best to her on what ever she decides… Dottie

  14. Jo

    My marriage is a fraud. He has a cell phone I knew nothing about. I suspected he did but obviously he was keeping it someplace other than home. I found the cellphone on Thanksgiving. There were over fiftey (50) women listed in his contact list. I see why it was so easy for him to come home and treat me like dog pooh. God has given me so many insights to his infidelity that I ignored because I wanted my family to stay together. He’s basically single. I was the married one. We are living in a loveless marriage now. He won’t leave and I can’t drag my children to a one bedroom apartment. I don’t understand if he wants that life why can’t he get out of our family life and live by himself or with one of his girlfriends. I have loved him for over twenty years..we have been married for six. This is an awful situation.

  15. Liberal

    Ths situation is sad for all parties involved. However, people change and I believe you cannot control who you love no matter how moral you are. Sometimes you just find someone along the way that is better fitted for you. Some wives don’t take the time to spice up their sex life and refuse to even have sex on a regular basis. Men need and want that and they like variety. I know so many married men that are having affairs. They have no intention of leaving their lives and don’t want to hurt their family. This information comes directly from their mouths not mine. The number one reason is that their wife doesn’t want to have sex anymore or hardly at all and they don’t make it interesting. I am not blaming the wives but I think they do bear some responsibility. Just like the wife doesn’t want to be betrayed, men don’t want to be ignored. Even if you think you have the perfect relationship there is NEVER a guarantee that it will last. A piece of paper and a promise years ago does not mean a thing. Some people will not agree with my new philosophy but I think it could work for alot of relationships. Talk to your man and give him permission to cheat, along as he is safe (use condoms), doesn’t get anyone pregnant or hopefully doesn’t fall in love with them (this one you can’t prevent). I have a feeling this reverse psychology will turn him on and he probably won’t even want to do it after giving him permission. Not a popular idea because people are so unrealistic about the promise that was made. Just sayin.

  16. j

    Dear Darcy thanks for the story I’m going through the same thing as Debbie my childeren are over the age 21 we have been married 24+ years when I fround out yes the hurt and pain and anger it don’t go away, I also fround out he put us in financial det so I took over the finances saved money for my lawer went to see the lawyer payed him put the dirorce on hold started paying off all MY BILLS rebuiled my creidet putting money away NOT in a bank it has taken me a year and I’m almost were I need to be financialy the girlfriend is gone and so is the love I once had for him. so when I hand him the divorce papers his creidet is shot.lol the girlfriend gone.lol and I have to look forward to finding a good man,so for any one who cheats with a married person just think what goes around comes around in a ten fold. may YOUR childern find some one like you and you can watch your child go through the hurt the pain the anger. let your grandchildern see thier mom or dad fight, cry. may your family suffer the same pain that you caused someone eles is it worth it?

  17. starr

    I have been married for 13 years an have caught my husband having phone conversations with a woman off an on for a year now. And I can promise you it will not stop. He will try to find new ways, But whats so funny is I’m wiser to him an he gets caught every time. And he begs me not to leave. I’ts a hard decision an one I can’t tell you. I haven’t even had the guts to leave yet, because I love him so much.

  18. TJ

    Darcy…thank you for writing this article. It was very informative and encouraging (I meant to say that in my first response). I will pray for your friend (Linda and Chip too) as I think she needs all the positive energy she can recieve in this time of need.

  19. Karen Preston

    I have had the same kind of experience when I found out my partner was cheating on me for years. When ever i confronted him I was told I was crazy and paranoid. I even had councelling. It was in councelling that I found out I was not the crazy one. We are back together now but I am seething everyday. I dont want to live like this but, I have nowhere else to go until the house is sold. And I am afraid of the pain I will feel when I do leave.

  20. diana

    l was with my partner over 20 years..he waited till our son had left to go to uni the other end of the country, before he walked out. Iwas devastated, l had only moved here four years previously, to support my partners new job.My son who l had a close relationship with, seems to blame me. I say this as since it happened l have not set eyes on him (over 10 years). I feel my son is punnishing me for his fathers behaviour.My ex does not stay in touch with his family or his son. What ever life he has jumped into , he does not want anyone from his past life to know. I see this as a kind of blessing, because l do not think l could have coped it he had took up with someone locally, and l would have had to see him out and about. How he left was done really nastily, he even convinced his boss that the reason he had not being his job was all the trouble he was having at home. I was left the victim with everyone having a go at me. And yes l can identify with people saying you must have seen signs. When ever people said that to me l felt devastated, not only was l a victim, but l was seen as stupid and bringing it about myself. Just for the record l am disabled and loved my husband and son, l would have walked through fire for them, and often felt l did. So whatever story my ex told his mistress must have been doubly good to enable him to walk away. Especially as l did not even have my son for help or support, and l was on my own with a big morgage, bills and all the family pets, some of them elderly and in need of vetinary treatment. Even when l fought against my ill health , disabilities and the devastation of being dumoed by my family, more was to come. Everyone will know how bad it is going through a divorce, but try reaching the very near end and everything supposedly sorted.Only for your son that you love more than life itself , to make a statement and file it at court ( out of time l have to say) saying what an awful person you were to his father. Of course it could not be used in proceedings, but by heck did it up the costs of it all. No one can understand how truly abandoned l felt. But trust me over the last 10 years since l last laid eyes on my son, hes continued to hurt me. Hes on friendsreunited and he posts horrid things on there about me. More recently hes posted photos of his recent marriage. Yes l was deeply hurt for a day or two, then l started to tell myself, its been 10 years and life goes on. When he gets a wiser head on his shoulders and experiences a few things about life, he might then realise writing me off as his mother was an incredibly cruel thing to do. I will not look on friendsreunited again, from here on the shutters are down for now. I think the best way of summing my son’s behaviour up is that he for whatever reason saw me as a liability, and just wanted to believe whatever his father told him as the reasons why he left me, because it fitted in with what he wanted to do, and that was ignore me, and turn his back on a mother who had done everything for him

  21. TJ

    Being that I have been on both sides of the fence (the wife being cheated on and the other woman) I can say this is a very devastating position to be in for Debbie. Nothing is worse than finding out that you have been cheated on and you dont’ alway “see” the signs. Especially if you don’t want to see them. We all know our men well and we know when something is wrong. I agree with comment left below that Deb & Chip need to talk. She first needs to decide whether she can get over this or not. Some women can live and forgive past the infidelity but running without dealing with this is not a good thing. That’s my 2.5 cents!

  22. natasha

    grey area………
    how long did the other woman and chip
    really know each other? high school? grade
    school? are the children grown? I am not defending him(well maybe) however I know of a situation she did use his ssi number etc to place them in finacial hell….trying to leave her, she ran her carinto a tree damageing it only enough to make sure he was her ride for a while….as well as she made threats to make the grandchildren hate him…..no wonder men stay
    (stray) sometimes…..what is the whole story??

  23. andreos

    nice article. as a guy to the discussion, i belive in finding a resolution that saves the 20 year marriage. why do men do this anyway? I dont kno. is it in our genes to continue the hunt for a mate, even if we have a beatiful wife and kids?? are we lost without the chase. One thing is for certain, maby the guy needed to build another world for himself. But its wrong. However, as a last effort to overcome such a debacle; at least a point of consideration is – the guy has had 20 yrs of mqrriqge saved and he also has children. The other woman is still just a game. As a guy, id rather keep the marriqge than start all over. as a woman, you will need to see that lost person in ur husband and remind him. Threatening divorce wont scare a guy, but reminding his purpose in life and how he will regret it in the future if he throws it all away may be a rude awakning for him; why is it that its more tolerable to be assist a guy recovering from drugs than a guy trying to escape from sexual addiction? There both difficult illnesses; well im just a guy, wot do i know; but i do know that sometimes we make really bad mistakes that our ego cant help us but continue to make it worst; if he stayed with you for 20 yrs i reckon he loves you and needs you; maby you can smack some sense into him; but either way, i wish you all the best; nothing in this universe happens without a reason; sometimes i think the universe has guided us to take the wrong path and it takes a lot of will power to get back on track; in many times, a man needs his wife to help him save himself from his own inner whipers and stupidity; good luck; i really hope you find thqt miracle to save your marriage; this universe offers many solutions, the best one is often difficult to attain but still available

  24. Garry

    I know people like that myself, he is in Dubai, she is in New Zealand, he’s got a woman he loves and at the same time he can’t break his marriage, leave his children. G

  25. cece

    As the saying goes men are dogs and they will always be cheaters,just let go of chip if he can keep it for 10yrs,He can not stop the affair,now.He wants to benefit from both ends,that how selfish Men are.!! Never considering his Wife’s feeling and Love for him.It sucks..!cece

  26. Dawn

    I Have been the other woman. My man told me he was separated and after seeing him for 5 years he asked me to move in with him Which I did. Only to find out six months later that he was still living with his wife on the days he told me he had to mind the kids because the wife was away on business. I went to her house and introduced myself to her. Unfortunately we are still seeing each other on a regular basis and go away together. I doubt that he will ever leave her and I am now fed up with sharing so he is all hers. Until the next woman enters his life.

  27. sandy

    I agree with Tess Run a mile I also am the other woman for 10 years . I was cheated on by him with the woman he is living with for 9 years In that time I have found out that he has cheated on us both with 3 other woman . She knows about these woman who were short flings and forgave him I would like to speak to her and explain what has been going on over the years but I can’t hurt her . I have finally had the strenth to walk away but he is still trying to contact me

  28. Ntahli

    This is one of a story. Debbie need a break and her kids, Debbie has to move on coz Chip once a cheater always a cheater nothing will change him coz if he went on for 10 years cheating realy nothing will.
    Debbie there are many men out there who will love and care for you eternerly, you deserve a good man. God Bless you

  29. sabby

    Debbie ,

    I am a second wife ,my husband has lied to me many many years . He told me his wife is not interest him anynmore and even she is young he still want me . He told me he loves his first wife in different ways. We ended up got married and had 1 son . he is still married and when teh first wife found out about our marriage she went balistic and want to divorced him. He stud there ove rteh phone cry and asking for forgiveness. She accepted him back with condition to divorced me and sent me and my son out from his life . I have been waste my time for last 15 years ,does everything for him where by the first wife just received money everymonth . So now I must says I am very unlucky than you and you must be happy that you leave him rather then stay with him and the anger is still there in your heart forever . That is what happen to the first wife ,she have a husband back and i will sent my divorced papaer soon and she is not happy ,more or less is her revenge toward her husband and me . I will be a free woman and this will teach me a lesson not to get involve with a man who lie and only dare to made a bed and dare not to lay on it .
    All the best to her if she read mine here .

  30. sarah

    I read this and it was like my own horror story all warped and twisted around. I can laugh now but at the time it was NOT funny. I was the other woman and dated a man for five years who promised to leave his wife claiming she was the wife from hell and that she was a bad mother and so on. When I finally decided to leave him 1 year into the relationship he told me he had cancer which kept me there for 3 years. I found out later there was no cancer !!!. and finally when his wife kicked him out four years later and he came running back to me it turned out he was the abuser and I kicked him out again. I never did speak to his poor wife but all I can say is we are BOTH well rid of such a vile man.

  31. astrochicks

    Her husband never took her on a trip in 20 years. That’s a big red flag, you should never allow a man to take you for granted. She should kick him to the curb.

  32. Angie Coleman

    This is such a coincidence as I was the other woman for a short time . I now have an amazing man in my life who is “free” and who adores me ….I adore him ans count my blessings . Yesterday the man I was having an affair with contacted me and seemed to want to start up the relationship again ……so I gently but firmly explained to him that he had made his choice (he wont leave his wife ) and I had made mine ….a hpppy fun filled future with a free man who wants to spend every day with me . Thankyou for this article and I hope that Debbie values herself more in the future . Angie .

  33. suntelann

    Debbie just needs to be strong and make the right decision for herself and her kids. Don’t jump too quick if you’re not really ready for the “Divorce”, I would say be smart and analyze everything to your advantage before letting it all go. Humans are fallible, nobody’s perfect each and everyone on this earth will make a mistake of some kind one way or another. Good Luck to you Debbie and wish you all the best….


  34. pamela


    cheating men usually have cheated all their life’s.
    never do they want a divorce.. WHY??? because they are doing exactly what they want to with there other mistress. Keeps them honest surely in there own warped minds. The cheater is not a man to be trusted. Run and run quickly fast away from their guilt… Never look back… look forward to a better tomorrow, you are much better off than staying in a non trusting situation and worth far more than the CHEATER….

  35. Tess

    Coming from the other women. Debbie, run for your life. He will never stop cheating, these men live in a fantasy world, they love the drama of the two separate lives. Once their vows are broken it will continue in one way or the other forever. Men like yours should have never married, they just get cold feet, when they think of what people will say about them when they leave their families. It is a no win situation for everyone. T~

  36. leonidas

    i beleive debbie and chip have to sit and talk.chip is not a man who likes to going around with many women.thats why he had an illegal affair with only one woman for many years.he is a man i beleive that he can live with only one woman.of course cheating hurts too much destroy lives.if you cannot forgive you have to divorce.the problem i beleive is that maybe debbie wasnt reslly the woman that chip had on his own mind to msrry or live toogether forever in his life.maybe debbie was but by the time she changed.in a relation both do mistakes.both are responsible for what happens.its a pity to destro family just like that.maybe this is the chance for chip to understand his mistake to apologise and to think if really debbie was always and still are the woman who wants to live forever.and chance for debbie to realise if she ignored chip so many years because of the kids.and they both sit and decide about their future.forget selfiness.who knows how to love knows how to forgive.who knows how to love him self loves other people too!piece and light!thank you!

  37. indigodanceIndigodance

    I got a bit lost when Debbie said Linda had always done her hair – someone that close would have at least picked up some personal information on her client in a period of time – especially if she was supposed to be ill.

    The fact that Linda continued to do Debbie’s hair seems to give the impression that she was waiting and watching the relationship between Chip and Debbie.

    Linda was obviously getting the best deal out of the relationship – she must have be a real sadistic moo using Debbie to feed her inside movements on Chip to use to their advantage.

    Comment to Tina – especially with kids around it’s so easy to get lost in their day/lives – we push our own insecurities aside as silly thoughts as we are so busy with family as a whole – we miss the individual moments time would allow us – those moments of raw intuition that give us our clues.

    Debbie – dump him and don’t look back – he will eventually do the same to Linda – that she deserves – karma will rule eventually.

    Peace be with you

  38. Faith - 9608

    Your energy is so delightful Darcy! Client told me that the married partner’s attorney drew up the fake papers! Yikes! double Yikes! Yes indeed “those tangeled webs we weave”…

    Have a happy Vernal Equinox 1st day of Spring weekend!

    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  39. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Faith and Darcy,
    I’ve heard of this before, in fact, I can think of several cases of this over the last few years like this….
    ’tis sad, but nothing would surprise me nowadays….

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  40. Faith - 9608

    Hi Darcy, I heard another story today from a client in a relationship with a married partner for 4 years. Client received fake divorce papers.

    Heard of this?

    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  41. Faith - 9608

    Totally! I couldn’t agree more; there’s karma and guilt all over the place in relationships like this. I speak to so many that are in relationships with a significant yet unavailable married partner. The % is extremely high of those that stay in their marriages and know they are never going to leave … no matter what they ‘SAY’.

    The most important thing to remember is the karma (not to mention the drama and clutter) one is creating when choosing a married partner. And if that person ever does leave his/her marriage there are infinite trust issues, not to mention the karmic payback to the person cheated on and kept in the dark. As we all know, what we give out comes back … even what we determine as little insignificant thoughts!

    Loved your article. This is such an important topic for discussion.

    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  42. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Great article Darcy, I agree with many here 20 yrs is a long time to not see any signs, many times in relationships the one that is having the affair they start to slip up, they may not be as cautious as other times, simply because they want to get caught, then too the partner may just choose not to see the signs for the simple reason it may hurt to much if it is true, then change could occur and change is always scary…

    This is really tough, my prayers to your friend and her family.

    Jacqueline x9472

  43. Ivy x5198

    Oh my BGOD!! I love you!! Your article is so on point I kinda no know what to say. Perfect. Thank you.
    Namaste, Ivy x5198

  44. Abigail Ext 9570

    Darcy Dear,
    This blog took losts of courge to write and I applaud you for telling women they do not have to be second best. No one man can take care of two women. Most have a hard time with one. I will definitely send your friend love and light. We are ascending and boy are the things that have been hidden coming out for all to see. It truely is an age of enlightenment. ” In the New Millennium of the Aquarian Age, we are learning to find our savior. We are the power we are looking for. Each one of us is totally linked with the Universe and with Life. The world is our heaven on earth. ” Loiuse L Hayes So I say lets live it happily. You deserve it you only have one life in that physical body at this present time.

    Many Blessings

  45. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Darcy,
    I’m sorry to hear about your friend….sounds to me like she ignored all of the ” signs “.
    ( That’s why she hung up on you when you asked her that question, she was angry at herself for ignoring those signs).

    Some men stay….some men leave….depends on the people involved, the situations involved, and the Karmic life lessons involved.

    Great article….
    and yes, I agree with you…never settle, as there are many nice men out there, still looking for love too.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  46. Tina

    Twenty years is an awfully long time to be a fool.
    Surely the signs were there and Debbie did not want to see them. Been there,done that. As I read through this, my ehart broke for Debbie, but I could not help smiling,too. Smiling,you ask? Yes. her husband is a first-class jerk. An even bigger fool for thinking he had gotten away with this. Then there is Linda. The enabler. Enabling Chip to continute to lie to not just Debbie but his kids too. Chip cheated on Debbie,AND his children.
    He does not deserve this life he has cheated on. Time for Debbie to kick Mr.Chip to the curb,and go on with her life. If Chip will cheat once, and has been doing this for 10 years, he will not stop now. once a chater,always one,I say. Debbie can do better,and I see that yes in the beginning, it will be tough, but I see a strong-willed woman with a heart of gold. It will be hard,to be sure, but she and her kids need to break free from Chip. he has been using Debbie as a cook, maid and baby-sitter for all these years.
    Time for Mr.Chip to wake up and smell the divorce lawyer’s leather chair. Support and be there for Debbie,as she will undoubtedly need all the support/shoulders and friendship she can get,through this soul-searching time.
    As a 4th time wife,i know the pain of being cheated on: 3 times over… Like I said: been there, and ditched- him- over- that.
    But 10 years is an awfully long time to have an affair. Maybe this is not the only one: maybe there have been more over the years. Either way,if it were me, I woukd take my children and file for divorce. Debbie deserves better than to be lied to,cheated on and hurt byt this philanderer. Best of luck and warm wishes to her, ( and you,for being there for her) in her future 🙂

  47. Faith - 9608

    Wonderful article Darcy. I too have heard the stories from the horrible illness to protecting the kids from the abuse in the household excuse.
    Empathically a psychic can feel the truth about the situation but it is oh so hard for a client to accept … especially when one has trusted and loved a person for so many years.

    The more info we have (even though very painful) the more authentic options we attract, therefore making better choices for ourselves.

    I have no doubt when the shock begins to subside, your friend will be seeking your guidance again as the truth filters into her life. Great story Darcy, thank you for sharing it.

    Blessings, Faith – 9608


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