Where Baby Boomers Find Love

Senior citizens – baby boomers – may be the hippest people on the planet. Once upon a time, “senior citizen” conjured up visions of stately silvery-haired ladies and elderly bushy browed gentleman. Times have changed. Romance, love and dating is at an all-time high among healthy, active baby boomers – but where do these social butterflies find each other?

Surprisingly, the fastest-growing mating venue for mature adults is the Internet. Men and women over 45 – indeed, those over 50, 55 and beyond – now trust the Internet much more than we did 10 years ago. Baby boomer dating sites abound. No matter what kind of partner you seek, specialized dating sites are chock-full of potential matchups.

Seniormatch.com has a database of traditional dates and those looking for same-sex partners.

If love means elegant dating and luxurious lifestyles, MillionaireMatch.com and RichSoulmate.com exist to help your quest.

At SingleMomsAndDads.com, not all applicants are young parents.

Don’t overlook faith-specific sites like sawyouatsinai.com.

If Internet Dating Isn’t For You

No need to hop on the Internet. If you enjoy traveling, organized groups are an awesome way to find new friends, maybe even new lovers. Opportunities abound, from your hometown to exotic islands.

One organization creates senior volunteer vacations. They send groups of dedicated volunteers to places like Brazil, China, Thailand, Russia, Tanzania or seven other countries.

Since 1975, Elderhostel has organized educational travel experiences for mature Americans. Members experiment with watercolor art on a mountaintop, sail the Seine River on a luxurious converted barge, camp out on a survival weekend, or do any number of outside-the-envelope activities with like-minded adventurers.

Too much adventure? Don’t be surprised that both working and retired baby boomers, right in your home town, are ready and willing to form new bonds. Every church has social groups or lay ministries waiting for you to drop in. People fall in love every day in the workplace, so take a careful second look at your co-workers.

Explore retirement communities, even if you’re not retired. Remember the steamy heat of Peyton Place? That’s not exactly what you’ll find, but warm weekends and soulful hookups aren’t unusual. Check statistics. Lots of marriages happen among residents of retirement villages.

Point is, baby boomer dating is at an all-time high. If you can’t connect with people, relax and try again. No matter what you love to do, there are people with similar interests. The secret is, don’t worry about finding a mate. Savvy seniors and blossoming baby boomers rev up their energy and get out there. The world is a shining place full of surprises.

Living happily ever after is well within your reach – what are your favorite ways to reach out?

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