Wedding Bell Blues

Psychics often get requests for readings as a second opinion – a psychic second opinion. Callers to California Psychics may have a feeling deep in their heart that something is either very wrong or very right, yet they need assurance that comes with the confirmation of a professional intuitive reading to make a change.

Clairvoyant and Empath Snow ext. 9383, says that as a result of just one brief 30 minute call, the course of one daughter’s life was rerouted almost instantly, because of her mother’s unrelenting feelings of deceit.

“It is rare to get a call from a mother just weeks before her daughter’s wedding, wondering if she should run a final interference and insist on calling it off,” the psychic says. Marlis (not her real name) had been arguing with the bride-to-be for weeks, hinting that her fiancé might not be as “nice” as he billed himself. Marlis was haunted by a “hunch” that was keeping her awake at night and cutting deep into her relationship with her only daughter.

“What do you want to focus on?” Snow asked her caller as she spread the Tarot and tuned into her client’s voice empathically.

“Do you see a happy marriage for Elle?” she asked Snow.

“The first card shows me what’s going on now, and the second shows me where a situation is headed,” says the psychic who began to get a negative read on the groom. “I felt that Marlis was concerned and unhappy for good reason. The groom who appeared publically to have a sense of humor and a gentlemanly nature, actually had another side that he was finding more difficult to hide. Snow thought there might be a financial aspect to his reasons for marrying Elle. And the reader felt that Elle might have begun to question his character, but couldn’t conceive of the idea of actually calling off a wedding. The invitations were out, a great deal of money had been spent, and she was embarrassed that she could be so wrong – after all she was in her early 30s.

“May I put my daughter on the phone with you,” the concerned mother asked Snow.

The Clairvoyant repeated the reading to Marlis’ daughter, who had taken the phone reluctantly. “He’s marrying you for selfish reasons. He’s hiding something from you,” Snow revealed. “There is an abusive controlling side to this man…” Elle was upset at Snow’s forewarning, but admitted that she had had the feeling that her mother might be right about the man she had become engaged to after a whirlwind romance.

He was handsome and bright and came from a good family, yet her mother’s queasiness about his character had compelled her to ask him some probing questions, which he brushed aside repeatedly. She hung up the phone so shaken that she said she had no choice but to call off her wedding.

“I was relieved to hear it, yet I never really knew what actually happened, for sure,” Snow admitted. Then, more than a year later, the reader received another call from Marlis. “Do you remember me? You saved my daughter’s life!”

“Saved your daughter’s life?” Snow was ecstatic to hear the news.

“Yes. And I mean that sincerely,” Marlis said gratefully. “My daughter is blissfully happy that you were so honest with her about what you saw,” Marlis related. Her fiancé turned right around and married someone else, and rumor has it that the whole thing has been a disaster. Now I need a second opinion about something else…” Marlis continued, as Snow threw out the cards to her trusting caller.

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