Too Negative in Love?

Do you feel like the last string of romances have come to heartbreak for the exact reason you always knew they would? Well, it’s time to take a look at what you think you “know.”

Our beliefs are so powerful they attract people who believe the same things we do! And we are naturally drawn to those that are in sync with our deepest self-image. So if you think that all lovers are liars, you’ll probably pick the one liar in the room to chat up. And if you think they’re all unfaithful, chances are you’ll be drawn to the one that happened to drop their wedding band in their pocket.

If you don’t believe in love anymore – it won’t believe in you. So why not turn around your beliefs and get in line with love. Your inner dialogue can shape your experience. So try and stay on the side of love and love will shape your life. Stay with self-pity and you’ll keep finding ways to feel bad. It really is your choice.

Here are some pretty common negative statements that you may have internalized. If you recognize your mantra below, read on for the counter-mantra to set you back on course!

All the good ones are taken…
Some are, some aren’t, and others may be breaking up with the wrong person – right now! You might just be the next in line to find a really good one. So if you meet one of these elusive creatures and they’re available, don’t unload all the negative baggage you’ve been carrying around in your head… or pretty soon your good one will be looking for someone else.

Counter Mantra: There is a great person coming toward me in my life!

I am too unusual
Being unique is not a curse! We’re all special in our own way – and as the saying goes, and you’ve probably seen it for yourself, there’s someone for everyone. You may have your way of folding the towels and ordering Chinese food and keeping the thermostat just so… but, (shock!) there are those who wouldn’t even bat an eye at that, for the pleasure of your company. Maybe to you, being “unique” is really about keeping someone else out. After all, isn’t sharing your life more important than freezing a potential love right out of the house?

Counter Mantra: I can’t wait to share my unique life with someone!

It’s so easy for everyone else
We all think that when we see a couple out in public that they got together effortlessly. They knew they were the “one” from the moment they met and they fell into each other’s arms forever. Even if someone swears this is true – they probably left parts out. Everyone has doubts. Everyone wonders now and then, what they’ve gotten themselves into? Love is a gift, but that doesn’t mean that it keeps on giving – endlessly.

Counter Mantra: Love is a journey for everyone and I can’t wait to be in it!

Relationships never last
Hearing that a friend or family member is going through a divorce or going through your own can damper the dream of happily ever after. And yes, the people who get together forever are few and far between. But that doesn’t mean that love and commitment isn’t worthwhile. Your next relationship may last a few months, a few years – or perhaps forever. How will you know unless you try it? Just because a romance doesn’t last for the rest of your life doesn’t mean it isn’t a powerful transformative experience. Even a lifelong relationship is just for today, because everything is – just for today.

Counter Mantra: Love is experienced one day at a time and today, I choose love.

It might not feel comfortable to let go of the negative safety blanket that keeps other people out of your life. But as you move to an inner dialogue of being positive about love, and begin believing in the power it can have in your life, your relationships will take a turn for the better.

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