The Art of Cuddling

From kittens and puppies to grown women and men, everyone loves a good cuddle. This style of warm embrace makes us feel a range of emotions, from safe to sensual. Whether you realize it or not, how you cuddle also matters. Whether you’re looking to relax, bond, or initiate foreplay, here are our best tips for making cuddles count.

Relaxing cuddles
A recent study showed that couples who cuddle regularly and spontaneously not only have stronger romantic relationships, they also have lower levels of personal stress. Stress often leaves your muscles tight with tension, so if you want a really relaxing cuddle session find a comfy spot where you can fully stretch out your arms and legs. One partner can lie on their back, and the other can lie on their stomach or side – with their head on their partner’s chest. For relaxing cuddles, there’s no need to embrace tightly. The desired effect will be achieved just by soaking up each other’s energy in the places where your bodies touch.

Bonding cuddles
Sometimes you need more than just relaxation – you need to re-establish chemistry with your partner. If you’ve had a fight or spent too much time apart, a bonding cuddle could be just what you need to reassure and re-energize. The traditional “spoon” method of cuddling offers the best opportunity to bond your bodies and your spirits. As the person on the outside wraps their arms tightly around the person on the inside, your bodies are connected from head to toe, essentially making them one.

Sensual cuddles
Cuddling is a very tender and intimate way of connecting with your partner, so it’s only natural that sometimes it leads to an even more intimate experience. Touching skin makes you more aware of your own body and your partner’s. Capitalizing on this heightened awareness can create some very sensual foreplay. The most intensely intimate cuddles allow you to look into your partner’s eyes while also connecting your erogenous zones. Try locking your legs around each other’s so that you are facing one another in a full-body embrace, with your arms free to touch the face softy or offer a sensual neck massage.

The type of cuddle your lover is pursuing can also be a good indicator of their needs and desires. So pay close attention during this win-win scenario.

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