Tasting Forbidden Pleasures

Mark Twain once said that “There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” Mr. Twain was referring to something that is off-limits, yet tantalizing! Tucked away in our minds are cascades of unspeakable treasures and pleasures, many of them rooted in the experiences of our youth. Those moments of ecstasy have been frozen in time, tucked aside for our pleasure, in remembrance only.

When we find ourselves alone, in a bad relationship or marriage, extremely miserable and maybe even angry at the powers that be, we can turn to these memories for joy and laughter, love, passion and the pleasure of innocence. We can draw comfort from them. They uplift us; they put a smile on our faces; they heal us.

Personally, I can’t go to the dentist without drawing on my first sexual experiences when I was much younger. I always felt that he was my soul mate… I would have a smile on my face the entire time my dentist was drilling. Works for me!

Yet to try to physically go back to those moments in real time would be impossible. They’re simply not there. It would be like seeing Dorothy’s house in the Wizard of Oz falling on Locasta, the Good Witch of the North! There’d be no magical power in your hidden treasures. No trip to the Emerald City. All the magic would be lost!

Many of my clients, both male and female, have been searching for those unspeakable treasures, the forbidden fruit of past loves, suspected soul mates, ex-lovers, even their old crushes from the fifth grade. Many who seek will find through Facebook! In trying to rekindle these old memories from the past, my clients often do reunite with their first memorable flame, although most of them are very disappointed. If my client is in a committed relationship and in a bad space in its development, most of them remotely cheat on their significant other, often through chat or text messages, causing even more difficulties in the current situation. Forty percent of these clients actually find themselves eating from the tree of forbidden fruit face-to-face. In searching for the Garden, they end up in a dingy hotel room.

The eating of the forbidden fruit written of in Genesis is a metaphor for the loss of quality of life caused by immorality. We need to keep our unspeakable treasures hidden in our heart. Once you try to duplicate them, they are eradicated for eternity. If you feel you must venture out, look for something new and exciting. People change mentally, spiritually and physically. They come with too much baggage. My last encounter with an old lover was a disaster. He was 200 lbs. overweight, red-faced from extremely high blood pressure, and barely recognizable to me. He had been married to my best friend for twenty-three years. At the time I decided to reconnect with him, they were ending their relationship with divorce. On our first date (at McDonald’s, of all places), he was only interested in dumping his horrible life story in my lap. I continued to talk to him on occasion, but only saw him twice after that initial reunion. He dumped on me both times. The worst of it was that he thought I was another girl he dated back in the day! What a waste of a good memory. Now all I have is sympathy for him, and embarrassment for my mistake. If you feel you’re being drawn to a past relationship that was good, don’t be fooled. There’s something going on in your life that sends you back, as if you stepped into a time machine and set the cruise control in reverse.

If you find yourself in this space, please call California Psychics. We will help preserve those precious memories, and take a look at just what has gone wrong in your “present time” circumstance, that has caused you to reach into your treasure chest of “Magical Memories” and travel into a foreign land which does not exist any longer.

9 thoughts on “Tasting Forbidden Pleasures

  1. Loranell Mayea

    to kroo, i understand your situation, i lost my husband of 40 years suddenly and didnt want to get close to any man again, but after a year i met a guy who seems to want me in his life. he had just gotten a divorce frm his 4th wife. So i fell in love, i thought. we were together only on weekends cause he lived 100miles away. Then after four yrs he started acting strange. He was back seeing his xwife but would never admitt to any suspicions i had…I caught him,,then i begged him to tell the truthbut he wouldnt answer my calls,my emails,nothing, as though 4 yrs of my life was worthless…But what i want to sayto you is, move on, theres alot of men out there who want your love, your companionship, i just found when i wasnt looking anymore, the perfect guy. He s a widow also, and he treats me a hella lot better than the guy who let me go…im thankful he let me out of his life, he wasnt worth an ounce of my tears, he cannot measure up to the guy im with now…i thank GOD and i also sent him an email thanking him for letting me go.
    think about yourself and about giving your love to a real man that deserves love….life is too short and fast to stay where you not wanted….

  2. kroo

    How do I forget the man I am in love with. After 12 years of being in love I finally had enough of the lies.
    I begged over and over again for closure, a way that I could move on knowing the truth of what was really going on with him. He had so many secrets. I had to do my own truth finding and confront him but he would never admit to anything.
    I am still in contact with him. I cannot let go. We have been perfect lovers, once boyfriend and girlfriend and with so much water under the bridge, he will not let me back into his life.
    He wants to keep in contact with me, although it hurts me so much to see him, I still give in and let him see me. I cannot be his friend. It hurts so much.
    I dont know what to do to forget him and move on.
    I have dated. I have met men. I have tried to have other relationships with men. I get sick to my stomach when I try and get intimate with other men and they actually disgust me when they try to get physical with me. I dont know what to do anymore.
    I wish someone could help me.
    The worse part about all of this is we both cant let go. We have the best compatibility and we both crave one another when we are apart.
    How does this happen? How do I forget him?
    I know he has other women in his life but he will not tell me anything.
    Will he ever be gone from my life or is this something I will die with. I am 52 and he is 56.
    We have known each other for 30+ years and are completely compatible in every aspect of our lives.
    This hurts so much. I find it difficult to live everyday without his friendship and care.
    I dont know if I will ever love again. I have tried for 6 years to move on. He has found many women over the years and always comes back to me because he misses talking and the physical passion.
    Does anyone know of a psychic or astrologer that is not too expensive. I am not financially secure enough to invest in the help here on this website. I have sent questions to Red and Liam but have not seen them here as of yet.
    Thank you for reading. I am so sad and need someone to talk to.

  3. hotnspicyinmich

    hmm how i wonder about this considering my ex husband has been certain comments to me here and there, it kind of has me wondering if he thinks their is a slight chance for us to get back together. i think it’s just him wanting someone in his life and i am the one that is the mother of his children.

  4. hotnspicyinmich

    hmm how i wonder about this considering my ex husband has been certain comments to me here and there, it kind of has me wondering if he thinks their is a slight chance for us to get back together.

  5. Jai Krishna Ponnappanjaikrishna

    I’d like to thank you Darcy for the great article. I think you’ve done a wonderful job in capturing the gist of something we’re all bound to be tested with. And thank you for sharing your experience as an example. We’ve all been through the temptations of the forbidden fruit. Two key words come to mind, ‘Respect’ and ‘Communication’. Key questions to ask: Do you respect your partner, this relationship and yourself? Do your friends, acquaintances, partners from the past and society in general respect you, your partner and the relationship that they are aware of? Do you express and communicate your needs and aspirations with your partner? Do you care enough to listen to and be receptive to the needs of your partner? Are you actively engaging yourself and your partner in making positive and constructive changes that will serve your spiritual, emotional and sensual growth as a couple? This mundane yet beautifully sensual world we live in serves one single and vital purpose, which is to let us evolve spiritually. Love is entwined with eternity; it leaves an indelible eternal mark that builds a strong sense of déjà vu as Herne puts it in,

    When you come across an intense bond as in a strong lover or a soul mate you’re left speechless, breathe less with your heart pounding away boom, boom…boom. This is especially true if you’re devoted or connected to a higher source. Past life regression comes naturally to the likes of these. People can find themselves in a bad place; it can happen to the best of us. But it’s important to be forgiving, understanding and protective of your relationship. Love is a very powerful and mighty gift meant only for all the strong at heart. It can turn into a consuming force if something as spiritual as love is turned to serve lust, passions and the righteous wrath that’s an inherent disposition of the human condition. Rather it’s important for lovers to base themselves and temper lust, passions and justified wrath to serve the higher truth in the spiritual experience of love that they’re sharing. Unfulfilled lust not born out of love can turn into wrath, suffering, jealousy and sensual addictions. It’s important to set up social boundaries in conversations, chats, text etc. for all to see. If you’re in a bad place in your relationship it’s important to start building trust through honesty, sincerity, and efforts towards making your commitments. And make sure you go public with it. There many who seek to infringe upon your personal boundaries assuming you’re fair game in their pursuit of the false fruits. You’re so right in saying that trying to duplicate and have your needs met elsewhere has very little to do in serving your path through eternity or your destiny in Love.

    P.S- My sincere blessings to all those who dare to stand up to the higher spiritual truth in Love. For all of existence serves love and a lack of service causes depletion, chaos and suffering.

    Blessings & Peace to all my fellow readers
    – Jai 🙂

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Darcy,

    Very nice article !!!!! The only thing that we have as we go thru life are our memories…..good and bad…

    And I also liked the Mark Twain quote,……. it put a smile on my face……LOL.

    I reside next to Mark Twain National Forest and near a huge state park as well……the natives here actually put on live Mark Twain live skits or plays during the summer months at all of the local fairs and rodeos.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Jacqueline

    I truly enjoy your writting Darcy,

    Many times I have found that when seeking of the forbidden fruit it is because something is lacking in our life, we often seek out-side sources, to bring fullfilment, when in true reality it is something missing inside ourselfs that needs to be fullfilled, through this process it causes one to look within deep inside to find the solutions or missing link.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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