Soulmates Reunion

When soulmates run into each other because the universe is orchestrating the possibility of them reuniting one more time, it’s not a coincidence — it’s karma, reveals Dave ext. 8018 , a specialist in love and relationships. The Clairvoyant also says that the process of crossing paths can involve a long wait between those chance meetings. “There’s no real rhyme or reason for it, except that free will can play a large part in whether or not a reunion actually occurs. There may have been times when you’ve almost run into your soulmate … then you take a different turn and it doesn’t happen,” he adds.

Dave worked hard with his caller Cerise to be sure that love wouldn’t get away from her once again.

“Tell me about my love life,” the 30-year-old suggested to Dave, telling him that it was her birthday. “I’m very worried about my romantic future. Am I going to be alone?”

“Well you haven’t exactly been sitting around at home with your rosary beads,” Dave responded with his typical humorous take on life.

Cerise giggled. “You know what I mean,” she said coyly.

At the other end of the phone, Dave gazed into a piece of cut crystal that he uses as a crystal ball. “I’m getting a man from the past … ” he paused and then added, “and I’m getting Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Snow White, as if they’re revolving around on what appears to be a lamp shade.”

Cerise said nothing. The line was so still, and Dave thought she had hung up. “Are you there? Are you there?” he inquired until she responded.

“My jaw is on the ground. I’m blown away,” she said. Cerise explained to Dave that she had met Roman, whom she subsequently dated for three years, at Disneyland on their high school Grad Night. They had each come with a date, but managed to exchange numbers without them knowing about it. “I think I really called you about him. I’ve been waking up with Roman on my mind.”

Dave picked up a black aura around the young couple. “Friends and family influenced you to break up,” he inquired.

“Yes,” she said.

“The relationship ended, but it wasn’t meant to end … the universe orchestrated your initial meeting, and with free will, you broke up. You’re going to meet again.”

“Really?” she gasped.

“You’re communicating telepathically in your dreams. You’re at the forefront of his mind, too … I see snow, and I know you live in California, so you must be planning a trip to the snow.”

“Yes, skiing with a girlfriend. We’re going to Mammoth,” Cerise gasped again.

Dave told Cerise that he saw Roman standing near a fireplace … “I think you need to go on your own … you might be sidetracked by your friend and miss this opportunity. Stay close to the fire, stay away from the activities and your chances of seeing him again are astronomically high. Just be open to it, don’t get negative and relax,” he advised.

“Ok, I can do that,” she agreed before the call ended.

Cerise called Dave several times before she left on her trip, saying, “I just want to be sure that Roman is still near the fireplace.”

“The odds of you getting together are high,” he continued to reassure his eager caller.

Months later, Dave received a call from a distraught Cerise, asking, “Is Roman backing away from me. I’m getting these crazy mixed signals … “

“You made a connection.” Dave stated happily.

“Yes. Yes! I guess I thought you just knew … I was in the clubroom at the hotel, Roman was having a drink with his wife — or almost ex-wife — they had paid for the trip, so they went as friends … Our eyes met, he excused himself and came over to say hi. He took my card and called a week later. It was the night before I was set to leave. I had just been cursing you under my breath that I hadn’t had any exercise all week … But now he’s backing away,” she said.

“No, you’ve misread him. He’s just concerned about work and his daughter. Hang in there,” Dave suggested confidently.

“Do you really think we’ll end up together?”

“There’s always free will, but I see that your newfound appreciation for one another will keep you together. You’ll work harder than most couples … Sometimes people don’t realize what they had until they lose it. I don’t think your love will end,” Dave confided. And once again, Cerise responded with complete silence.

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