Soulmates: Lasting Love or Unfinished Business?

Love is the Soulmate’s Perfection

If you believe in soulmates than you believe in the power of love. But are all soulmate relationships an indication of lasting love, or an indication of unfinished business?

Bringing the Past into the Present

What is the soul’s purpose? To learn and grow, yes, but also to feel the joys of love. Thinking along those lines, you would have to believe that we have more than one lesson to learn and more than one lifetime to learn it in. Life is a symphony. We are the orchestra and the Universe is the maestro. We come here with a plan, and though we forget it the moment we are born, our lives, like a road map of time, intersect and interact both with our soul family’s lives as well as the lives of others who help us along the way. Hopefully they lead us to what we’re here to do, including finding lasting love (if that’s in the plan).

 Soulmates: Lasting Love

If you’ve been lucky enough to find love, you may have already met your soulmate. Perhaps they came to this life with you to find you again and to experience the joy you both feel together in the physical form. When you meet your soulmate again, you’ll know that this is lasting love.

Perhaps they haven’t joined you on this journey, because you’re here this time for a different lesson or a different reason. Your soulmate though is still with you in spirit, rooting you on and anxiously awaiting your return. In this case, the soul instinctively knows they’ve already met their soulmate and they have found lasting love—everlasting love—so finding love in this life may not be their main focus.

Soulmates: Unfinished Business

Sometimes we leave life with unfinished business, and sometimes that unfinished business has to do with affairs of the heart. Not all affairs of the heart are with our soulmates, and not all unfinished relationship business occurs with a soulmate—but it can.

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When you have unfinished business with a soulmate, the relationship you have with them in this life may present you with struggles that you overcome together—difficulties that help teach you both that the bond you have is stronger than any obstacle life can throw your way. You become stronger both individually and as a soulmate unit.

If, however, your unfinished relationship business isn’t with your soulmate, it is more likely that you’re reliving a relationship that was meant to teach you something other than love, such as the impact you have on others or the way your words and actions have the power to both crush or console others.

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If a relationship is cut short and the intended lessons aren’t learned, you’re likely here working out some unfinished business with the help of a soul family member—not your soulmate.

So when an ex-lover calls with an apology for past behavior, accept it graciously and allow yourself to move on.

5 thoughts on “Soulmates: Lasting Love or Unfinished Business?


    Hi! and thank you for your article. I think I agree in my situation, what you said at the
    end of the article that there is unfinished business. Because I have had the worst luck
    when it comes to finding a life partner. My longest relationship was 8 yrs, then all the
    other relationships always lasted 2 months. Now, the latest was 8 months and it was
    not pleasent (he blew up at me for no reason). I made my mind up to concentrate on
    myself and retire from dating it is very devestating and too emotional. Seems all men
    want is a meal ticket.

  2. Sherry

    As someone who is with their soul mate, let me say this: Just because you are with them doesn’t automatically make the relationship easy. We are both committed to the relationship, and we love each other deeply, yet there are still days when I wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to be alone.
    Great article, by the way. Thanks.

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  4. Terrill Fisher

    I may be mistaken, however I believe we can have many soul mates in one life time. AND , your one and only perfect mate is called your Twin Flame. Can this be correct?


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