Soulmate or Imposter?

Who hasn’t had a great reading about a new love, or some other good fortune, and wondered if maybe the psychic’s timing was a little off – more out of impatience than anything else. It’s not uncommon that when waiting for something as wonderful, exciting and life-enhancing as true love to finally enter our lives, we can be so overly eager to meet “the one” that we can mistake an imposter for the real thing.

“It’s hard to break a caller’s bubble, when they think they’ve met the soulmate you predicted they’d soon find,” tells Miss Krystal ext. 9192, “but in reality, they’ve ignored the important details about the reading. The person they’ve met, or even gotten deeply involved with… doesn’t quite fit the picture you had conveyed to them, because they didn’t pay attention to the details. You just have to hope that they will trust your guidance and not get seriously sidetracked along their path and miss their true destiny in the meantime,” the Clairvoyant, Empath and Medium suggests.

Julianne (not her real name) a 33-year-old French transplant, first called Miss Krystal with the one key question that was keeping her life from being truly perfect, “Where is my love life going?”

Miss Krystal could see that Julianne was actively dating several men. “It looks like fun, but there’s no substance…” her guides pointed out. She even suspected that the highly successful professional photographer was rotation dating (with a steady date on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights) to keep from getting involved with anyone seriously.

Julianne laughed in agreement. “I’d never consider getting serious with any of these guys. I’ve already married and divorced two New York actor-types.”

“I have a prediction,” Miss Krystal announced. “My guides say your soulmate is coming in…You will meet him in 2009!” The intuitive saw the “future” couple as being surprisingly similar in their look, background and even financial status. They would both be interested in a permanent relationship, Miss Krystal revealed, and their connection would be accepting and relaxed. “This person will be a best friend.”

Months later, Julianne called Miss Krystal back, saying that the psychic had been right on and she had met her soulmate – a nice easygoing guy, with French grandparents. “We’re engaged!” she announced happily.

“Wow! After two months – that’s fast!” the psychic responded. She was sure that this man was not Julianne’s soulmate. She didn’t see a wedding between them, so she found that encouraging. “But, I’m not the Dr. Phil of psychics, I couldn’t just upset her and say, Hey get real! This can’t be him. But, I did tell her to take it slow and to wait a year before getting married. Then I reminded her that it was only 2008 and that my prediction had been for 2009.”

Months later Julianne called again. She had given her fiancé a pre-nuptual agreement, because she had always understood that any man who could take care of himself would agree to her need for financial protection. Julianne was well known in photography circles and commanded a hefty day rate for her work. She had family money and owned property in France. “The pre-nuptual didn’t stop either of my other marriages, but Ross went ballistic. I ended up just giving him back the ring. During his rage, I realized that he knew more about my finances than I had ever let on… and apparently he’d been on his best behavior for months – I had no idea he could be so abusive!”

“Thank you for suggesting that I take it slow and set a wedding date far in advance,” Julianne stated with a deep sense of relief.

“Well, I did say 2009 would be the year you’d meet your soulmate,” Miss Krystal reminded her client. “And I still see that. This guy was an imposter, but luckily he revealed his true colors,” she added relieved that Julianne had listened to her suggestions. “Your true soulmate, will be much like you. I keep seeing two tall people holding hands. It didn’t fit that you described your fiancé as being shorter than you are.”

Weeks ago, Julianne called Miss Krystal again. She had gone home to France to see her family and met a man whose own relatives lived in a neighboring city. Thierry also had been living and working in Manhattan for years. The attraction was immediate. Both had attended the same art school at different times and he was as financially solvent, if not more so, she reported with great relish.

“I see how different things are when two people truly connect. I can’t believe that I had to go home to meet the right guy. He lives in my neighborhood in New York…we were born just miles from each other on another continent, we both speak fluent French – and he’s tall. It’s so much fun! You’re right on Miss Krystal. You nailed this one.”

And this time, Miss Krystal agreed.

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