Your Soulmate Horoscope for April 2013

Your Soulmate Forecast for April: Showers of Love?

Assertions go from sexual to sensual as Venus transitions from Aries to Taurus mid-month. What does it mean for you?

Here’s your soulmate forecast for April 2013.


Your charms are front and center at the top of this month, Ram. Maximize your magnetism by socializing—or, if you think you’ve met them—spending time with that special someone. The focus shifts to finances after the 15th.


The first half of the month finds you servicing other people’s needs—your boss, your partner, your kids or whomever. That said, once the ruler of love and beauty transitions into your sign on the 15th, you find yourself feeling more social, centered and magnetic!


Networking is the key to your happiness in all arenas early on this month. It’s while out and about that you’ll bump into or bond with a special someone. Later in the month you may want to hibernate—and you might not be alone!


With Venus at the top of your chart, your profile is on the rise. Whether this translates into the romance department remains to be seen. But people are taking notice and you will see success in at least one arena.

“Trust that what you are asking for will come to be. Know that the source has heard your questions and trust it will be handled.” – Psychic Mimi ext. 5522


You’re getting the urge to get back out there—whatever that means. Something passionate is sparked within you—for a person or a place (travel is highlighted). Look out, though! Past problems may emerge, forcing you to face your own role in events that occurred. Now’s the time to change and grow!


Your deepest emotions feel closer to the surface than usual. You feel the urge to be honest and now is a good time. Go ahead and have the heart-to-heart you’ve been wanting to have. It will help you course correct if necessary and if nothing else, will set your mind (and heart) at ease.


You get the compatible feeling you’re looking for early this month, Libra. It seems someone finally understands you. Whether this connection shows up in the form of a personal or professional partner is the question. Either way, the relationship is beneficial to you both.


Romance happens in unexpected places—even the workplace, so be careful! You’re feeling especially cooperative and interested in connection. The good news is, all signs favor compatibility. Like Libra, however, this may not be in the romance department. Still, the upshot is good.


Creativity and charisma are at a high this month, Sag. Seize it! You’re drawing people to you—including, potentially, a past paramour. Whether you want to revisit or not is up to you.


It may take until around the 20th, but come that time, romance is highlighted. You’re feeling youthful and vibrant and will draw people whose energy matches that. Now is the time to make memories. The stars are on your side!

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You have increased access to the finer things in life courtesy of lovely Venus. Beauty surrounds you at ever turn and you have a wonderful opportunity to savor your environment. For such a free spirit, it’s rare to feel so rooted to one place.


Practicality is highlighted this month, fishes. Sadly, this isn’t the most romantic environment for you, but it can be if you let it. It’s a great time for assessing your natural talents and emphasizing them, even if it’s in everyday ways!

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18 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Horoscope for April 2013

  1. Debbie

    I am searching for my soul mate. I have met some men online but I don’t know if they really are interested in me. Do you think I will meet my soul mate soon?

  2. Dominique Combs

    A past boyfriend and I are still talking. And I love him I know I do. And I know he loves me too. Can please help me realize if its my heart talking to me or my fear of being broken again

  3. Lilla

    Would i find my soulmate anytime? I have love a man and i was with him for few days spending time together and now i’m back in my original place and i never heard from him since i’m back. I don’t know if he has a feelings for me now. Are we ever gonna be together soon sometimes or whenever the times permit us or something? I love him but i don’t know if he has a feelings for me at all.

  4. cheryl

    there is omeone I dearly love, I know I do, i’m very depressed because he is leaving to venezula he has said he loves me too and has told me many personal things about himself we have met 2 times in person he and I are very lonely and want true love ! I want to know if he will come back or what I’m really heartbroken, his situation has been very dramatic with other women lots of things, we have mostly talked off on for 2yrs, he truly is a very wonderful guy ! I know it ! Just tell me what I can do or what will come of this PLEASE !

  5. CeeCee

    Whats in the future for me, do you see employment, money coming a large sum of money coming soon, how about love someone from the past, or someone new..

  6. ruby paden

    do u see money in my future? im also looking for romance? will i have my success at work? my previous husband is not making me happy anymore. wat should do? im really thinking of other romance? i just want to be happy again.

  7. trish

    Been there Brenda. My nursing job booted me out on disability. Now in school for Business. My money scale changed drastically. Although I am renting an apt. not in a home. But people I know who almost lost there homes, have rented out some rooms. Youll get unemployment.. get renters to help. Maybe food stamp card. Its a change-youll get through it. Then find another job or training.

  8. mike

    Yes i have allot of on-line option for a relationship but in the past many have turned out very disappointing. I consider most of them just friends and chat buddies.I want the REAL thing and sounds like i might just bump into her while i’m out and around.That would be Great.

  9. Alexandra

    Brenda, feel for you…may things work out in the long run.But, my question is, are you sure this ALL happened
    in a matter of 7 days??? Perhaps it has been coming on
    for quite some time and you may not have listened to
    your inner guidance to start planning…never too late
    though…best to you. Im sure You have what it takes
    to rebound.

  10. Kristin Marie Fairclough

    I love all of evolution . im very proud of all of us warriors for getting through it . !!!! = )

  11. brenda

    my world has crashed no job, loosing my home , don’t know where to go or what to do. this all happened in a matter of 7 days. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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