Your Sex Life: 5 Things Men Never Notice in Bed

5 Things Men Never Notice in Bed

 Your Perfectly Imperfect Sex Life

Attraction can be a fickle friend. It gets you dates, but it may also cause you to forgive certain red flags and take greater chances, such as engaging in unprotected sex. You’ve heard the saying, “Love is blind,” but that’s actually true in more ways than one when it comes to your sex life. In fact, for those in love, research suggests that the mind and body downplay flaws and imperfections, while focusing on positive attributes. So, if you have some flaws or imperfections that make you self-conscious in the bedroom, take comfort in knowing your guy probably hasn’t noticed them. Here are five things men never notice in bed.

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1. Your Imperfections

Has it been a few hours since you’ve brushed your teeth? Do you have acne, wrinkles, cellulite or stretchmarks? None of this matters. That’s because guys tend to see the big picture—meaning all of you. He’s not reducing your body to separate, flawed parts in the heat of passion. If you’re in bed with a man, his only concern is that you want him as much as he wants you. So don’t let your imperfections have a negative impact on your sex life.

 2. Matching Lingerie

A lot of women go to the trouble of buying nice, expensive lingerie, with the hopes of turning their partner on. While most guys can appreciate a nice set of lingerie, we don’t really care if it’s coordinated or not. According to some surveys, men prefer certain colors, like black, white or red, but they’re more focused on getting you out of it, than scrutinizing it.

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3. Your “O” Face

Many women are worried about the faces they make when they have an orgasm. They wonder if they look silly or un-sexy. The truth is, a man expects you to make weird faces and even scream. If he’s going to notice anything, it’s your silence, so don’t hold back. Bring on the faces and the sounds—he’ll love it all. Your reactions let him know that he is doing a good job and pressing all the right buttons. Your “O” face is a significant part of your sex life.

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4. Stubble Trouble 

Are you worried about body hair? Some women feel like they have to be smooth and hairless for their guys, but the truth is a lot of men don’t notice the stubble. And some men prefer a more natural look. This means you don’t have to be as vigilant as you thought, when it comes to hair removal. It also means that a little stubble isn’t going to prevent you from having a night of sexy fun.

5. Sweat

Sweat plays a huge role in attraction. It contains pheromones—chemicals that trigger sexual attraction and excitement. So sweat is a good thing. You may be tempted to cover it up with deodorant or perfume, and some studies suggest men prefer the smell of pumpkin or lavender, but your own body odor appeals to him, turns him on and does it for free.

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Ladies, guys are thrilled when you want to have sex with them. They may not notice the pimple on your face, but they will notice your lack of confidence, so don’t let your imperfections ruin your sex life. When it comes to love, people tend to focus on the positive traits of their partners, while downgrading their flaws. If your partner makes unsavory comments about your imperfections, maybe they aren’t as in love with you as they claim to be. And if they aren’t, you definitely deserve better.

11 thoughts on “Your Sex Life: 5 Things Men Never Notice in Bed

  1. Marc from the UK

    Well, as a bloke I found real sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, intimacy and being comfortable in each others company is a real plus. We all have flaws and those who think they can judge others are shallow!

  2. Bob

    Ladies, he is right! I am 80 and still desire sex and have it still on occassion even though I have a bad ED problem. I find other ways to try and satisfiy my mate. By the way I just got married Feb 2015. My lady worries about the way she looks and I could care less. Her beauty is in her personality. I love when whe wants me the most! Men need to be wanted sexually and the looks of a women is not that important but being wanted sexually is.

  3. connie

    my mate picks on my weight which is 153 and i’m 5’3. i have had bad health and put on the extra weight from l35 and he won’t shut up about this. he wants me to look like i was when i was 30 yrs younger. i am 76 now and it just can’t happen but he won’t listen. i think he just wants someone to fit his ideal picture and doesnt really care that much for me as i really am now. what do you think?? he is an outspoken person on this problem.

  4. Sylvie

    Reading that men prefer a natural look makes me shiver..Do men that say this know what a natural look looks like…We have hair on our arm pits,,,,pubic area ,,,legs,,,we have thick eye brows ,,no make up to hide the imperfections the dark spots,,we have grey hair cause all natural does mean no hair coloring…don`t forget the glasses cause oh natural means no contact lenses…. so if you would stop and think for a minute I think they would keep the lights close for the natural look and then go rinse there eyes looking at an high maintenance,sexy,,lady..Just saying…:)

  5. Barbara Brown

    As a senior citizen I do worry, but there is not lover, YET! I will relax and enjoy it all when the right man comes along. Thank you for all the important information.

  6. Amanda

    I needed to hear this I have always been crippled with self consciousness issues (I blame the plastic & computerized fakery of HollyWeird & pop culture). I need to learn to relax & this helped alot. 🙂


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