Sex With the Ex: Should You Reunite With an Old Flame?

When Your Old Flame Comes Knocking, Should You Answer?

When a lover from the past crosses your path, or even your mind, do you think about getting back together with them? What if you’re both single? Is it ever a good idea? Or should you leave it alone because things didn’t work out between the two of you the first time?

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If you’re considering reuniting with an old flame, there are a few things you need to take into consideration first. Check them out below and decide for yourself is getting back together with an old flame is the right thing for you.

The End of the Relationship

What happened that led to your break up the last time you were a couple? Did you lose interest in each other or was someone unfaithful? The reasons why you broke up are very important when it comes to getting back together with an old flame. If you lost interest, then what would be the point of trying again only to lose interest once more?

If your old flame stepped outside of the relationship and was unfaithful, will you be able to trust them again? If your relationship ended due to other life events like relocation or a difficult time, then there may be some hope, but if the relationship ended badly due to your own mistakes, chances are you are not meant to be together.

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What are Your Motives?

It is important to understand your motives. Why do you want to reunite with your old flame? Are you lonely? Is there some sort of reward involved or do you still feel love for this person? Look at the real reasons why you want to reconnect with this person and make sure they are genuine before proceeding. You could just want to be in a relationship with someone and not your old flame in particular.

Know Their Status Before You Contact Them

If you haven’t talked to an old flame for many years, there’s a good chance their life has changed dramatically since you last saw each other. Maybe they’re married. Maybe they have kids. Maybe they live in a different part of the country or even the world.

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You can do some Facebook stalking and check out their profile or Google search them. If you have friends in common, reach out to them for the details. You may like what you hear; you may not like what you hear. Be prepared for the good and the bad. Just do this as a means of avoiding major rejection.

Get Closure First

Before you attempt to rekindle the romance, make sure neither one of you needs closure. Do you need to apologize to an ex flame for something? Do they need to apologize to you? It’s about having a clean slate, and you need to start fresh if you want to make it work this time.

Leave the Past Behind You

If you want to go for a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth, etc.) round with an old flame, be sure to leave the past behind you. Don’t bring up old issues and talk about how things used to be. It’s all about the present and your future together.

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Whether or not you choose to reunite with your old flame is entirely up to you and depends on what type of relationship you are looking for in your current life. Don’t set yourself up for major disappointment. Let go of the past and agree to move forward. And if it doesn’t work out this time, it’s probably not meant to be.

23 thoughts on “Sex With the Ex: Should You Reunite With an Old Flame?

  1. sandro

    I did brake up with my ex girlfriend of 13 years Jessica & I have a kid together,my Son lives with I’m the dad I did change my phone# and,Jessica did call me that she was not happy and wants to Come back home I did think about but I did ask our son and did tells me No that he doesn’t want to see his mother for the way she way with him and myself all I did was work for her she can’t say that I did not give her everything because my job there was women around me and they
    would tell me that they wanted to take me out and myself told Jessica about it think about and she got mad that women would do something like that but I never did anything with any women!because I did not like any person doing that to myself and I did think about son!LOOK at what happened She was sleeping with a married man with 3 kids and I left Jessica what women would do Something like that now she wants to come back to me and my son because the courts found her unfit mother there’s more but that’s her fault what happened

  2. mary

    I have reunited with my ex husband after a bad breakup with present husband. He’s married n so am I. We have a good relationship. I don’t want a lasting relationship just someone to talk to with some benefits. By the way he’s married to the woman he cheated on me with. I don’t care anymore about the breakup..I just know I have a good friend now..I like being alone for the first time since I was my freedom!!

  3. Sherry

    I don’t want to even speak to any of the ex’s in my past, let alone hook up with them. BLAAAAAH. As a Scorpio, when I’m done—I’m done.
    They are in my past for a reason.

  4. Randy

    Wondering if Me & Sandy D. Edmonds Will Ever Get Back Together again?. We Still Talk Via. Email Texting & Phone Calls Daily. She Knows That I’m Crazy in Love With Her …& I’ve Evan Ask Her if She Ever Sees Us Ever Getting Back Together?. & She Tells Me IDK?. I’ve Said Sandy it isn’t Ever Gonna Happen is it?& She tells Me Don’ Be Sure about That Randy… I’m So Lost & I Have Lost Other Relationship’s Over Her & How Much That I’m Still Madly in Love With Her ??

  5. amelita

    i just want some closures of what had happened. He left first [1992], i left my country 1996…we we not able to say good byes….i don’t have any more feelings for him, because i was able able to met a very good man… i hope he does as well..

  6. sharon

    I strongly disagree to some degree,,If a white lied was told pertaining to the past,,that has a great deal to do with the prsent,,HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!!!

  7. kimberly

    I left my EX feb 14th 2014! we had an ok relationship but he seemed not that committed but always told me he was an lets move forward he told me everything i wanted to hear and said I was his everything but didn’t show it like a real man would that says stuff as such. Anyway I miss the hell out of him and he txt me on my birthday a Happy birthday beautiful i didn’t respond so three hours later he emailed me happy birthday but no beautiful. then a week later on mothers day he wished me a happy mothers day I responded thank you and thank you for the happy birthday and he said welcome then said please say hello to your daughters for me and I was like certainly he said thank you I said welcome and that was it have not heard a word since.

  8. Chrissi

    yes wish I had returned to my ex- he was always around when I was at a low ebb- even after we split- which was due to his family marrying him off- yes it isn’t only girls who are forced into marriage- unfortunately he has passed on now I thought I had moved on- but even married to another and having borne his child I longed for him- and when I was told he had passed I was torn apart – and still hurt now

  9. rene morin

    I offen remark that the aries sign have a lot to do around the house … and also that he is’nt in very good terme whit “cancer” that is the ” House ” of relative and married . So my question his should we try to go whit or again horoscope way?

  10. robert brecheen

    married 30 yrs this nov 2014 ,lose of communication ,she lives in sc im in fl daughter threw me out ,couldn’t find work fast enough for her,wife working ,lost our house in fl fighting with ssd claim ,just to be brief,been in fl over year now,wondering whats going on .GOD GIVE ME WHAT I NEED,NOT WHAT I WANT,THINGS HAPPEN FOR AREASON?

  11. Laura

    I enjoyed your article today. I have been thinking a lot about my ex lately.
    We were married 18 years, have a child and the marriage ended very badly. Lots of pain associated with infidelity, alcoholism and just lack of appreciation for each other. We did not flourish or grow together as a couple. Seems we were not important enough to each other to work on the marriage or to really help the other person the best person they can be for themselves and each other. I look back now and think how sad that all is. He is remarried now, (not sure how happily) and I am single but I have faith that my new love is out there looking for me just as I am looking for him. Getting back with my ex is probably not what I want but think I’m just regretting that our marriage didnt seem to be a priority in our lives. That’s sad because I still love him, we are friends, he’s been there for me since our divorce but I do have regrets and wonder “what if” more than is probably healthy at this point. Well, hopefully we learn from our mistakes and a better and more fulfilling love is out there waiting to be experienced for me.
    Thank you for the article.
    Aloha and Blessings

  12. Mary McLemore

    I broke up with my boyfriend a little over three months ago. I know he’s still interested in me, and I him. But he seems like a ‘one time relationship’ kind of guy. Though I’m happy with someone else, I’m still clueless as to what I should do.


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