Sex Advice: Here Are the 5 Strange Things That Turn Men On!

 Turn Men On in New and Creative Ways!

One of the quickest ways to get yourself to the top of any guy’s list is to know how to turn him on in new and creative ways. Now a lot of magazines claim that all men like a certain fetish, but that’s not necessarily the truth. What’s fun for some can be strange and scary for others and you need to know the difference. Choose creative and even weird over scary and painful!

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So, are you ready to get creative and weird? Check out this valuable sex advice!

The Color Red and Curvy Furniture

I think we can all agree that the natural curves of a woman’s body are a total turn on. How about a sexy shade of red lipstick? But you shouldn’t just rely on your looks and shape to get your guy excited. Surround yourself with sexy things to heighten your own sexiness. Men love the color red. Think about flushed cheeks or a red dress. These things suggest health, vitality and even a willingness to mate. And when it comes to furniture, there’s something about soft, curvy lines on a couch that seem more inviting than a couch with harsh lines. So when you’re building your love nest, don’t forget what the color red and the soft curves of some furniture could do for your sex life.

Knowing What He Doesn’t Like

As it turns out, men aren’t always honest about what turns them on, especially if what they like is considered weird or immoral by society. So when you ask your guy what he likes, you most likely aren’t going to get the whole truth. But, that’s okay. Try asking him what he doesn’t like when it comes to sex. There’s a good chance he will be more honest about it.

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What Turns You On

Men are not too picky about sex. In fact, a good portion of men get turned on if they know their partners are turned on. In other words, men feed off of your pleasure because it makes themselves feel sexy and wanted. So if you want to know what strange things turn your guy on, think about the strange things that turn you on first. They could be one and the same.

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Put His Clothes On

Do you ever parade around the house in your underwear? Have you ever tried parading around the house in his underwear? There’s something about a woman wearing men’s clothes than turns men on. It’s not just about how you look in them; it’s also about how wearing his clothes leaves your scent behind. It doesn’t matter if you wear perfume or if you just have a great, natural scent—leaving it behind on his clothes will send a jolt through his body.

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Role Playing

Sex in a long-term relationship can get a little boring. Think about what sex was like when you two first met. It was exciting, right? That’s because you didn’t know each other as well as you do now. In fact, you were practically strangers. Role playing can bring some of that excitement back because you are pretending to be different people. It’s exciting to imagine sex with someone else and you can both pretend that you are, without risking your relationship for a few thrilling minutes. In general, fantasies are a great and safe way to explore your sexuality. Just be open and honest with your partner and discuss your fantasies in detail before you try them out.

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2 thoughts on “Sex Advice: Here Are the 5 Strange Things That Turn Men On!

  1. robin

    My man lóves for me to be honest about what i like. He is glad to oblige. Major turn on for him. Same with me. We are past 50 and it is awesome with us. We put our kids to shame which is sad

  2. Stephanie

    Yes would like to rember this So next time in bed with my man. Can find out what he likes and don’t like. I am having hard time bed now not my cup of tea. How can I make it better.


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