Runaway Bride

Henry called Abigail ext. 9570 in a panic hoping for any information that would put his churning mind at ease. He’d had everything planned. It would be a simple proposal during their usual Sunday evening barbeque. The champagne was chilling in the fridge. Henry was sure Antonia didn’t have a clue about his plan. He was mixing up a batch of her favorite brownies when he got the call from the woman he was quite sure would say “yes” to his marriage proposal the next night.

“She says we have absolutely no sexual chemistry… she’s getting serious with another man,” Henry blurted out so quickly that the psychic could barely make out his words.” She said it is only fair not to string me along any more… I don’t believe her! I know I’m not highly experienced with women… I was married to my wife for 35 years before she passed, but I’m not ignorant! I don’t believe her,” the caller repeated over and over again. “What happened?”

Abigail, who is also a professional hypnotist, asked the widower in his late 50s to take several deep breaths, as she began channeling and putting out the Tarot, focusing on Henry and Antonia’s names and birth dates. “There isn’t another man,” she said with great certainty.

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t see another man,” the intuitive Empath confirmed. “Antonia’s not telling the truth. She’s broken up with you before. She’s afraid of commitment…frightened enough to tell you a story like this. She said the meanest thing she could think of… What she needed was time, and it’s clear that she didn’t know how to tell you that.”

“How can I get her back?”

“It will take time.” Abigail had received kinesthetic validation that the months ahead would be very difficult for Henry. “It was as if a light hit my body,” the psychic described. Her client responded to the reading immediately with a depth of understanding and sadness. “I see,” he said despondently before he began spilling his heart to Abigail.

Henry described Antonia as “carefree” and “quirky” and as someone who had never really settled down with one man, even the father of her grown son. After several breakups early in their relationship, she had told Henry that she expected to be engaged to him by her 45th birthday. He had thought to surprise her with a proposal six weeks early. He described to Abigail how they enjoyed entertaining, how they had been fixing up the house together, even redesigned the kitchen – and how the remodel was in the works.

Abigail again looked into Henry’s cards, telling him to continue with the project to spend his time clearing the past out of his house and continue on with his life as usual… until the time was right for Antonia to decide to renew her relationship with him.

Over the following months, Henry checked in with Abigail regularly. He was losing sleep and weight over his inconsolable sadness. He had finally given up on Antonia, after sending her baskets of flowers and cards urging her to rethink her decision in the weeks following their estrangement. He had also seen her photo and personal profile on several dating websites. “She’s not really looking,” the psychic told Henry with a sincere depth of belief. Abigail urged him to take hikes, meditate and busy his mind with the family business.

Abigail told Henry that the cards continued to validate what she could see psychically – that Antonia needed to desire Henry, more than fear his neediness. “I see symbols and the cards help me get the interpretations down. They’re very good for timing. For instance when I read the Tarot, the Pentacles mean months, Wands are weeks, Swords pertain to things which are in a thought process and the cups mean days. I believed then, and I still believe, that the two would tie the knot in 2009.”

Around Mother’s Day, Henry saw a beautiful card that he was compelled to send to Antonia. He simply wrote “Thinking of you…” inside and signed his name.

Two weeks later Antonia called Henry asking, “Are you still thinking about me?” He laughed hesitantly and waited for her to continue. “I miss you,” she said tearfully, and admitted that there hadn’t been anyone else… then or since. She asked if she could rush over to see him, as she had finally realized that she had run away from her pending engagement with him, not from him.

“Henry is such a sweetheart, it’s wonderful that I could help him,” Abigail admits with great pleasure. “Of course, she says, anything can happen, nothing is guaranteed… but Henry learned to feel secure with Antonia’s need for time away from him, and I do see the relationship moving ahead, now. Insecurity makes people run. He now sees that he kept pushing ahead even though Antonia had hinted about needing a slowdown.”

Henry has made it clear to Antonia that it’s up to her to ask him… when she’s ready to get married. “I still see something of significance marking a marriage date in 2009,” she concludes prophetically. “And, I know that Henry’s hoping that I’m right.”

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