Romance-Inducing Feng Shui Tips for Every Room in Your House

Tips for Every Room in the House | California Psychics

Build Up Your Romance

Do you desire to strengthen your romantic relationship? Have you tried toys, counseling, and other methods, but still aren’t seeing the results you want? Perhaps it’s not an issue within your relationship, but rather it may be a problem with your immediate environment. Feng Shui could be your solution!

While the bedroom is the most important room in your home for developing your amorous connection, the entire home can be utilized to create a welcoming environment for love to flourish. Listed below are the best romance-inducing Feng Shui tips for your home.

Feng Shui Tips for the Bedroom

  1. Only hang art that represents pairs (nothing singular). An example would be two people, two ducks (especially mandarin ducks), two hearts, etc. This promotes coupling and togetherness.
  2. Find the best placement for your bed. There are several feng shui rules for the bed that help create the right atmosphere for the most important feature of the most important room in the home:
      • Do not place it in a corner of the room, so that you and your partner won’t feel trapped.
      • Do not place your bed under a window, so that you are protected from outside energy at night.
  3. When you enter the bedroom, the far right corner should have the color pink (red and white also work). This could be a pink lampshade, a pink painting, or a pink nightstand. This is the “marriage/relationships/partnership” corner of the room, and pink, red, and white symbolize this romantic union. Stick to using these colors as accents rather than as a full wall color, however, as bright colors are not conducive to creating a soothing and stress-free atmosphere. While neither of those terms are the first things that come to mind when thinking of romance, the less tense you are when trying to set a particularly romantic mood, the more enjoyable it will be for both of you.
  4. Declutter the bedroom. An organized, spacious bedroom allows your relationship some needed room to breathe and flourish and a lack of clutter in the bedroom creates a less stressful environment. There’s higher qi/energy flow under and around the bed that way as well.
  5. Do not have water or depictions of water in your bedroom. This includes fountains, aquariums, vases with water, or pictures of oceans or lakes. Instead, have images of fire to symbolize passion in your relationship. Water puts out the passionate fires and sensual flames of romance.
  6. No mirrors facing the bed. Not only does a mirror facing the bed disturb sleep, but according to feng shui experts, it can bring the energy of a third (and fourth) party into the bedroom during intimate moments. It’s best to just remove any mirrors from the bedroom altogether if possible, or cover up larger mirrors with curtains, shawls, etc.
  7. Make your bedroom a technology and work-free zone. Keep the TV, cell phone, laptop, and other electronics in the living room, for it is widely believed that when you bring tech into the bedroom, the temptation to focus on work, or on other people will be too much. The bedroom is for you and your partner to grow closer and focus on each other.
  8. The bedroom should embrace Yin energy. Your bedroom should always be a place of relaxation, because stress inhibits romance. To that end, colors should be relaxing, the lights should be dimmed, and maybe consider soft, soothing music.

Feng Shui Tips for the Living Area

  1. The front legs of the furniture should be on the carpet. This placement promotes communication and increases the chances of an intimate connection.
  2. Avoid singularity in furniture. When furnishing your communal spaces, avoid placing single chairs or ottomons. Even if you’re single, you want to create the idea of partnership to invite romance into your home, and to nurture it if you’re already coupled.
  3. Decorate your living spaces with happy photos of you and your partner together. Placing reminders of the happy times around your home, especially in high traffic areas, will keep the romantic energy of the home high.
  4. If you have a fireplace, light it. In feng shui, Fire helps to keep the love flames burning in a relationship, or spark the love in a new one. So, should you be lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, take advantage of its presence and light those loving feelings ablaze. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can also light candles, and you get extra points in they’re red.

Feng Shui Tips for the Bathroom

  1. Avoid having a bathroom in the Southwest part of your home. The Southwest is the love area in feng shui, and there is no room that is less feng shui-friendly than the bathroom (all good things drain out of the home through the bathroom). Since this is going to be an unavoidable problem for some, those who do have a bathroom in the Southwest of your home, offset the drain on your romance by using Fire and Earth accents, such as candles, essential oils, decorative pieces in colors assciated with both elements, and romantic artwork. It will also help to keep that bathroom exceptionally clean, and to keep the toilet seat down when not in use. (This may sound odd, but it is actually a feng shui staple.)
  2. Make your bedroom and bathroom doors different colors. Feng shui is all about directing the flow of energy throughout your home. So, if you have a master suite and wish to avoid the romantic energy of the bedroom draining out through the bathroom, an easy solution is to paint your bedroom and bathroom doors different colors to show that the bedroom is the room that the energy should stay inside of. Keeping the bathroom door closed is another simple and easy solution.

Romantic Feng Shui Accents for the Home

  • Sprinkle red accent pieces, such as blankets, rugs, candles, or artwork throughout your home. Red is the color of passion, inspiration, and romance but remember to balance it and not go overboard. Too much red can have the complete opposite effect to the romantic feng shui you are going for.
  • Activate the Southwest, or love area of your home, which is ruled by the Earth element, with rose quartz and amethyst crystals, clay pottery, square decor, or other accents that come in reds, yellows, and browns. Again, don’t go overboard. Remember, with feng shui, balance is always key.
  • Remove items from previous romances that might still hold negative memories for you or your partner.
  • Hang artwork that depicts love throughout the home, not just the bedroom. While mandarine ducks are a popular feng shui staple, anything that symbolizes love for you and your partner will have the same positive effect on your romance.

Balance in All Things

Using feng shui to help you develop or rekindle your romance is a truly excellent plan. Feng shui’s guiding principle is balance after all, how to find the perfect balance in everything to help you live your best life. While it will not solve all of your romantic problems, adding some of these feng shui tips to your home will certainly help spice up your love life in a few new ways.

14 thoughts on “Romance-Inducing Feng Shui Tips for Every Room in Your House

  1. Jal

    Denise I agree, pat sharp am sure your happy with it and your choices!! Fung shehhh!! Needs to go back to the the traditional fung shui!! See yeah in China my great great parents hometown!!

  2. Denise

    fungshai fungshaw! I believe if a individual is grounded spiritually, then that is the only thing you need, balance then follows forget all this crap of moving your bed here nor there. and as for covering your television??? please!!! great energy doesn’t come from moving furniture around, it comes from within. what you put into this universe is what you get back.

  3. Vicki

    Peach is the color of “stepping out.” This is also called “Peach Blossom Luck.” If you are single, then peach is a good color for finding someone. After you have found someone, please remove the peach colors from your home. Try purple, pinks, white in your bedroom, but not peach. To continue with peach is to invite heartbreak if you are serious about finding someone and only one with whom to share your life.

  4. Amanda

    Also, fire can represent firey arguments so water is not a bad idea in the room, I personally find the ocean scenes very peacful, tranquil & romantic. My husband is a water sign so water scenes are great for us!

  5. Amanda

    I like & agree with everything except the covering of the mirrors & not storing things under the bed. It can be kind of hot to see you & your partner in the mirror during sex also it’s really not four, because it is a reflection of you & your partner & that reflection is positive! Also you have to look in the mirror in the morning to get ready for the day! Our bed is tall & we have very little stored under the bed so there’s still room for “the flow” & it’s impreactical to not utilize all the storage space you can. Not wasting space is very crucial in today’s world since there are more people, more “stuff” & therefore less space.

  6. stephanie

    I know it depends on which school you are trained under, and I completely agree with everything in this article except this: 2. Your bed should be facing the doorway. This way you can see someone as soon as they walk in the room. This promotes security and comfort.
    MY UNDERSTANDING is that the bed should never be placed facing the door because then we are placed in the “funeral” position which is how people are carried out when they die, feet 1st! Thanks.

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  8. pat Sharp

    sigh…………guess I am condemned to singlehood……….my bedroom, ( biggest room in the house) doubles as painting studio…….with images of water all over the place! At least I have peach colored sheets!

  9. Susan Sackett ONeil

    This is all wet.. and inaccurate. I practice Feng Shui.Some of this is true but to say no aquariums would doom the resources right from under the loving couple.

    As always.. a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


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