How Psychic Rika Encouraged a Caller to Take Action

How Psychic Rika Encouraged a Caller to Take Action

Take Action and be Bold for Love!

Early in my career here at California Psychics, I remember thinking, I want to become a relationship expert. The Japanese Buddhist ladies who raised me would say “Your life always becomes the way you encourage another.”  So I figured not only could I really help people with their love lives and other relationships, but I could also influence all my relationships in a wonderful way as well.

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I have had many successes helping clients stay in relationships, rejuvenate relationships, and even get out of relationships. One time a woman called about a man who had been softly pursuing here for over a year. By softly, I mean he had been checking in on her by text like every few months, liking her Instagram photos and socializing with mutual friends. It was clear to me that this guy was truly enamored with her, but was slow to act on his feelings. Luckily, she knew it too and she wanted to know what to do.

Are You Willing to Take Action?

I was impressed that this woman was willing to take action. I was impressed by the fact that she didn’t feel that because he was a guy, he needed to be more proactive. She didn’t think, “If he liked me, he would call,” and she wasn’t looking for one-size-fits-all advice. She called me because she knew I could see how this guy was feeling and what he was thinking and I told her it would help her be bold for love. She was game!

Are You Intimidating?

The information coming through was that the man was actually quite intimidated and didn’t really know how to take action. I know that some of you are firm believers in, “If he liked me, then he would do something,” but again, that point of view is not always the case. The woman in this case had more courage, so I asked our guides what she should do. The call ended with a set of directions, but it would be up to my caller to follow them.

She called back at a later  time to let me know she was following the directions and they were working! She and her guy are finally in a committed relationship! When I think about them, I can’t imagine a world where they are not together. They are going to live out their dreams.

Stop Waiting and Waiting!

Everyone is different, so the advice I gave this caller might not work for someone else. This caller was bold for love, and she took action because she knew if she didn’t, she would keep waiting and waiting. She was tired of waiting, and so she called me, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

Encourage the Situation!

When it comes to love, sometimes we have to participate and encourage the situation. Sure, it feels great to be pursued, but if you’re waiting around for a guy to make a move, you could be waiting for a very long time. Sometimes you just need to take action. And if you aren’t sure if the object of your affection has feelings for you too, you can find out when you call me. There’s no need to fear rejection if you don’t have to.

Whatever your dreams are, whether it’s a job or true love, know that you have to take action to make them come true. This is your life and it belongs to you! So remember this the next time your victory seems so far away. You psychic can connect to spirit and give you the messages you need to move forward and be successful. The heart is what matters most!

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    oh the beauty of dharma –
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    “Whatever your dreams are, whether it’s a job or true love, know that you have to take action to make them come true. ”



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