Is it Time to Let Your Ex Go?

Let Go of Your Ex and Let Go of the Drama

“How come I keep attracting the same kind of guys?”
“How come I keep getting these losers?”
“Why are they all alike?”

There are patterns we repeat time and time again—the type of jobs we land, the friends we have and the people we attract in relationships. We usually think something is wrong with us because we subconsciously keep attracting people who treat us badly, are immature and inconsistent in the love they show us. We feel like a hamster on a little, spinning wheel.

Karma and Growth

The subconscious dynamics at work inside of us is the human explanation for why this keeps happening. But there is also a spiritual explanation for this repeat behavior—karma. More specifically, it is the lack of growth and release of karma.

We are on this plane to transcend our conditions. We are here to grow and transcend our limitations. This is a pretty confusing way of saying we are here to evolve into who we really are—spirits of the highest nature. Every experience we have is a gift of growth. We can see it as a challenge or as an opportunity. Relationships are a path of growth.

When we meet a karmic mate or are connected to someone, it is usually a challenging relationship. That’s why it’s karmic! It implies growth and it will challenge you in many areas. In moving through these relationships both partners are to grow and spur growth in the other. It is when we refuse to change that the relationship begins to enter a traumatic phase.

When we refuse to grow (and it is a choice) we walk away from the relationship. Things get too difficult to handle. The other person is acting ridiculously and we move on. How we move on is important; not just that we’ve moved on.

Moving On

If you part with feelings of loss, anger, resentment and frustration, the karma is not fulfilled. You have not done your work. You have not grown. You can set your watch for the time the next person comes along with the exact same lesson for you. Until you can get on top of your negative feelings, it will happen again and again and again.

It’s not an easy journey, but you can get to a better place. Pray or meditate using this mantra:

Bless them for what they brought me.
Bless them for what they taught me.

When you arrive at this beautiful place of peace, you can release them without pain. At this point you have released your karma with them and can move on to a higher level of relationship. And, it will come to you.

Instead of asking, “Why do the same people keep showing up?” you may want to change the question to, “What do I need to learn in order for me to move on from this kind of relationship?”

2 thoughts on “Is it Time to Let Your Ex Go?

  1. Angela

    Boy ! I like this article thank you for this great article and keeping it real by saying in other words learn the first what is needed.

  2. psychic quinn 5484

    oh how true it is…different face, different name, same person. why, why, why?
    your last sentence is a fact. ask “what do I need to learn in order for me to move on from this kind of relationship?

    I call it connecting the dots. find the common string that runs through the people you date or get involved with. then cut the cord. learn to know it when you see it, red flags fly high. take off the blinders and see the fact – face it head on, stop it in its tracks.
    sometimes it is better to be alone than to keep going around and around with negative relationships that only end.
    once you change your way of doing a relationship your relationship karma changes.



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