Read a Lover’s Hands

What’s the first thing you notice about a potential paramour once you’ve zeroed in on them? Right behind eyes and smile, many people say it’s hands. In addition to checking for a wedding ring, we pay attention to whether hands are strong, slender, elegant, thick or precise. After all, hands can reveal a person’s age, give clues to their profession and indicate how well they take care for themselves… But did you know that the shape of a person’s hands can also reveal a lot about them as a lover?

Like the zodiac, hands can be divided into four basic elemental categories: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, each one with its own distinctive shape. These shapes offer clues into the nature of a person as an individual and as a mate. So the next time someone sparks your interest (or you’re alone with the special someone you’re already with), have a look and see what you can learn.

The Fire Hand
Does your person of interest have short fingers on a long palm? Well then, get ready (and work on your stamina)! These fiery individuals are full of energy – in and out of the bedroom. Warm and charismatic, physically and mentally alert, the fire-handed are quick to bore and ready to push sex to its limits. Adventure is key for them in romance and in life, and though they’re playful by nature, be aware that Fire Hands do not like to be told what to do – unless they ask!

The Earth Hand
Slow and steady is the person with short fingers and a square palm especially when working with their hands. That’s perhaps the best news about an Earth Handed lover. They’ll want to spend tons of time working you over, feeling every inch of your body and becoming familiar with what makes you tick. A lover of good food and simple pleasures, life will not necessarily be a jet-setting thrill ride with these down to earth, easy going types, but that really depends on your definition of thrill – doesn’t it?

The Air Hand
Long fingers and square palm are the marks of an Air Hand, who, much like the Fire Hand, is akin to adventure. The difference however, is that an Air Handed person’s stimulus is less physical than mental. As lovers, these people want to be intellectually challenged. They like a good mystery and want a partner who can keep their mind working. Role play and naughty sweet nothings find their home with the Air Handed. If you’re one for hours of intoxicating conversation as foreplay, then
go for it.

The Water Hand
Idealistic and dreamy, the Water Hand individual has long fingers and a long palm – as well as a penchant for long-term love. The romantics of the world, Water Hands are also the most sensitive of the types, who will see their lovers through rose-colored glasses and spend hours idling away in fantasy land. That doesn’t mean they’re unproductive, however. Water Hands are detailed, sharp individuals who think and feel deeply. Lovemaking with them is a passionate experience wherein they see the melding of two souls… Less than serious partners need not apply.

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