Psychic Yemaya: Finding Your Zen at Work

Keep Your Cool Under Pressure!

Do you hate going to work? With the financial status of the world being what it is, many companies, in fear of going under, are pushing their employees to work harder for less pay and are piling work on them so they don’t have to hire more people. The atmosphere at many jobs is that of cut-throat competition or discord between the employees. However if you like what you do and just want to be happy, Zen can help you!

Focus on the actual job that you do. Focus on the parts of the job that bring you the most satisfaction. View the other aspects of what you do as something that you do to “earn” the part of the job you enjoy. Make sure you reward yourself with praise each time you get to that point of your day or week.

Meditation is not just for quiet times. You can find your own Zen state in the midst of chaos. Create a peaceful scene in your mind’s eye. It could be a favorite spot in the woods, a beach or the view from the top of a city hilltop. See that as a peaceful and serene place and as you do your work. Allow your spirit to be there.

Interaction with others can get you off course, and so it must be approached with a gentle energy. Listen to what they say and look into their eyes to acknowledge them. However do not let their energy affect your inner calm. Do not give away your power. They may have a need to try to use whatever power they have over you for their personal dysfunction, but you do have a choice to not allow them inside the peaceful energy you have created. Acknowledge what they require with a smile and move back to what brings you joy. People cannot hurt your feelings if you do not let them. If they are using their power to harm you, take action to find another job or seek balance from either your human resources department or higher management. Do not engage in arguments or battles that will give them reason to put blame onto you. Seek the peace, not the battle.

Most people are doing the best they can with the tools they know. Yet many people—some in positions of power—do abuse others or misuse their power. You have to measure and weigh out if it is worth finding another position, or if you can deal with the total of negatives in your place of work.

Perception is the biggest key to finding peace and Zen at work. Choose to focus on the positive, use your break times for calming activities like being outside or reading magazines and books, going for a walk or listening to music. Surround yourself with photos of people and places that bring you joy. Choose to be happy, and remember,  you don’t have to buy in to the drama.

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