Psychic Jonathan: Reading for the GLBT Community

In his thirty years as a professional psychic, empath and clairvoyant, Psychic Jonathan ext. 9601 has taught classes and seminars in various areas of metaphysics throughout the United States, and had his own psychic newspaper column for 10 years. As a psychic who regularly reads for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community, we wanted to sit down with him and discuss the many issues he is called to read on for the gay community. He shared some excellent insights with us:

“From what I’ve seen, the gay community is going through the same thing everybody else is right now. They’re worried about gas prices. They’re single and looking for someone to commit to and spend their life with. I’ve also been finding that gay people want that right to be married, they want to be able to be more open, to protect themselves legally. It’s kind of important.

“One client that sticks in my mind, he was with his lover who happened to be a doctor, an M.D., for at least twenty years. They had a house, but it was solely in the doctor’s name. When he passed from HIV, the family asked that the place be stripped clean, they wouldn’t consider letting his partner stay in the house, they sold it from right underneath him. This is what I’m getting from a lot of the community—they want to be protected in their relationships. One tip I got from an attorney was to incorporate each other. Put yourself under the umbrella of a corporation, then you’ll be protected.

“I honestly believe that everyone is asking one simple question: Why not the U.S.? And I’m asking, what do you mean? And people tell me, well, Canada has had gay marriage for ten years, so what’s the deal here? Why are we so backwards? And I’ve also found that most European nations have laws protecting it and are open. People want to know if that’s ever going to happen here; they want to be happier and more secure, especially in their relationships and the money they make. A lot of the gay community makes a great amount of money. If they would just let civil unions come into play, it would really help every aspect of this country, because gay people would be happier, and more willing to spend. One client who I talked to from Canada, said that she had a tremendous job offer in New York, but she said she refused it. She said, ‘I have no rights in the United States, why would I want to come?’

“Luckily, I’m seeing that the community is becoming a lot more vocal in all directions. It’s extremely important that they have a voice and be heard. They’re doing it right now, in the right way, through legislation—it’s extremely important it move in that direction. If the United States is gonna talk the talk, we gotta walk the walk—and that means civil rights for everyone.”

What would a better world look like?

“One in which there is no prejudice at all, none. For example, I had a friend in the gay community who went to San Francisco, they were in the gay community, and his lover reached out to grab his hand and he said ‘No, no, we’re out in the open…’ And a woman turned around and said ‘You’re in San Francisco, you don’t worry about that!’ That’s the ideal situation. It doesn’t matter who you’re with or who you love, its no-one’s business. So the ideal is equal rights for everyone. Will this country ever be perfect? No, but it’s the best place in the world to live, and people are slowly getting on board. That’s a good thing.

“More gay people are moving out into suburbs, leaving downtown areas, buying homes. It’s like ‘Will & Grace,’ the gays move in, property gets improved, values go up, people get excited—that’s an actual fact. I have friends who bought a home in a very small, prejudiced community in the South, but by the time they finished cleaning up and remodeled, property values went up by $10,000. People get kind of excited now when gay people move out into the suburbs. Gay people want to be like everyone else, and be in home environments; if they have kids they want them in good school systems. America has to realize, gay people are everywhere, and it is.”

“I would love to talk to more of the gay community. At California Psychics, we’ve all noticed an increase in the GLBT calls. We learn so much from reading for gay people, just as they learn from us. It’s great. All of us have the same thought: We’re reaching out to them now, we’re here, we’re fine with everything they’re doing. Give us a call. We’re not prejudiced. That’s what you need to know.”

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6 thoughts on “Psychic Jonathan: Reading for the GLBT Community

  1. Quinn ext.5484quinn

    hi jonathan,
    i love that they lite up the empire state building in ny when the bill was passed…
    better health care for those who earn it working can now share it with their spouse.
    adoption of children – should be much easier
    respect for the bonds of a spiritual union in the eyes of goverment. after all it is all about the heart.
    ~~~metta waves~~~

    -quinn ext. 5484

  2. Cameron ext 5412


    I think a lot of people will benefit from your wisdom and honesty. Thanks for this article.

  3. Jacqueline

    Hi Jonathan,
    I could not agree with your article more, very well said, times have truly changed and will continue to change, people are becoming more spiritually awake, within being spiritually awake, there is no judgement toward anyone for any reason, this is part of a new great, fabulous world, this is the awakening process.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jonathan,

    Very well written and timely article…..well done !

    I also read for the GLTB community as well…the soul has no gender and knows no gender, this I learned when I crossed over twice….
    …and I especially liked your last paragraph where you say that we are not prejudiced in any way…..this is very true….all clients are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality at all times…..always.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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