Opportunities for Love

Of all the possible transits, perhaps none is so wonderful as Venus and Jupiter hooking up. For centuries this date has been prized by astrologers as one that they could recommend to their clients as an auspicious day for weddings, to begin a romance, or start a business or creative project. On November 15th, you’ll feel energized, beautiful, enthusiastic and optimistic.

It’s the astrological equivalent of a gift, often meaning you’ll receive something that gives you pleasure, a present, a well-earned rest, a good meal or just an exceptionally fun time with friends, loved ones and/or your lover. This can also sometimes take the form of a financial windfall. Today, life will be bursting with possibilities and it’s time to take your share.

You’ll find yourself willing, able and excited about socializing whether at work, at play, or with someone special. In fact, you’re feeling so lovely it might be hard to concentrate on work as all the indulgent things you’re longing to do beckon. If it’s possible given your work situation, perhaps take this day off and use it to draw, write, paint, dance or whatever it is that you love and usually don’t have time to do. If you get creative fulfillment through your career, today will be an usually inspired day loaded with new opportunities. It’s a good time to pamper yourself, go get a manicure, buy a new sweater, whatever it is that celebrates your beauty and your inner desires.

If you’ve got your heart set on a new relationship, today’s your time to go out and enjoy yourself. You’ll be feeling light, refreshed and buoyantly confident which will make your even more attractive. Fruitful social opportunities will be there for the taking if you just reach for them.

The astrological energies are also fantastically disposed to anything involving partnerships, social gatherings, art, and fundraising. This is especially true with a new enterprise, so if you’re considering starting to freelance, or a new romance, or a new association with someone or a group – today truly is your lucky day. Any new venture begun under the joined hands of Venus and Jupiter will meet with glowing fortune.

Venus rules not only love, but also beauty, the arts, creativity, adornment, home décor, and partnerships of any kind: friendships, business, social groups. At the moment, Venus is in Scorpio, which means she is at her most intense and powerful. Venus won’t expend her sensuous, heated passion on anyone who doesn’t matter to her deeply. She’s only interested in investing in partnerships that are real; it’s true love or nothing. So, if true love isn’t hanging about your house, use all that deeply explosive creativity in other areas of your life.

Venus’ partner today is avuncular, rotund Jupiter, who is responsible for lavishness in all things. If it’s a day for love and Jupiter is on the scene he will magically expand all the loving possibilities, occasionally to point of overindulgence. With love, it may not ever be a bad thing to exhaust yourself in indulgence. Yet, if you’ll have a day focused around food, or around money and business; there’s a chance for over-indulgence to have consequences. All told, just be alert that while Jupiter is the planet of luck, his darker side can lead to gluttony or over-spending.

At the moment, you need to be alert to overeating or overspending – both signal that something’s not quite right in your life. This is a type of compensation for something out of balance – maybe you’re not feeling loved or appreciated, or acceptable as you are. Jupiter’s passion is the search for truth, so during this transit, use this time to ‘diagnose’ what’s really bothering you. Just owning up to the truth will begin the process of getting yourself back in balance.

Right now, Jupiter is also in Scorpio, so it’s under the sway of the penetrating power of Pluto. Pluto will help Jupiter get to the truth like a heat-seeking missile. However, if you’re in denial, this energy will turn itself to being controlling with others – which is another clear signal to examine how you’re living your life. On the more positive side, Jupiter in Scorpio gives great courage and insight about your inner self, your deepest desires, your career, sexuality, money matters and reincarnation. There are a lot of magically powerful capabilities to today’s placement – try to leave time to play with at least some of them.

The impact of both Venus and Jupiter at this moment in time will be affected by other factors in your natal chart: their house placements, their natal signs, and all their major aspects. Also take a peek at where Libra, Taurus and Sagittarius fall in your chart, because these areas of your life will also get a boost of energy.

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