Why You Need Fantasy

Why You Need Fantasy

Do You Have an Active Fantasy Life?

Do you need fantasy in your life to be happy and healthy? Let’s think about that for a moment. Fantasy is basically another word for imagination and self-discovery. It offers the opportunity to test out alternate choices and actions in your life, while attempting to predict how these choices might progress if given the chance to become a reality. According to surveys, we often fantasize about new sexual partners, kinky sex positions, and getting back at the people who have done us wrong.

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Your fantasies are quite revealing, and many of your darkest fantasies could reveal things about you that make you feel anxious or guilty. So what do a lot of people do with their fantasies? They bury them like a dirty secret—something to be fearful and ashamed of. Unfortunately, if you were to truly stamp out all the fantasy in your life, the result would be a life full of monotony and boredom. This is why you really do need a little fantasy in your life.

The Good

Studies suggest that when fantasy is steered in the right direction, it can illicit better sex, a higher paying job, more recognition for your talents and more respect from your colleagues. The true magic behind its power is in the goals and incentives it inspires. In a sense, your fantasies serve as a chalkboard from which to test out possible life changes, in order to decide which ones are worth your attention.

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And speaking of incentive, what drive would you have to better your life if you had no visions to demonstrate what a better life could look like? It doesn’t matter if your fantasies revolve around an improved appearance, more education, or better sex—it all feeds into your incentive to make it happen. This is how fantasy changes lives, builds confidence and provide direction.

Your Relationships

Many of your current fantasies create the atmosphere in which your current and future relationships will be formed. In other words, your fantasies subconsciously direct your attention towards certain partners and situations, according to the late psychoanalyst, Ethel S. Person. And if you are honest with yourself, it can be a great way to discover a deeper connection with your soul mate. We all play an important role in our fantasies, and finding a partner to play along is more important than you may realize.

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Your Sex Life

The 50 Shades of Grey series has brought a lot of positive and negative attention  to the idea of fantasy role-play in relationships. According to one report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in May of 2013, people who prefer BDSM sex play have higher quality relationships and better overall mental health than those who stifle their sexual fantasies. This could be because these people were not afraid to face their darkest sexual fantasies and share them openly with their partner.

Fantasy can help build goals and dreams, but it can also do amazing things for your sex life. It is through fantasy that you discover the kinds of things that turn you on, and if you never share that with your partner, they will never know how to satisfy you in bed. But you have to be careful about how you share your fantasies with your partner. If you are unsure they’re going to be a willing participant, you can initiate your fantasies through show and tell. In other words, without saying a word you can put on a certain outfit or watch a certain movie that gets you in the mood and see how your partner reacts to it.

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The Bad

Fantasy is best when your partner is a willing participant. Otherwise, it can lead to misunderstandings. It’s recommended that you make sure your partner feels safe and secure in your relationship before you share your fantasies with them. Your partner needs to understand their role in your fantasy too, and accept it, whether it’s to listen, observe, participate, etc. A good rule of thumb is to start with your simplest fantasy and slowly work your way up to the more complicated ones.

Fantasy should not be used as an escape from your relationship. If you are unhappy, or are looking to improve your relationship, acting out your fantasies with your partner won’t make that happen. But for people in committed, trusting relationships, who are willing to be sexually adventurous, acting out fantasies could have many wonderful benefits.

2 thoughts on “Why You Need Fantasy

  1. Barbara Brown

    I fantasize about my wonderful single doctor, but he is 30 years younger in age, but 15 years in looks. Also, i fantasize about a man that is 6 years younger, but he wife of 41 years is very sick. There is nothing I can do about either one of these yummy guys at this time.

  2. GM

    Interesting article. Keep in mind that not all fantasies are sexual in nature. I write novels, and there’s nothing quite like using your fantasies and imagination to create wonderful stories, regardless of the genre.


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