My Twin Flame Is Married

Jennifer’s question:

Last year I was reunited with the man who I believe to be my twin flame one true love. We immediately bonded deeply and completely, and he felt the same way about me. The problem? He is married with many children. I never expected to take him from his wife and children. What I also did not expect is that he would choose to cut me out of his life suddenly and completely, and now he refuses to respond to me or communicate with me on any level. This is extremely painful for me, as we communicated almost as one being. I have never married, I believe, because I always felt him in my heart and have been waiting for him. Now he says that we will not be together again in this lifetime. How can he know who we are and still make this decision? I understand that he wants to be there for the raising of his children, but if I am the love of his life, as he says, why would he not come to me in the long run? Can this be true? I am devastated and live in profound grief. Contemplating the rest of my life without him has become painful.

Psychic Liam ext. 9290 responds:

Jennifer, true love is an integral aspect of nature and evolution in our universe. But often, in an effort to describe such an indescribable thing, we tend to sanitize, weaken, and limit what is of the realm of pure chaos and blind force. Talk of twin flames and divine sanction is nonsense and serves only to distract you from the hard truth of your real intent, which is to consume and be consumed by the partner it is your nature to possess at the moment, or for many moments. This does not detract from the potent magic of love. The full reality and majesty of true love, in its natural form, is more powerful and far more devastating than any watered-down version the spiritual masters might spoon feed you. In any case, if we’re going to make any progress here, we need to overhaul your perceptive processes. Don’t feel bad about what I’m telling you. It’s not that your thinking is wrong. But what we care about is what is “effective.” Your current attitude is getting you nowhere fast.

I sense that you feel a great deal of inner guilt over your deep and unrelenting attraction to this man. He comes to you with a set of circumstances beyond the accepted ideal, and this conflicts with your sense of morality. You have an unconscious sense of deserving punishment for how you feel, and you are dooming yourself. You feel you need to justify your love for this man, this passion, this desire, by ascribing your feelings to something mandated by Heaven and Angels on high. Rubbish. Your first step is to make a choice between your moral ideals and this man, because you will not have them both. Real love requires blood. You cannot go into this kind of battle in a deluded state. You are going to have to accept your own true nature as a woman and a lover. Dispense with the guilt, and you will prevail.

I can see that this man does love you. His desire, his need to be close to you, is paralyzing for him. But he lives with an ogre of a mate just now, and I’m afraid that one isn’t about to let go of what she sees as her “property” without one helluva of a fight. Money is one of her issues. Social esteem is another. She feels she would be personally disgraced if her husband were to leave her, despite the fact that she doesn’t really want him herself. She is desperate, and therefore, dangerous. And she’s playing to win. So if you throw down with her, be prepared to go all the way, because she means to keep this man. Not because she loves him, but because she owns him. The children are pawns in her master plan, as children ought never be, and believe me, she knows how to play them to her best advantage. She has created a warped kind of cult of Mother in her home: an archetype that resonates in the deepest levels of in all of us. Her bastardized version preys on his insecurities as a male and as a father, on his sexual issues and fear of female rejection. She’s a crafty girl, she is.

And so you are going to have to be ready. He is taking a break from you because she has
convinced him that any thoughts of sexual diversity on his part will ultimately harm his children. It’s an age-old trick, one so embedded in so many cultural and theological concepts that it’s almost foolproof to employ: Follow your pleasure, and the kiddies will suffer. For a man who loves his children, this conflict is a hard one, and its illusion has broken many otherwise robust and healthy people. But you see, when someone has it really bad for someone else, nature always has Her way in the end. People can convince themselves of all sorts of things when they really want something. I have no doubt he’ll come back to you in time. The really good news is, he ran like he did because of the heat you invoke in him. It’s a threat to his entire world, and that’s a very good thing. Anything less won’t work here.

While you’re waiting for him to regain his courage, I advise you to go silent as a church mouse. No emails. No phone calls. No lunch dates. Nothing. Right now, you’re too compliant. He thinks he can come and go and take his time. To entice, one must not be predictable. When he does comes back, take him by the hand and lead him straight to bed. Ease his pain with your love and let him know, very firmly, that you are never going to ask him to leave his situation. In fact, you prefer things as they are because you’re free to pursue your life without too much encumbrance. Be honest in your love for him. Never turn him away sexually, for this is his place of healing. Take a very serious and interest in his children. And invoke the energy of the Mother archetype yourself. The nurturing Mother…not the one who demands obedience and sacrifice. Let your hair grow long. You might think of adding a few pounds or at least choose clothing that accentuates the natural endowments of hips and breasts. Wear light makeup and deep musky scents. Cook for him. Bake for him. Sing to him. Read to him. Study the art of sensual massage. Your aim is to usurp the false angry Mother temple she has erected with a true loving Mother temple of your own. Fuss over him. Get angry when he doesn’t wear a heavy enough coat. Use female dominant positions in bed. Smile and coddle him a lot.

I feel this poor fellow isn’t really a bad sort. Just a bit spineless. And not terribly bright. But he has a good heart. He’ll always be a good father, and you may very well make him an even better one. A happy and content person is a far better parent than a miserable and defeated person can ever be. But you do understand, I hope, that this is a package deal. He comes with kids attached. Many kids, as you say. So if you go into it for real, remember, you’re signing on to be part of their lives as well, and that is no small thing. If you decide you can hack it, then go get that fellow. He’ll be much happier and healthier, and in the long run, so will everyone else, including his wife. She’s miserable too; she just doesn’t want to admit it. Better that she goes forth and finds a man more to her tastes who really wants her. I sense she would be better suited for someone with an intellect and complexity to match her own, and I think she’ll find him in a few years.

Take care,

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4 thoughts on “My Twin Flame Is Married

  1. MB

    Similar situation here. I met a man (doctor). It all happened synchronistically and unexpectedly. He’s a tad bit older than myself (I’m a young woman), and he’s married with 3 kids.

    The moment I sat with him in his office for the first time, there was this relaxed atmosphere. I could be myself without a fear of judgement or a need to adjust my behaviour somehow and I felt this strong compatibility (energy-wise), and this deep sense of recognition and unconditional acceptance and a deep soulful love.

    None of this was planned or expected or whatever. I’m not exactly a fan of doctors or anything remotely related to them (no offense to anyone). It’s not exactly an aspect of life I’ve ever felt comfortable with (heck I’ve always been very self-reliant when it came to my health), but due to serious life-changing circumstances I’ve had to change my ways and seek out doctors for assistance, and so I ended up meeting this person.

    I believe the healthiest and best way to deal with a situation like this is:

    – to enjoy each other’s energy without any expectation of/attachment to the outcome
    – to be a source of inspiration, motivation, comfort, safety, support and growth to the other person (like a muse)
    – to not be (overly) demanding, critical, judgemental, envious/jealous/possessive, selfish, self-centered when interacting with the other (emotional maturity & a solid connection to self, being in tune with life and a higher power are essential)
    – to not take the other person for granted, but not worship or idealize them either (it’s important see the other clearly as they are and be accepting of it)
    – to focus our attention and energy into self-actualization and becoming the best version of ourself (there’s nothing as sexy and attractive as a thoroughly grounded, balanced & happy person who lives a fulfilling life with a clear purpose)
    – to not put all of our proverbial eggs in one basket (meaning, it’s important to mingle with other people and potential partners, so the other person knows we are not to be taken for granted)
    – be a chooser, not a chaser (i.e. date other people, have a life, be the “prize”)

    In short: have a life and become that person you were meant to be and realize your highest potential.

    I get this sense that Twin Flames share a common goal/purpose. If we can devote ourselves to that purpose (without the other, and still feel OK, our chance at succeeding in forming a healthy, safe, rich and durable bond with that special other being is higher).

    It is however important to acknowledge (and accept) that there are never any guarantees, and to be okay with that.

    One important Life Lesson I’ve learned is to maintain a sense of okay-ness (in regard to Life), despite our personal circumstances.

    Trust that all will be well in the end.

    Whenever we release any attachment to a desired outcome, that’s when life is most inclined to reward us with that “thing” we want (i.e. a partner, a job, money, etc., … ).

    Have faith people, you’ve got this, come on! Enjoy the ride! ♥


    I’m in the quite same situation as Jennifer…he’s married to a crafty woman also and has three kids which I love after dating and talking me telling him I don’t expect him to leave his family behind ever thing was good. I left went back to my home town and found out I was pregnant from him which we both guessed while we were together; finally home my Doc confirmed 8 weeks pregnant!For a while everthing was great suddenly after me telling him I know ur overwhelmed with the whole situation u have to take me I’m order to make things work but ge suddenly broke down and admitted he doesn’t know how to do it…I was thankful cos I could feel his my twin flame I knew it the very first minute
    … but he was not honest trying to play the tje hard guy. anyways after that he diceded to stop replying my messages even I knew that he’s going to run I didn’t want to realize it but he finally did he contacted me today after a while
    Howshould I react ?What’s the purpose andshould I allow it to flow?
    All happened naturally I can’t control it. ..
    Thank u for reading and understanding in love

  3. Scorpiolady

    Jennifer … I can sense your pain. By now , I hope and pray that you are reunited with your love.
    Am in the same situation myself – he is married and has children. Even the thought of a life without him is killing , I’d rather die.

    Dear Liam – Thank you , from the bottom of my heart. I know this reading is for another person. However , it has provided comfort and hope to my heart many, many times. Thank you again.

  4. domesticgoddess

    A note to comment. That is a very nice response, comforting.
    Jennifer, my heart is in my throat and aching much of the time for similar situation and I understand how it is to love only one that deeply, best wishes.


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