Are You Misinterpreting Him?

 Misinterpreting vs. Decoding the Male Mind

The communication crash between men and women starts somewhere around “hello” and gets particularly interesting once men start to get comfortable and settle into their relationships. While it’s really easy to blame the man in your life when communication breaks down, a better choice would be to take some responsibility for the communication fails too. After all, communication happens between two people, doesn’t it?

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A lot of communication missteps come from misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Could you be misinterpreting your guy’s words and actions? Let’s find out! Here are 11 common misinterpretations about men. Are you misinterpreting him?

1. He Doesn’t Value Me Because He’s Forgetful

Research suggests that most men process information differently from women. This could be why he remembers every line from the Godfather trilogy, yet has a hard time remembering your shoe size. But just because he doesn’t remember your shoe size or your favorite color or the name of your first best friend, it doesn’t mean you aren’t important to him.

2. He’s Silent Because He Doesn’t Care

Many women interpret a man’s silence  as a lack of care of interest. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Some men are silent because they are thinking or recharging. They’ve gone to a quiet place because they want to forget about their problem (at least for a while). Think about it this way—if he’s not talking, he’s probably listening.

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3. He’s too Hot to Date Me

Women often think attractive men, men “out of their league,” aren’t interested in them. The opposite seems to be true. Attractive men often underestimate themselves and think most women aren’t attracted to them. It’s the men who have average looks who think more women are attracted to them then they actually are.

4. He Understands My Subtle Hints

Men often take what women say and add their own spin to it. So if a woman says she just wants to be friends, a man will add “with benefits” at the end of her statement. When a woman smiles at a man, he thinks she’s thinking what he’s thinking: sex. In other words, guys don’t always take hints, so it’s just better to be straightforward.

5. He Pays for Dates Because He Wants Sex

Whether he springs for McDonald’s or steak, he’s expecting to get lucky at the end of the night, right? Wrong. Don’t assume a meal equals sex for all men. Some men like to take women out and pay for their meals because they’re chivalrous and want to show their appreciation for their company—nothing more.

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6. He Hears What He Wants to

Women think men have selective hearing—they hear what they want to and whatever is convenient for them. Men do have selective hearing, but not because they don’t respect women or their opinions. Men prefer to make their own decisions, so when a woman is telling them what to do, they can choose not to do it. This is why suggesting something is always better than demanding or instructing. Any idea seems better if it’s your own idea, right?

7. He’s Ignoring Me

Women often take issue with a man’s body language. If he isn’t facing them and looking into their eyes, he must not be actively engaged, right? Well that’s not necessarily true. Taking a face-to-face stance is confrontational, but sitting side-by-side is a better position for romantic relationships.

8. He Won’t Do it Unless I Nag Him

He heard you the first time, but just because he heard you doesn’t mean he’s going to jump into doing whatever you want right away. He’ll get around to doing it eventually.

9. He Likes Women Who are in Demand

Men like woman who like to play hard-to-get, right? They’re only interested in women who are popular, in demand and busy. If she avoids their calls, doesn’t text back and if she flirts with other men in public, she’s really appealing, right? The truth is that most men prefer a woman who isn’t trying to avoid them. They are attracted to women who spend time with them and who don’t try to catch the eye of other men when they are together.

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10. He Doesn’t Like Successful Women

Men are very turned on by interesting women with careers, busy lifestyles and independence. A confident man won’t be intimidated by a successful woman, because he’s probably successful too. A woman can be aggressive at work, but vulnerable when it comes to love. Just because she runs an office, it doesn’t mean she can’t make the man in her life feel useful.

11. He Says He Loves You Just to Get Sex

Men have a bad habit of falling for things that sexually attract them. Studies have shown that men fall in love much quicker than women, but it is not real love. It’s only the oxytocin firing in his brain like the Fourth of July. Don’t misinterpret a guy’s early infatuation as being a sign he’s your soulmate, as guys can sometimes even fool themselves into thinking sexual energy is love. Yes, there are jerks who play women for sex, but don’t assume every guy is like that.

19 thoughts on “Are You Misinterpreting Him?

  1. Sue Ellen

    Too much thinking! I know because I have done it. Try loving unconditionally without an agenda or expectations in this precious moment and see how all your relationships will improve.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Jeannie,
    I fear you are being scammed by this guy, please investigate him further, BEFORE you send him any money !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    Jeannie Smith March 11, 2014 at 8:45 pm
    I’m involved in someone I met on the internet – soldier – we have been e-mailing for quite a while. I am married which I told him – and my age is older which I have also passed on to him. Because of arthritis I’m on the pills that I can’t drive. Unfortunately he has asked me for money and I do not have this amount available. Can’t get anywhere-it’s really is demotioning me. He says there is danger as the troops are being taken of Kabul. What now?

  3. Janet W

    Message to Jeannie Smith:
    Do NOT send this guy money. It is a scam – sorry to tell you this. Same thing happened to me but I figured it out soon. Made me sad though. Now I am dating a man who is real, warm, and just lives down the street from me.

  4. sheena

    On #11, my husband had a fling older than him for 12 years and the girl was married also. They had that sex once but now its been complicated since he got home because he feels in love to the girl even if it is just for once and for only 2 months that they’ve got communication but after what happened to them no communication at all. He don’t know what to do to erase that feelings. But also said, he needed me and our sons for his entire life until he die. But i am confused. Suddenly, from happy family became sad and many problems. Please help me and email me.

  5. Jeannie Smith

    I’m involved in someone I met on the internet – soldier – we have been e-mailing for quite a while. I am married which I told him – and my age is older which I have also passed on to him. Because of arthritis I’m on the pills that I can’t drive. Unfortunately he has asked me for money and I do not have this amount available. Can’t get anywhere-it’s really is demotioning me. He says there is danger as the troops are being taken of Kabul. What now?



  7. carrief.

    this is such a lesson for me to read.some men out there just dont give the proper woman a chance .some men cant even just be friends even when a connection is there.ite alot of men dont text back.a soul mate is unconditional love someone who listens to you someone who doesnt cheat on you cares for you and only think with there you no whats…. really its better to follow your heart and just be a man .if you generally care for someone then it should be all good.


    Such an Awesome article!
    Great job!
    Don’t you think a fair bit of empathy needs to come into play also?

  9. Elizabeth

    Wow! This is great information! I especially liked #11: He Says He Loves You Just to Get Sex. I have experienced the “oxytocin” chemical release and it does fool you into thinking that you are in love. Once the chemical wears off then make an intelligent decision as to whether you are in love or not. Ask yourself questions like,”How do you feel after spending time with this person?” or “When you were hurt or sick, how did this person treat you?”

  10. Alana Piro

    I’ve been in a relationship that is a battle tryiing to figure out that whatever I say, he twists it around and says” see why we don’t get along you are always looking for a fight, or putting me down, which is 100% from truth. In researching I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a Narcissist. FB is a platform for him instead of connecting with people. It’s always about him. He remembers things that happened in childhood whereas, people don’t remember who he is. His supposedly love of life was a person who he liked when he was 12 and never really liked him. Is this a Narcissist?

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Loved this article, Eric….I read for many men who would agree with you on most, if not all, of the points in this article.

  12. Anne

    So what DO YOU DO when a guy tells you he loves you within a quick period of time? How do we know if what hes feeling is real so that we dont get used? Im still trying (a whole year later) to process an emotional relationship that ended abruptly. We were both married at the time. Im now divorced. Ive been told he is getting a divorce. I dont know if this guy will be back or not, but it was devastating to me when it ended. I never want to be crushed like that again and I dont know if I should trust him if he re-enters my life. Oxytoxin? or was it real?

  13. PJ

    Your #5 made me cackle. lol I have been dating a man for over 2 years now. He will tell you flat out that he has dated so many women over the last 12 years he can’t remember
    their faces much less their names. He beds as many as he can bed. And the worst part of it
    is he is fat, lazy and basically he is next to nothing in the “lover” category.
    Yet he keeps getting all these women to go out with him, and take him to bed on either the
    first or second dates. lol
    I can’t believe how manipulative he is and how DUMB all these women are.
    It seems any woman over the age of 60 is VERY desperate to have the attention of a male.
    I am appalled at how easy it is for him to get “lucky”. I date him because he pays for dinner and a movie and I find the conversation to be very interesting. He is smart, I’ll give him that, but as a lover???> Not a great catch. I have stopped that part of our relationship. lol He really wasn’t worth the time. SMARTEN UP LADIES!!! PLEASE!!!!

  14. Lisa Bonita Brown

    not 19 years but 10 yrs i meant, for my relationship that i am currently in, sorry for that mistake.

  15. Lisa Bonita Brown

    i really am not sure what he wants he says he loves me he is 19 yrs older but he is set in his ways i decided not to call to see if he would, and he called 1 time i didn’t answer just to see if he would call back he didn’t, i have another man from my child hood that really wants to take me out he said he has been interested in me for a long time i don’t know what i should do we are suppose to go out and talk this weekend, so i don’t know should i or not because the man that i really love i don’t know if the feelings are mutual and he just wants to be good friends or not, but i just can’t sit around and wait on him i’m getting older never been married and i’m looking for a committed relationship with some one who can communicate with and not be so stubburn to what he wants and needs, instead of not considering my feelings and what i need in my life at this point and time, am i wasting my time with this man, should i go on dates to find the right man or is he the one for me. don’t have time to be wasted at this stage in my life. been through alot concerning my health as welll, haven’t been in to many relationships, but the ones i have been in have been for what? i did get 3 wonderful kids from 1 relationship with a man that’s 18 yrs older then me . all twisted it seems, don’t know what is what when it comes to my relationship. and love.

  16. ann

    explain to me then how he thinks we are together as partners and we do not sleep together have sex together or for that matter anything together
    we go out on outings but nothing else is popping up
    I know I feel different then he does I feel as we are friends and not partners or lovers


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