Why Men Like Ambitious Women

Ambitious Women are Sexy!

There is a lot of old research that tells women most men want a prom queen with big hair, a great smile and child-bearing hips. It has also been said that the word “ambitious,” is like a four letter word to women and when someone calls them ambitious, it’s meant to be an insult. And according to the book “Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women,” over half of all women still believe that their professional success in life could also mean the eventual failure of their relationships.

Then there is the idea that women (and men) only have room in their life to accomplish one goal—be great at their jobs or build a strong family. This notion is supported by surveys that suggest women become less interesting the more time they spend in the trenches of their career. And why is all this so? It’s because a successful, unmarried woman used to be considered abnormal. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore!

A lot of men and women are finding a gray area between careers and relationships that allows them to be successful at both. They are they learning that they don’t have to sacrifice one in order to have the other. That’s great news for those women out there who “want it all.”

Men are attracted to ambitious women! Here are five reasons why:

Ambition Attracts Ambition

Men who are ambitious want ambitious partners. They want a woman who is smart, successful, healthy and who is not afraid to live the life she has planned for herself. Men who don’t like ambitious women tend to be unambitious. Being with an ambitious partner when you are not ambitious can be intimidating. The ambitious partner is a constant reminder that your lack initiative.

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Ambitious Women Cheat Less

It has been said that smart, ambitious men are less likely to cheat on their partners. I don’t think I’m climbing too far out on a limb when I say that ambitious women provide the same kind of relationship security. Most women who cheat feel lonely, bored and like they are entitled to a kind of happiness that their partner cannot provide. Ambitious women don’t need to search elsewhere to find happiness and excitement. They find it all within themselves. I am not saying that ambitious women don’t need others. Rather, they are self-reliant in such a way that they don’t make decisions just to avoid loneliness.

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Ambitious Women Make a Man Want to be Better

We are drawn to people who resemble us, or resemble who we want to be. Most all of us grow from positive influence, and there are a lot of good qualities to be found in an ambitious woman. For the men who can resist the initial intimidation of these successful women, they will relish in the energy that flows from them. And they can feed off that energy and use it to make themselves better.

Ambitious Vulnerability is Sexy

An ambitious woman should recognize the moments in life that require structure and control, as well as the moments that require vulnerability. She needs to know when to let her guard down so that her partner can feel like they are a necessary part of the relationships. Ambitious men should do the same. Being vulnerable is an important part of building intimacy.

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Ambitious Women Make a Man Feel Important

Ambitious women have risen to where they are because they understand how to bring out the best in people. Nobody likes being talked down to, and if you want a happy man, you have to provide him with an important title in the relationship. When men are given other primary roles, such as financial manager, primary caretaker, or even the head of Wednesday Date Night it makes them feel important.

Ambitious women can be intimating. However, if they use that ambition as a vehicle for incentive and positive influence, they can build a successful relationship.

4 thoughts on “Why Men Like Ambitious Women

  1. Seren ext. 5445Seren Ext 5445

    Another great article, Eric!

    Ambitious people, whether women or men, also generally have a healthy dose of confidence based on self-respect and are quite likely to extend that respect to others, as well. They also tend to demonstrate that respect by not accepting less than what they know they really need and want in a relationship.

    It all comes down to respect for oneself and each other, which is what a healthy, balanced, loving partnership is based upon.

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  2. Christine

    Thank you loved this article and can attest to this practice and theory; have been here and know this does work if, you want it to. I’d like to know how you feel about the older woman and the younger man…I’m older by 10+ yrs than the man I am, currently involved with. On a footnote, we’re both older people (60’s-70’s) but in good health/shape; both very strong in our careers and responsibilities, as well as our physical personalities…even to the point of being intense people with each other, but it’s so much fun. 🙂 Your response appreciated.

  3. Nancy Ann Lewis

    The life I am leading today is fraught with indecision both personally and professionally. I
    Have been with a loving partner for 34 yrs and has since passed .
    How wonderful to live with more insight with the. Future.

  4. Suzanne

    Wow. You make ambitious women sound like a man with a skirt. Except for the need to prove her sexual prowess. I guess there are a lot of successful men that aren’t that smart due to the divorce rate amongst the wealthy/successful.
    This article is insulting to the UNAMBITIOUS. I AM VERY AMBITIOUS BUT NOT FOR MONETARY GAINS OR STATUS. THIS is like saying the rest of us who don’t believe in this theory of Acquisition/Commercialism are not worth the chase/catch. If like attracts like, then I am blessed. Perhaps you could write on the virtues of the layed back, how comforting and at ease we can be to have around. Opposites do attact. Apparently, Moses was ambitious and his wife tagged along.


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