Manifest Your Perfect Love

When you’re involuntarily single or miserably partnered, a good relationship can seem as unattainable as a stroll on the moon. It’s true that no one can control the exact when’s and how’s of a new relationship. Still, positive change is possible, in love as in every part of life. Here’s what you can do to make your dreams come true: clear the path to your heart, ask for what you want, and get out of the way when the universe delivers.

Clear your path
Taking charge of your own life is the best way to make sure the person you want comes along. Do exactly what you want to do: study jazz, glaze ceramics, return to school, or read a good book. Enjoy your friends. Love your work. You and your soulmate will find each other one way or another, when the time is right, and it’ll be a better experience for both if you are in the midst of a happy, fulfilling life. Pining emotionally for something you don’t have (yet!) is a recipe for emotional disaster.

Real life
Dating people you don’t really like just to fill up the time won’t bring you any closer to your soulmate. Ten years ago, Callie met a London work colleague through an industry party. As they shared a ride later that night he said, “You’re such a wonderful woman, Callie. Why don’t you have a partner?”

She told him, “I just know I’ll meet my soulmate someday but I live in Los Angeles so I don’t date! It’s a waste of time.” Instead, Callie spent her time living her life to the fullest – traveling, doing yoga, writing, decorating her Hollywood home and writing for a living. Four months later, she and this man were thrown together at a work convention in New York and through a series of coincidences and very unlikely events, they ended knowing they were meant to be together. When she got back to the west coast, she found a Los Angeles Times daily horoscope stapled to the airline receipt for her New York trip. It read: “You will meet your soulmate at a work convention.” (If you saw this in a movie you would think it was cheesy, right?) Well, Callie married the guy three years later and they have happily lived in the home she created (instead of dating!) for more than a decade.

Decide what you want
Although a soulmate may show up any time, focusing on what you want can help bring the right person into your life. Erika had recently ended a painful three-year relationship and was wondering how she’d ever find a girlfriend with all the qualities she wanted. One afternoon, Erika made what she called her “Lady Wish List.” She included everything she wanted in a partner – self-awareness, kindness, passion, intelligence.

Not realizing she was doing some powerful manifesting, Erika even included qualities she considered shallow, such as long eyelashes and great style. She doubted she’d ever come across the enchanting woman described on her wish list, so Erika tucked it away in her journal and forgot about it.

Are you ready to receive?
Two months later, Erika casually invited a friend’s roommate, Mia, to a dinner party at her house. Erika already believed she and Mia had no chemistry, but their energy shifted dramatically that night. Much to Erika’s surprise, Mia was the last to leave the party. They began dating and fell in love within weeks. Two months into the relationship, Erika found her forgotten “Lady Wish List.” As she read it again, she was amazed. Her new partner had every quality on the list, from the kindness that radiated from her heart down to the eyelashes and outfits.

Directly or indirectly, the universe responds to the energy we send out. Before you decide the nice person next to you isn’t romantic material, listen to your heart. They could turn out to be exactly what you asked for.

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