Make May the Month to Focus on the Best Sex of Your Life

Have the Best Sex of Your Life!

In the United States, we thinking of May Day (May 1) as a lovely mid-Spring day that occasionally features kids dancing around a great big pole in the local park and having a cookout after the dancing and singing are done. In most of the rest of the world, May Day is treated like Labor Day in the U.S.—folks get the day off and everyone has a bit of a vacation.

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Why are this day and month so important? A few centuries ago, people would mark the midpoint between the Vernal Equinox (the official moment that Spring begins) and the Summer Solstice (the first day of Summer) as a time for planting and preparing for a healthy and happy harvest. To symbolize the rites of fertility for the Earth and the Sun, a great phallic symbol would be elaborately adorned and placed with great care and ceremony into the awaiting ground. It was the joining of the power of the male force with the life-giving force of the female earth. Such was the beginning of May Day.

In honor of this holiday that celebrates the joining of male and female powers,  I’d like to share some tips for the best sex of your life!

Try Something Different

With so much sensual and sexual energy floating around at this time, why not take advantage of the moment and make May the month you improve your sex life? Why not learn something new or try something different? We are never too old to learn new things and we are certainly never too old for a great sex life!

Explore Your Desires

The exploration of your own sexual desires can be as fun as it can be varied. Many websites offer an amazing array of ideas and products that you can consider from the privacy of your own home. Talk with your partner about changing the way you approach one another. Consider fantasies, toys, scenarios—a whole world of new ideas await you!

Tips for Singles

For those of you who may find yourself single at the moment, now is the time to find out what really makes you happy in the boudoir. Have you ever considered what part of your body is the most erogenous? Have you found all the ways you enjoy pleasing yourself? You might be surprised at what still awaits the adventurous! If you know your body and the ways to your personal pleasure you can share that with your next lover!

What Great Lovers Know

The very best lovers are known for three things: they know what their own body can handle, they know what makes them passionate about receiving, and they pay attention to the sound and movements of their partner and set the “rhythm” of the encounter accordingly. Have you ever been with someone like that? If not, I can help you find them!

Bring the Excitement Back

Whether you live in the U.S. (where May Day is often overlooked) or have been in another country where it is proclaimed a day of celebration, let this May bring some real excitement back into your life. After the challenges of April, it can be just what the doctor ordered.

If you need some insight into what your partner really wants and enjoys, give me a call and we will psychically explore the secret worlds that await your courageous hearts!

15 thoughts on “Make May the Month to Focus on the Best Sex of Your Life

  1. LaDonna

    Manuel, her girl friend is in her ear and if she has been along time girl friend your girl is going to listen. The sad part is you in the middle. It
    Could be jealousy that she even had you as a boy friend, but you can’t say she was a door mate, she still is for her so called best friend and she dosen’t even realize it. Tell her some of the things you have seen ( open her eyes) it might help you and her in the long run.

  2. Jesse 9027

    Psychic Lucy,
    Thank you so much for your awesome response! You are an amazing psychic and I know sometimes it is really hard for people to get in to read with you, but you are really worth the effort! Words of praise from you mean so very much!

    May the Universe richly bless you!

  3. Jesse 9027

    I have been in the exact place you are right now. It is a very challenging thing. The first thing to do is to rule out any kind of hormonal imbalance that might be causing some of this in your partner. The second part is to take the bull by the horns (as it were 😉 and get aggressive and see if your partner is waiting for something a little different.

    Hopefully, your answer will be discovered in one of those suggestions. Goodluck and I hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Jesse 9027

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

    Manuel, Monica has some serious issues about her self esteem. She is comfortable in being in destructive/toxic relationships. Some part of her thinks she deserves to be a doormat.

    You get what you settle for Manuel. I can see how much you love her and I can see that she si a great woman, but she doesn’t know how to have a balanced and healthy relationship. If you want to explore this further, give me a call and we will see what the Universe can offer.

  5. jula

    What do you do when one partner is full of passion and fire and the other partner has virtually
    no sex drive at all? Is it time to look for another person who is more aligned, compatible in
    the sex department, or do you just ‘settle’ for smooching and cuddling and give up your own
    sexuality. Life sure throws us some complicated challenges.

  6. Xoxo

    Being a female dancer, I am very passionate be in every way……but where is my match, angel please send me one 😀

  7. Xoxo

    Being a female dancer, I am very passionate be in every way……but where is my match, angel please send me one <3

  8. Psychic Lucy

    Great article and great to see you writing here again. You are and have always been an inspiration to me/ to others. Anyone that hasn’t had the privilege of getting a reading from you simply must call you. Your infectious laughter and joy make you stand tall in greatness, and the insight you give us teaches us lessons.

  9. Lisa M. Smith

    Interesting to learn more about May Day. I have fond memories of dancing around that phallic symbol as a child. Very well-written article!
    Thank You!

  10. Manuel

    hi my name is manuel recently i moved out where i was living with my girlfriend and her best friend thats where the problem started her souposely best friend 7 years and me 9 months being with her i fell in love with her and i do still do love alot but things started to drop down quickly from march 30 in two weeks she stop telling she doesnt love me why well not to thing negative there 3 things that could have happen to cause this to happen1. i went to a card tarot reader and she told me my girlfriend is a nice person but there are going try to break us up which it did, 2.because of her friend she lied saying something i didnt do and my girl friend belives her.3. my girl friend is atractive and friendly but before i met her she told me she use to be a door matt to guys she met and where she works at they know where she works at im perty sure they come a visit her to gets some more but to ive been there and seen with my own eyes that customers want to be with her i say sex sorry for saying that, now her name is monica, mejia, gonzalez born december 19, 1974 mine is july 18, 1964 my name is manuel contreras, jr i want to move on but what holding me back is i still belive we can make it happen again on being together i feel in side my heart that she still loves me but there are to many inter ferance especially where she lives at you see i feel my girlfriend has a week mind and listen to her friend and obeys her with in 7 months i lived with i notice she pays attentions to her alot and do what she says now my question is the 3 earlier i said i want to know which is the one is that mess up our break up she seeing someone else or because her friend being nosey and jealous of us, or there are doing work on us like witchcraft to break us up can you tell me im heart broken if there is no soloutoin well its tim to move on because life is short to be going throuh this i want to be happy with her but when ther jealousy and envy thats mess up, thank you for reading my problems.


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