Love Unexpected

Fear and negatives assumptions can keep us up nights and make us anxious during our days, when we intuitively feel that something is about to happen — but we can’t figure out exactly what it is. In these generally anxious times many callers fear the worst when they sense that their lives are about to change. When these worried callers get a reading and are told that good things are on the way, they may be too frightened to actually believe the positive news.

Lucinda had been calling Summer ext. 9898 for some time, asking questions about her career and her love life. She was seeing a man who was separated from his wife — but kept going back. Meanwhile, because of the many layoffs at her company, she feared she might be next.

“Summer, you were right, as usual,” Lucinda announced at the beginning of one of her regular readings. “That guy was negative energy …  plus, I found out a lot more about him after I dumped him. I’m surprised  I feel so good about this. So, now I’m staying up nights thinking the worst about my job, instead. I’m sure I’m going to be laid off or fired. Any insight?”“I know you feel like something is going to happen,” the psychic knew empathically, “and it is, but what’s about to happen is good. Your fears about work aren’t justified. The Star card comes up for you, when I lay out the Tarot, because that’s what your employers think of you at work. You’re much more than the average worker to them. I see prosperity, and I see new hope for you.”

“Are you sure? The owner of the company acts like he hates me!”

“This is the man with a few extra pounds on him . . . ?” Summer began. Lucinda confirmed her identification.

“He values you. His personality is just a bit quirky. It has nothing to do with you, personally.”

“Well, okay, but I still feel uneasy. Talk to you soon.”

As Lucinda began her next call to the psychic, she excitedly said, “Oh, Summer, you were so right! Not only do I still have my job, but I’ve been promoted. I had no idea that my supervisor was thinking of retiring …  the company has asked me to fill her spot.”

“Hmm… interesting. Are you two friendly?” Summer wondered.

“Yes,” Lucinda added. “We often grab lunch or drinks together after work. She’s moving to her country house full-time, and she’s very excited.”

“There’s a connection between your supervisor and a man you’re going to meet. He has dark hair, and dark eyes. He wears polo shirts – – he has them in many colors – and he loves good food and wine. I have a feeling he will want to wine and dine you,” Summer told her caller. “He’s very, very nice. He’s generous. I feel he’s a Libra.”

“Really! That would be a dream, but Summer, I don’t know… I don’t meet men like that.”

“I always enjoy being able to guide people to love,” Summer stated, as she looked even further into the cards. “This is the guy you’ve been yearning for.” They concluded the reading.

“Oh Summer…” Lucinda gushed, as she began their next call. “I recognized Lucien as soon as my former supervisor introduced him to me. She threw a big party at her house in the country… Lucien was even wearing a polo shirt. And you won’t believe it! He’s in the wine business.” She went on to tell the psychic that all was going as well at work as it was in love. “Lucien and I are like butter together – everything’s smooth. So, do you think… will we be together in the future?” her tone changed as she asked the question, sounding as if she expected to hear bad news.

“You may not want to believe me,” Summer laughed, “but I see this as a true love story… Just let the relationship take its course naturally,” she advised. “After all, a watched pot never boils.”

Over the following months Lucinda would check in with Summer about specific job issues. At times she mentioned that she and Lucien often spoke openly about their future. Then she would laugh and say, “But I’m not planning a wedding – yet!”

This week Lucinda called Summer with the news that Lucien had asked her to redecorate his house. “He wants me to feel at home when I move in,” she announced enthusiastically.

“This is wonderful. It’s really wonderful,” Summer sighed as she looked at the cards.

“We really are getting married, aren’t we?” Lucinda asked somewhat hesitantly.

“Would you believe me if I said yes?” Summer responded mischievously. They both began to laugh.

4 thoughts on “Love Unexpected

  1. browneyesbrowneyes

    Hmm, still no response. I guess I draw my own conclusions. Why would I have thought I would have gotten response though? Story of my life. Im always the least interesting or the one nobody pays attention to or the one that is passed over for someone else. LOL. Oh well.

  2. browneyesbrowneyes

    So when you say our lives were designed before we were born, and you refer to Akashic records, it sounds like the same thing as destiny. Such as someone that is meant to be rich at some point in their life or meant to be with one certain person for life or just about anything. Am I correct in my assumption? And when Selene mentions that if we worry we change things, is that kind of like the free will that is always mentioned to us in our readings? And also, I never heard of Akashic records, can you tell me what they are?

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yes, I agree with Selene…..

    Her observation on Akashic records are very astute. ( That is what my Guides adhere to during a reading….the Akashic records)

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  4. Selene

    Our lives were created b4 we were born, our akashic records reveal these plans and designs.. when we worry, we glitch the system and we alter them by redesigning them to match our lower fear frequency, or if we turn the negative to positive we can prosper by recreating an akashic record design to match our higher positive frequency, or stay neutral and ride the record through…


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