Love Being Single

Being in love is a wonderful experience – but that doesn’t mean being single has to be a terrible thing. In fact, if you embrace your “singlehood” with the right attitude, you can turn it into one of the most exciting, empowering times of your life.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenging emotional times (like maybe holidays and Sunday’s), where you feel lonely – but remember, you can be terribly alone in the wrong relationship, too. So just try and remember these five things to love while you’re single:

Love your body
Don’t wait until the right person comes along to start taking care of your body. While you’re single you can devote more time and energy to taking care of your physical needs – from healthy eating and exercising to relaxing and resting. And being single doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your sexual needs either – learning to love yourself is a gift you’ll enjoy the rest of your life!

Love your mind
Like it or not, spending time with a partner means less time for you – and it’s often your mind that gets shortchanged. Use your independence as a time to stimulate your mind again. Read a book, take a class, write a poem. Do whatever it takes to get your mental juices flowing. It will help you love yourself – and your single life – a whole lot more. Plus, reading in a public place like a park or cafe or talking about what you’re reading at a party is very sexy and may attract someone special to you!

Love your spirit
When you’re in a relationship, you often feel connected to a higher power through your love for your partner. But when you’re single, life sometimes feels empty and lonely. Instead of dwelling in that, reach out to an experience that will make your spirit feel alive. Whether you find a religious fellowship, begin a mediation practice, or volunteer for a local charity, connecting your spirit to the universe is a key part to loving being single.

Love your friends and family
One of the most challenging aspects of a committed relationship is balancing couple time and hang out time with friends and family (especially at the holidays). Even the most well-adjusted couple can find that balance to be a challenging compromise. But when you’re single, all you have to balance is “me time” with everyone else time. So rather than longing for a partner, cherish the time you have with your favorite people – your friends, family and, of course – yourself!

Love your freedom
At the end of the day, the very best part of being single is being able to focus on you – and do what you want. That means organizing the bathroom any way you want, painting your closet hot pink, or rearranging the room every night if you want. Not feeling up to a night out? Then stay in and eat ice cream! Don’t want to clean the apartment? Then stay in bed reading or talking on the phone to old friends all day. Not interested in the latest action movie? Then hit a romantic drama and cry your eyes out. It’s totally up to you and you don’t need anyone else’s approval to do it.

The beauty of being single is not having to compromise. Plus it gives you time to explore your artistic side and figure out who you really are and what you really want and desire. Just remember to enjoy every moment and decision you make on your own.

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