Love and Guilt

When the universe has a special message for you, a reading can take on an extra dimension of excitement. Beyond just receiving the answers to your questions you may also get a surprising prediction, a deeper sense of understanding about your questions, or an unexpected visit from a loved one who has passed… in an effort to get you to hear the information you need to know.

Paisley ext. 9661 is an Empath who is an expert at identifying “twin-flame” energy, the vitality of that very special person who is the other half of your soul. She knew immediately that client Victoria (not her real name) was calling her for the first time. “I wasn’t familiar with her vibration as I wrote down her name and birthdate, so I tapped into the sound of her voice.”

“My boyfriend had just dumped me,” Victoria explained. “But I don’t really think he was dumping me. I actually think he’s my soulmate. We have the most fun together… Jessie’s been married, and I’ve been married, but this was different. We’d both said it… He just… ” Victoria had paused in her discussion with Paisley, to keep from getting upset.

“He just takes two steps forward and five back,” Paisley interjected, finishing her client’s thought. “I feel as if he ran for the hills. He does a disappearing act.”

“Yes,” Victoria answered, with a clear knowledge of what Paisley was getting at.

“He’s not trusting what a good thing you have right now. He ran, out of fear. Does this make sense? He’s thinking with his ego, not his heart. He’ll be back.”

“When?” Victoria quickly responded.

“I feel like it’s already done. If I feel it’s close or as if it’s done, it will happen within two weeks. Otherwise, I usually see a season, leaves, or flowers – a Christmas tree, for instance,” the psychic explained.

At that Paisley’s fingers began twitching as if she were texting, the psychic reported. Because Paisley doesn’t text-message herself and she does sometimes take on the characteristics of clients, she asked Victoria, “Do you text each other?”

“Well, we did.”

“It’s how Jessie’s going to get in touch with you. His message will be simple, but read between the lines. Let him know the door is open – if that’s what you want. Then let him do the work until he’s ready to jump back into the relationship with both feet. And, by the way, you’re twin flames… there are many soulmates, but you have one twin flame.”

“So it’s the real deal?”

“I think so. It could work out, but twin-flame relationships are hard, Lorraine.”

“What did you call me?”

Paisley looked down at her notes where she had written out Victoria’s first name and birth date. “I’m sorry… I mean Victoria.”

“Why did you call me Lorraine?”

“I just blurted it out. When I get out of my own way and become a channel, things come really fast…”

“It’s my mother’s name.”

“Oh, I just got ‘godbumps'”… Paisley related, knowing that she and Victoria had made an extremely good connection. She was now clear as to what was happening. “Your mother crossed recently, and you’re still grieving…”

“No, ” Victoria interrupted. “It was six months ago. I’m fine!” she insisted.

“You don’t feel any closure. It takes longer than that, no matter how you got along with her – and I sense it wasn’t good. Your mom’s here, and she’s giggling.”

Paisley felt the uncomfortable silence on the other end of the line.

“It’s all good… You and your mom both giggle a lot,” Paisley interjected, giving her caller little snippets of connection that she might identify with. “When you were little she used to call you milkshake because she could always bribe you with one.”

“Oh my god,” Victoria sighed, as she began to tear up. “I was awful to her at the end… she drove me crazy. She was mad at me when she died. It happened suddenly, and I couldn’t… Sometimes I think I smell her in the house… I smell lemons and garlic… It’s crazy.”

“She says she’s fine, she’s at peace, there is no anger. She’s with you, and she wants you to know you’re protected. When you sense she’s around, you can speak to her out loud or in your mind.”

“What does she think of Jessie?”

Paisley could still feel Lorraine’s persona, and she related the message. “She says to hang in there. Give him a chance.”

“Wow,” Victoria replied. Then she quietly added, “I got tired, tired of her being sick, and I know it wasn’t fair.” She ended her confession with, “I’ll call you when Jessie gets back to me.”

A week later Victoria made the second of what were to be many calls to Paisley. “I have to tell you, I’m kind of excited – because you were so right! Jessie texted me. I told him it was okay to call. I know things will be fine with us, now that I feel better about my mom. I don’t think I was fully aware of how guilty I felt, until she came through in my reading,” she freely explained to the intuitive.

“So now,” Victoria switched subjects, “Tell me more about me and Jessie – and this twin-flame stuff.”

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