Inspire Him to Commit

Your Angels can Inspire Him to Commit to You!

Ladies, one of the biggest questions I get from my female clients is how they can inspire the man in their life to commit to them. If your man is hesitant, I suggest consulting your angels. Here are just a few of their suggestions for getting him to commit to you. Want more? Remember, I can consult with your angels directly. They have so much more to tell you!

Focus On Joy

Nothing inspires a man more than a happy, confident, vibrant woman. Seeing you shine in your own right will help him realize that deepening his commitment to you will bring more happiness and positivity into his life. Get rid of things and people and habits that drag you down. If you live your life fully and abundantly before he commits, then he will see himself as part of your dynamically positive life. This will motivate him to be a permanent addition to your life path!

Ditch the Jealousy

Yes, a little jealousy is healthy. In fact it lets your guy know he’s wanted and cherished. But jealousy needs to be used extremely sparingly. If you are looking to foster deep and lasting commitment from him, then your lover needs to see confidence that you are the right woman for him, not comparing and competing with other ladies. There’s no faster way to make a man run for the hills than to demand constant reassurance that he isn’t looking at other women. A woman who shows her confidence in her connection with a man will catch his eye and make him want to catch and keep her.

Be an Asset

Most men are really very straight forward in the way that they consider commitment. Are you an asset, or a liability? Men typically see commitment as an alliance. They want a mate who makes life easier, not harder. This is where you have to take a good look at your own life. Do you have good, strong social relationships, or are you hounded by drama? Can you manage your budget? Do you take care of your health, or do you neglect yourself physically and emotionally? Making sure that you are bringing a good things to the table in a relationship, and leaving junk and baggage behind, will pull him closer to eternal dedication.

Stand Your Ground

You have standards for what you do and do not want in your life. You have needs, desires and spiritual and moral commitments. Do not compromise those for him. A man needs a woman that is authentic and trustworthy. How can he really trust you if you bend your own rules for him? If he doesn’t have what you’re looking for, let go of him. If his life isn’t together, if he isn’t an asset to you, tell him to come back when he’s ready. You can be loving in the way you do it. But have a backbone. He needs to know he can depend on you to be strong on your own so that you and he can make a strong team.

Love Passionately

This is the biggest and most important factor in getting him to give his whole heart and loyalty. Just like we want to know that he loves us like mad, he also wants to know the same thing. The secret to truly passionate love is to make the simple choice that we are going to step out in faith and love no matter what happens. Many men are secretly terrified that the woman they adore doesn’t really love them, but only loves the idea of committed relationships in general. They’re worried that women only offer love with the condition that this relationship is headed towards a bigger, long-term investment. To most guys that feels like he has to make a promise without knowing exactly what that promise will mean in the future. But by contrast, knowing that someone loves him with all their soul is almost irresistible. So focus on living in the moment and loving him in the now, and he will be in a hurry to sign up for a lifetime of unconditional love and commit to you!

19 thoughts on “Inspire Him to Commit

  1. Xenia

    Great article. I made two mistakes and the whole relationship did not work. I wish I could read this article six years ago. I lost him irreversibly. He is married another woman, but afte 2.5 years of no contact we began to see each other again. I do not know his wife and do not want to know. She simply does not exist for me, but they are in a commited and
    lovely relationship. I do not know why he still needs me. May be to have all this five things together. Many experts advices me go move on, but I just cannot. BTW I am married, but this relationship is just a commitment for me. I have a hope that if I apply more skills I can be with my thrue love. This hope is the only one thing which keeps me alive and positive.

  2. Sudeepa

    Hi Regina,

    I am very sorry to say, the picture you have drawn is far away from reality. In real life men do not marry women who are independent, successful and confident. Ironically, they choose the less confident, dependent one to marry. I have millions of examples all around me. Clever women, who seek to find a stable mate, underplay there success, confidence in order to find a husband. Men through out history and culture prefers Damsel in Distress. So, please do not misguide. Please provide practical tools for women seeking their life mate. And, please do share this post so that viewers can read and comment. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Kassandra

      I’m so sorry that you believe that independent and successful woman are not the ones that are sought out to be married. I am both independent and successful and I have never struggled with men committing to me or proposing to me. I am happily married .. I own my own company and I have NEVER been dependent on a man. Your expectations shape your reality.

  3. Robin

    He is the one who wants to get married. I keep telling him I’m not ready. He tells me at least 100 times a day how much he loves me. It makes me wonder who he is trying to convince…me or himself.

  4. Lisa Turner-Keohane-

    Wow it seemed like this was written just for me!!-Needed these words today–thanks for the article.

  5. Maria

    I love the way you put your advise together, relationships is all about commitment if their no commitment I don’t want to be a part of it, Trust must be an important part of our life if we are going to be true to each other. I will just like to say to all women let us stop the destruction and start the construction in our relationships. because as long as we live, we will make “mistakes” because there always will be lessons to learn god bless all our relationships. and also for words of wisdom from regina.

  6. Jo Jo

    I have been talking to a high school sweetheart. We talk a couple times a week. I lost my husband 2 years ago , he lost his wife last year. Is there hope??

  7. ROSE


  8. Theresa Hendrickson

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  9. Debbie

    I read the above & can say it all makes sense in that I have been dealing with the factors written in the above paragraphs. I want a relationship but am wondering if I will ever get one now.

  10. helen

    we argue and all then get angry dont talk awhile then right bqck to talking to each other and the way it was when we first met then the feathers get ruffled again an d back to square one I htink bith of us need growing upo or soemthing is needed I am an asset I have good heLTH ISURANCE NOW THE EWYA THIS COUNTRY IS THAT WILL BE A THING IN THE FURTURE NIOT A WOMAN WIHT MONEY A WOMAN WELL INSURED FOR =HEALTH sO LONG IS THERE A CHANCH TO EVEN HE AN D I GET TOGETHER AGAIN OR SHOULD WE JUST FORGFET IT WE DO THEN WE ARE BACK AGAIN WE STAY/ A PART A MONTH AND BACK FOR MORE MAY BE WE ARE G=FOOLS NO FOOLS LIKE OLD FOOLS mY SBAND AND i WERE LIKE THAST A BUIT THEN WE MARRIED AND WERE HAPPYshould I end it


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