How Do You Explain Infidelity to Kids?

Infidelity and cheating can be confusing to adults, to say the least, so how much more devastating can it be for children who feel the effects? What’s the best way to handle these issues with children in a way that won’t cause them more problems further down the line?

La Jolla Patch reports:

Cheating is not new for famous couples – it is just a bit more public. We know about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with a member of his staff, Tiger Woods’ sexually charged text messages to a multitude of women that were not his wife, and even a bit too much about Eddie Murphy’s encounter with a transsexual prostitute. But how do you explain these moments of infidelity to impressionable young ones?

What’s a parent to do?

Our local Moms (and Dad) Council weighs in.

How do you expalin infidelity to your kids?

Stacey Ross: Speaking as a former school counselor, I think that there are age-appropriate discussions for almost any topic. But often in the case of this topic, kids dealing with their own parents’ infidelity do not need to be involved as much as some parents think. Often they are prematurely forced to deal with issues that they should NOT be subjected to, and they do not have the coping skills and maturity to warrant being privy to such details. Ideally, if adults were approached by kids initiating the topic of “cheating,” they would focus on the virtues of remaining faithful and committed in marriage. It opens up an opportunity to commend people who have remained loyal and faithful to each other during tough times. If appropriate, parents might share the consequences people have to face when they are no longer regarded as trustworthy. More than anything, adults would be wise to listen and reinforce what kids have to say on the topic.

What do you think—what’s the best way to handle this sensitive, and potentially traumatic, issue with children?

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    These issues should be explained in an * objective * way, with the help of a qualified and certified counselor.


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