How I Helped a Caller Find the Perfect Mate

Find the Perfect Mate

 Your Perfect Mate is Out There too!

I first gave a reading for “Maria” about a year or so ago. “Maria” was in her late 20s and was very upset because her girlfriend broke up with her and she wanted to know why. I told “Maria” that her girlfriend wasn’t ready to be in a serious, long-term relationship because she was still experimenting with relationships. I told her that talking about buying a house together freaked her girlfriend out. The cards also revealed that “Maria” was quite a catch for someone—she was intelligent, spiritual, had a great job, she’s beautiful and she had emotionally supportive parents and siblings. The cards also revealed that “Maria” was very specific regarding the physical appearance of the woman she wanted to marry some day—her perfect mate.

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The cards advised “Maria” to set aside her search for the perfect mate and concentrate instead on a potential business deal. She would soon get an idea for her own business if she didn’t let herself get distracted. The cards also indicated that “Maria” would meet her perfect mate in about a year. “Maria” expressed disappointment that it would be a year before she met someone and the business deal confused her. She sounded skeptical. I like skeptics!

Business Before Love

When “Maria” called again, she told me that her ex-girlfriend had married someone else. Maria still hadn’t met anyone yet. The cards kept saying it wasn’t time yet. But, she had got that great business idea! The readings that followed were all about her business, business partner and her finances. She was also dating women she met online, but no one was really special.

“Maria” was approaching the year mark and that perfect partner hadn’t arrived yet. I was getting a little nervous about my prediction, but I always stick to what the cards tell me.

A Profound Dream

Sometimes I have dreams about my callers and in those dreams I am my callers. I experience an event through their eyes and feel their feelings. Sometimes I experience a past event; other times I experience a present and even a future event. When I awaken, I have a message for the individual. I had one of those dreams about “Maria.”

In my dream I was sitting outside in nature on a big rock. I looked down and saw I had hiking boots on. I looked and I saw a beautiful blonde woman in front of me—she was perfect! My heart was thrilled. I remember there were dogs with us. I woke up and I instantly knew that this blonde woman was “Maria’s” perfect match—the woman of her dreams! The next time I spoke to “Maria,” I told her that her very next date would be with this woman and she would marry her! “Maria” started laughing. She revealed that she met a blonde woman online and they made plans to take their dogs hiking!

Wedding Belles 

Last October, “Maria” and her perfect mate were married in a formal church ceremony and afterwards they flew to Hawaii to have their legal ceremony and honeymoon. “Maria’s” dream of the perfect mate finally came true!

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7 thoughts on “How I Helped a Caller Find the Perfect Mate

  1. libby 5288

    Great Article Nora, what a beautiful story, blessings to you on this beautiful journey, helping all these wonderful souls that need direction, God has sent maria so you could help her and guide her, I could understand that she was at a lost, but you were the treasure that touched her heart with strength n amazing spiritual direction. Lovely story, thank you kindly for this beautiful article.

  2. April

    I enjoyed reading about Maria and I am in the same boat- I am in my late 40s and never been married. However I fly straight and am searching for my my soul mate. I would like to know when you are available to talk. Please e-mail me some times your are available. I work M-F 7am-4pm CST.

    Thank you,
    b-date 4-5-66

  3. lori amster

    Recent breakup with boyfriend of 6.5years. Should I release him and not waste anymore time and energy on him?

  4. sHARON Elliott

    l been waiting for a long time sence 2002 to find my long term love for life ,.,??? he not showing up ,. ,. ,.l am so lonely ,. talk to loys on pof ,. but they just want one thing ,. –sex== not me ,. l want long trem ,. got not much money ,. l 66 yrs,.

  5. patchur white

    “when becoming vegetarian”
    remembering the day 3 decades ago (back in 1979), sitting in front of a natural food store (‘full circle’) on the beachfront of los angeles county, i am so glad i chose to become vegetarian… after hearing a brother to my musical (on the accordion) street performances, for which venice ocean front walk is famous, with explaining to me many ‘spiritual’ reasons to choose only ‘vegetarianism’!
    reasoning to include compassion for the animals who if, like pets, could be treated much more favorably to the tune of humanitarianism! and irrefutably hearing explanations that, even for our health, from the way they die, creatures hormones and andrenaline system go into the food we at the last-minute choose to eat! avoiding the nervous anxiety, i know i want to effuse a good lifestyle at the time i’m chosen to go! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!


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