Genius Ideas That Will Recharge Your Love Life

Your Love Life: Is it Time to Recharge Your Love Battery?

You’re probably surrounded by at least a half dozen gizmos and gadgets that need to be recharged. The same is true for your love life! Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or seeking one, there will come a time when you’ll get stuck in a routine or feel bored and you won’t want to feel this way all the time.

Have you heard of Memory Effect? It’s when those batteries in all you tech devices lose their maximum energy capacity as a result of being repeatedly recharged after only being partially discharged. The battery “remembers” the smaller energy capacity. Your love life could suffer a similar fate!

Like a muscle that gets weak when not used, your love life could become accustomed to the mundane routine your long-term relationship has turned into. Like the batteries in your tech devices, and the muscles in your body, your love life needs to be exercised and recharged to stay healthy. Here are some genius ideas that will recharge your love life!

Get a Checkup

Stress, depression and other medical issues can be a leading factor in low sex drive and all around apathy. If you’re feeling bored in your long-term relationship or if you’re lacking the energy to make your relationship better, perhaps you should see a doctor. Get a physical or visit a mental health professional. You may be taking medications that block your emotions or zap your energy. Maybe there are some safe alternatives.

Pamper Yourself

Make some time for yourself to do something that makes you feel good. Get a haircut, massage, facial or do some retail therapy. Why not turn the pampering into quality time shared by you and your partner? You’ll emerge refreshed and looking and feeling better.

Communicate Your Feelings

Is you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, chances are you and your significant other aren’t exactly the same people you were when your first met. There could be stress in the relationship. Perhaps your priorities have changed. Whatever it is, you need to communicate with your partner and then find ways to make things better. Book some “together time” where you just enjoy each other’s company. Life stresses are off limits at this time!

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Make Sure You’re with the Right Person

Are you and your significant other really compatible? Maybe you were when you first got together, but if you’ve been together for a while, it may be time to reevaluate your compatibility. Think about your exes. Do you keep falling for the same type of person? How is your current partner similar or different from the people you’ve dated before? If you’re starting to recognize some negative patterns in your relationships, it may be time to break those patterns.

If you think things aren’t clicking with your partner, there’s a good chance they feel the same way. But if you want to make things work, you’ll need to challenge each other to get things back to good. And for that to happen, you need to communicate. Talk about a time when you were happier and felt sexier. Look at old photos of the two of you.

Don’t Act Your Age

It’s time to act like a kid again. Revisit the childhood activities you loved so much and do them with your significant other. Stay in your pajamas all day, paint by numbers, read comic books, play board games, have a tickle fight and dance like nobody’s watching. You’re going to feel a lot happier and you’ll improve your relationship too.

Runaway Together

Plan a secret getaway and sweep them off their feet. Even if it is just for the day, running away together will break up the relationship monotony and build the intimacy between the two of you. You could revisit an old haunt or go someplace entirely new.

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Sync Your Sex Drive

Find new or revisit old buttons you can push to turn each other on. Engage in tasteful public displays of affection. Hold hands and kiss in public. If you’re comfortable with prolonged kisses and skinny dipping, do that too. Flit with each other. Schedule sex. Sure, it’s not spontaneous, but if you both lead busy lives you’ll need to find the time that’s right for both of you.

Sensual touching and a loving massage can stimulate and relax the both of you too. If you’re new to it, take a class, read a book or watch an instructional video. It will take you back to the time when you were smitten with each other.

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There’s a positive and negative charge to everyone’s love battery. Stay positive about yourself and work through the negative energy. By doing so, your connections will remain strong and a loving flow of energy will deliver happiness to your heart.

14 thoughts on “Genius Ideas That Will Recharge Your Love Life

  1. meme

    this is for you milton. girls sometimes get tired of being always the giver and sitter, wake up man, have you tried opposite roles you be the sitter and giver of attention? As for you MICHAEL T…. i can’t wait forever as to when you would have the time to see me in person because FOREVER is for GOD, in heaven there’s ONLY ONE TO LOVE AND THAT IS GOD, besides we both can’t live forever here on earth…SAD BUT TRUE.

  2. chloePsychic Chloe [ext: 9421]

    Great suggestions Tony!

    I love the one about “don’t act your age” and the idea of running away together!

    Beautiful, fun, sexy, spontaneous, and romantic!

    Love & Light,

    Psychic Chloe [ext: 9421]

  3. Alice

    I chose to be without a partner for 18 years, for personal reasons. But sex is like riding a bike and it makes you feel young again. Thank God I still have it, and I think role playing is important too, it keeps the unexpected at a peak, What’s next. The partner always loves it.
    Keep it alive girls.

  4. Marc from the UK

    Have a time set aside when it’s not about you, but what you can do for your other! Giving can be as tantalising as receiving!

    Be aware and open to others emotional needs, then when it’s your time, BINGO !! Enjoy

  5. Brenda Calzolano

    First of all…what’s with all the typos? I haven’t seen this on California’s psychics before.

    Second, I am searching for my soul mate. I have been seeing this one guy. Wondering what will come of him.


  6. emmanuel osagie

    Your recommendations are well noted and can really renergize a drowning relationship if tactically applied. It is worthy of note that cultural differences make your recommendations invalid for traditional setting where a man can have as many wives as possible. Free exit from the rekationship is also hard to attain. However the modern age is influencing positvely on how to recharge love life. Frequent communication and exchange of gifts are handy in this regard. LOVE IS THE ESSENCE OF LIVING.

  7. Donna

    I think this is one of the best emails I’ve read lately and how to recharge your love life. Many things said are true in almost everyone’s love life. Thanks for making me think about what I’d like to see and feel in the future. CHEERS!

  8. Bistro

    You no I think people love for the wrong reason these days, A person like me im 43 and in my days we dated first got to no one another. people are loving for money and fame not because u like that person. babies are being born on mishaps. And people not truly committed any more. To much drama and not enough loving and caring.

  9. Milton Samwali

    Thank you for the illustration of my long term relationship, the reason why its been so prolonged is that I wanted to measure true love in her, her name is Pannety Mulaziki but this one has tried I can simply give her a credit of all the ladies that I dated with she sit next to me all the time the rest were zero but this time she is showing no interest. please probe more.
    Milton Samwali


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