Foreplay By Sign

Do you need to put the sizzle back in your sex life? Knowing your Sun and Mars signs, as well as those of your partner, will help you do just that. After all, the Sun is your individuality, while Mars reveals your sexual desires, including the kind of foreplay that turns you on. So read your Sun and Mars signs for some sexy suggestions, and don’t forget to share them with your sweetie!

Aries: To overcome boredom, a Ram requires a dash of daring in the boudoir. New positions, locations and techniques will keep them fired up. They also like a direct approach, so verbalizing (bluntly) what you intend to do beforehand will heighten the anticipation of delights to come. Then bring it on with audaciousness!

Taurus: Bulls are ultra sensual and enjoy a relaxed pace. Soft sheets, scrumptious food and a natural ambiance will awaken their (considerable) desire over the course of the evening. No hurrying allowed! A leisurely head-to-toe massage, focusing on their neck and shoulders, followed by a demonstration of all-out lust, will keep them satisfied.

Gemini: Twins are captivated by style and brainpower. Some witty repartee in a trendy, social atmosphere will get (and keep!) their attention. Sharing humorous personal stories in bed is a form of foreplay. Reading aloud from romantic, poetic or erotic literature, while lightly stroking their hands and arms, will awaken their physicality.

Cancer: A Crab is unabashedly romantic. They enjoy expressions of desire that inspire their sentimentality. A poem about your relationship, or a date at the location where you met will stir up their passion. As the foodies of the zodiac, a home-cooked meal in a cozy ambiance, preferably near water, will intensify their desire as well.

Leo: As the royals of the Zodiac, Lions crave appreciation and lavish expressions of love. Foreplay in the form of fine dining, theater tickets or an inspired gift that speaks to their heart will inflame their desire. Lions are also highly creative, so putting together an enticing ambiance for some imaginative lovemaking will ignite their passion as well.

Virgo: A Virgin may have lofty standards, but their naughty side will come out to play once their sensuality is aroused. Fine, healthy cuisine, prepared just so, at your abode or an intimate restaurant, will get them in the mood for love. Subtle flirting and touching — no crassness allowed! — will entice them toward a crescendo that engulfs you both.

Libra: The way to Libra’s passion is through their heart. An extravagant display of romance, along with some artsy/erotic poetry that teases their intellect, will capture their interest (and more!). They are particularly turned on by charm and beauty, so creating an elegant ambiance and engaging them in beguiling conversation will arouse their desire.

Scorpio: The sky’s the limit in foreplay for sexy a Scorpion. It might only take some subtle innuendo get them going. But a brazen striptease performance can be just effective (and a lot more fun). Or if they’re in a rush, a quickie might be just the thing. The point is to explore the many dimensions of their sexuality.

Sagittarius: For an Archer, foreplay is all about fun and adventure. Evoking their sense of humor, both in and out of the bedroom, will keep them entertained. Doing the deed in a public place, or at least outdoors, preferably under the stars, will bring out their lusty side. Exploring the wild places of the earth will inspire their wild side as well.

Capricorn: Once the walls of reserve come tumbling down, a Goat is the epitome of passion. They love a lusty romp, usually without the accoutrement of romance or subtly. A relaxed, casual atmosphere will get them in the mood. The outdoors calls to their lusty nature, so an outdoor activity, like a mountain hike, can ignite their deepest passion.

Aquarius: For a Water-bearer, it’s all about experimentation. They enjoy exotic forms of foreplay, such as tantric sex, that turns on both their mind and body. Erotic toys, videos and stories will intrigue them. Since Aquarius is such a social sign, hearing about other people’s sexual exploits will arouse their passion (or at least interest) as well.

Pisces: Fantasy, via role-playing, costumes and shared stories, can fire up a Fish’s imagination, which in turn can lead to a sexy romp. As the sign ruled by Neptune, relaxing in a hot tub, strolling by the ocean or bathing together will bring out their deepest desires. Foot rubs are certain to lead to lustier activities as well.

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