Psychic Jesse: Embracing the Alpha Female


The Independent, Authentic and Alpha Female

Are you a truly independent and authentic woman? If you are, you’re alpha. Not all women are alpha, but those who are can have challenging experiences throughout their lives. Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate, explore and empower the feminine and the sacred!

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The Elders

In many ancient matriarchal cultures, older women were looked to for healing, wisdom, counsel and tradition. They would pass on their gifts to the most worthy females of the next generation, who would do the same when the time came. But something happened. Slowly, these same revered women became little more than chattel. Their traditions and stories were scorned and their abilities to heal were feared. Those women who tried to cling to their old ways were often tortured and killed.

But somehow, in the quiet power of the strongest women, the stories remained. I’m reminded of Stregha, who chose death over dishonor or the Native American women who kept their traditions alive through whispers to their children at bedtime. Their truth and power remained constant as the northern star. Even under stress and change, the grandmothers still brought forth each generation of empowered, alpha females.

Leads, Guides and Inspires

An alpha female, much like the alpha male, does not dominate her charges. Instead, she leads and guides them with unyielding strength and wisdom. She does not complain of her obligations. Instead she celebrates the result of her labors. She is not swayed by what others may think of her. She knows what is best and she puts her very best forward every day of her life. She is the heroine of her own journey and an inspiration to anyone who knows her.

Warrior Strength and Love

An alpha female refuses to allow disrespect in her world. She knows how to balance her warrior strength with a powerful and abiding love. Her compassion is open, but wisely distributed. She does not allow anyone and everything into her heart, but those she chooses will be protected and sheltered from challenges for all the days of her life. She teaches as much as she continues to learn.

A Force to be Reckoned With

The alpha female is truly a force to be reckoned with. She does not speak her presence in loud, thundering sounds. Instead, she waits and observes. She is ready to defend what is hers but knows the need to introduce wisdom in all that she does. She understands the power of quiet strategies and she is clever enough to make even the most challenging moments turn toward her favor.

Lessons to Learn

In today’s modern world of noise and constant bombardment, we can learn a great deal from the alpha female. We can learn the peace that can be found only in silence. We can learn to trust our inner psychic voice above all else. We can learn to appreciate those near to us and show them how much we care.

All women can’t be alpha females and that’s okay. If they were, it would disrupt the natural order of things. But, each and every one of us can use the alpha female model to help us achieve our very best. We can stop letting the media tell us what we should want and how we should look. We can lift each other up instead of dissecting one another.

Hear What You Ancestors Say

If you close your eyes and breathe in slowly, you can hear what your ancestors have to say. Listen to your true self and feel its connection to the eternal and the ancient. It’s the beginning of hearing your psychic self and remembering why you came to this place and time.

Celebrate the old ways and embrace a new direction in your life! Give me a call and we will embrace the possibilities together!

Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

11 thoughts on “Psychic Jesse: Embracing the Alpha Female

  1. andrea rami

    Dear Jesse,
    Thank you for those words of wisdom. It is true. I have never been a conformist. Most people are this is the reason that gives me problems because I can’t seem to meet any kindred spirits. Everybody I meet seem to want to go along with different forms of the media or what the majority thinks. I can’t stand it. It is like I have a soul from another world the just doesn’t fit here. Somehow I know that my life is about to change in a major way. I think you are the psychic that had predicted September 2, 2014. The large amount of money that came and it did.

    You may just be the psychic friend I need.

    Ms. Rami

  2. Ivy x5198

    Jesse, Hugs!!! This is without a doubt the MOST empowering article I have read in a very long time. Thank you for reminding us what this wisdom has cost those before us. What a price that has been paid so we KNOW who and what we are….WOMEN. Hear us roar!!!

  3. Christina

    This is the answer I have been looking for!
    I have been asking why is my life so challenging? I’m the warrior defending respect, the earth, my family and the children! I’m here for the sick and the elderly! Having a kind word or an open ear. I’m truly an alpha female! Thank-you for this information!

  4. Shelley Marlatt

    I’m not sure if I am or not I’ve always fended for myself,i believe my family is toxic to me and any man in my life seems to hurt me:but I know I’m no leader

  5. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Love, love, LOVE this article, Jesse!!

    Yes, I am an alpha female. I was fortunate enough to have a father who not only accepted my nature, but encouraged me to be even more of what I could be.

    Why do I specify father? Simply because it has been primarily men who have criticized my strength and independent nature. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked why I want to be like a man… only to answer by questioning why strength and independence are the purview of men, alone.

    Don’t get me wrong: I love men. But I also love myself and cherish my independence.

    Here’s to all the alphas out there, male or female. May they be celebrated!! And here is to all the non-alphas, without whom societal energy would be very unbalanced!!

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

  6. bianca

    Your blog today is the very first one ive ever actually read it was truly inspirational and beautiful thank you for soothing my soul with your precious words much love light and happiness

  7. Dani Morena

    Again, as always, the advice and wisdom imparted here is to be highly commended. With such insight, depth and understanding of the human condition – who would ever need a psychologist!
    Anyone seeking guidance or advice though life’s challenges need go nowhere else but to this page, any day, every day. Powerful stuff! Five stars to each and every one of you!

    Dani Morena
    Investigative Reporter: Trauma Support Counselor (and psychic too)


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