Dating Disasters

You go on and on about how slimy lawyers are…and then find out your date is a defense attorney. You order a strong cocktail to calm your nerves…and then drop it right into your lap. You take your date to an expensive restaurant…and then realize you left your wallet at home. You go to the restroom to freshen up…and walk back to the table with your skirt tucked into your underwear.

Unfortunately, what’s hilarious in a sitcom isn’t quiet so funny when it happens to you in real life. So how do you deal when you’re faced with one of these almost-inevitable dating disasters? Even if you’re not the most graceful person, you can still use these tips on how to handle almost any situation with grace and charm.

You’re walking down the street and walk straight into a light pole. The only thing more awkward than walking into the pole is pretending it never happened.

While you don’t want to draw too much attention to your faux-pas, you can’t deny that it happened either. The simplest approach is to acknowledge your embarrassment and move on.

Of course sometimes the simplest approach just won’t do. If you trip on a wet sidewalk and end up covered head-to-toe in mud, you can’t exactly quietly acknowledge it and move on.

As unfortunate as your situation is, it’s a chance to let your inner beauty shine. Shake off the mud — and your anger — and have a good laugh at your own expense. You’re covered in mud, for god’s sake. It’s funny.

Besides, if you’re gonna be covered in mud, you might as well have a confident attitude and sexy smile to go with it.

Apologize and Make Amends
But some mistakes just aren’t funny. Breaking something expensive or accidentally insulting someone requires more than a laugh – it calls for a genuine apology and an offer to make amends.

If you spill red wine all over your date’s white shirt, apologize and offer to have it cleaned. If you’ve said something to hurt her feelings, tell her you’re sorry and pledge to be more sensitive. Then follow through on your word.

So why do dating disasters always happen when you’re on a date with someone you actually like? The truth is, dating disasters happen because you’re on a date with someone you actually like.

When you’re interested, you try a little too hard to make a good impression — and trip over your own feet. You want to sound smart – and you accidentally say something controversial about a country you’ve never even heard of. You’re so engrossed in conversation, you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing — and end up sending your steak flying across the table.

The trick is to see these disasters as a sign the date is going well — and an opportunity to show you’ve got enough charm and grace to handle any situation.

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