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There are very few blanket rules for what constitutes the one. After all, one girl’s prince is another girl’s toad or one guy’s Marilyn is anothers nighmare. But there are some telltale signs you’ve got a good one in your sights. And if you’re like the zillions who has trouble telling the great catch from the rotten apple, then this one’s for you!

The following characteristics will be beneficial to anyone. Whether or not this is the right love connection for you is a different story… but if they display one or more of these qualities, it may mean that they’re worth a shot!

You’ve reeled in a good one when…
They ask questions about you – beyond your occupation, income, how many kids you want and if you sleep with someone on a first date. Plus, they listen to your answers. Unlike many women, guys confess to knowing if they’re attracted to someone pretty quickly – at least in the physical sense. This instinct is usually what leads to initial interest. However, if either of you are serious about the other, it goes beyond being attractive or sexy. The other person will want to understand you.

Emotionally available
Remember, many times men are not taught to communicate or express themselves as freely as women are – or at least many of them are not inclined to do so. A guy who shares substantive things like his hopes and dreams, feelings or fears (without dominating the conversation) is letting you know that he’s open. The same can be true of women. Open oftentimes means emotionally available. It may take a little time to find out if that’s the case, but a free and easy going attitude and the ability to express how he feels and where he’s been says a lot.

You know them when you see them – all heart, all the time. Not only is this indicative of a good lover (for obvious reasons), but someone who gives 110% is someone who tries. Sounds simple, but what it really means is that given the right relationship, a person like this will most likely be committed to making it work.

A surefire sign you’ve met someone special is the attention they pay to the date. It’s not necessarily how much money they spend, but it’s the details. Did you mention liking something in passing that suddenly winds up included in your next adventure? Do they think outside the dinner and movie box or go out of their way to find a special kind of restaurant or unique event that will make you smile? How much effort did they put into their appearance?

On that note, don’t confuse the competitive type for the all heart date (though they can come in the same package). These dates will also strike you as sweet – because giving everything their all also includes being nice to everyone they meet as often as possible!

No matter who you are, what you’re looking for or how nuanced your particular romantic situation, there are several qualities that indicate a great mate – or at least, a great date! That said, the best tell that you’ve met one who is good for you won’t be found in anything external. Your gut knows when you’re where you should be and if you pay close enough attention to what it’s saying, you’ll know. The key is learning to trust it!

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