Boost Your “It” Factor

If you are a Gemini, Aquarius or Libra, get ready to relax into romantic passion! With Venus moving into Gemini, love will be at your feet from April 10th to June 3rd, and you’d better be ready! But what if you are a Capricorn, Pisces or Leo (or any of the earth, water and fire signs); are you left in the dust? Of course not! Stars or no stars, there are a few things you can do to up your “it” factor anytime!

Got it? Then, flaunt it!
Whatever your best feature is, work it! Don’t be afraid to play up your assets, whatever they are – within the measure of your comfort zone of course. You don’t want to step too far beyond your usual bounds for the simple reason that self-consciousness will kill the effect of your efforts (after all, confidence is one of the biggest draws for most men). So, if you’re too timid to wear that slightly shorter skirt (or working in a corporate culture where cleavage is just not appropriate), channel your inner Leo (lioness) and re-vamp your mane!

Switch scenes!
One of the best ways to boost your “it” factor? Get into a new scene! The new girl is always of interest, and fresh experiences not only enrich the spirit, but they open us to more experiences. Plus, if you’re trying something you’re interested in (note: there’s no point trying something you don’t want to do!), odds are you’ll meet like-minded people (who will, of course, find you absolutely fascinating)!

Make your world work for you!
Meanwhile, as you embark on your adventure (whether it’s cooking class, a new bar, or skydiving doesn’t matter), why not also try incorporating some new ways of living into your day to day? You know, ways of making your life better!

For instance, if your shoulders come up to your ears every time you start your morning commute, try taking the bus for a day or two. If the evening news gets you thinking about all the things in the world that are going wrong, try watching a funny movie when you get home from work instead. Save news for another time when you’re less stressed out, and god knows, they’ll be traffic tomorrow! The point is, that by taking new tactics to accomplish things in your every day life in a more pleasing fashion, you’ll become a happier (and more attractive) person.

Let your inner light shine!
On that note (last, but certainly not least), smile whenever you can. Happiness is the most attractive thing you can possibly put out to the world. A smile is the light which beckons everyone to draw near. Though planetary forces are always shifting and changing, a smile can increase your “it” factor all your life!

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