Babies From Beyond

Having a psychic experience and becoming a parent are both intense life events. And when the two are combined, you get a double whammy that forces you to view life from a new perspective. That’s what happened to Samantha (not her real name) on a September night in 1994. As she was falling asleep, the close-up image of a little boy’s face appeared. He looked directly at her, smiled, and announced, “Mommy, I’m coming!”

When she looked into his eyes, she was actually able to see beyond them, where there was a bright white light. She felt pure, unconditional love pouring into her. Then what he had said finally struck Samantha. I’m going to be a mother! she realized. As a single woman in her mid-30s who had just broken up with yet another deadbeat boyfriend, this news shocked her. “When?” she telepathically asked him. At that point, she saw the number 97, so she assumed that meant 1997.

The next day, Samantha couldn’t wait to tell everyone what had happened, but, unfortunately, those in her immediate circle dismissed her psychic experience as “just a dream,” “wishful thinking,” or “the biological clock ticking.” Frustrated by their lack of understanding, she ventured outside of her group of family and friends for validation.

Her quest for information turned into a marvelous spiritual journey, where Samantha made contact with many other parents who had experienced prebirth communication with their children. She heard amazing stories from doctors, authors, housewives, senior citizens, military personnel, farmers and others worldwide.


Hide and seek
A woman told Samantha that one night when she was asleep on her couch, she was awakened by a cool breeze and found herself face-to-face with a little boy. For some unknown reason, she said to him, “What are you doing up? Go back to bed!” The giggling boy ran across the room and hid behind a chair. When she got up to look for him he was gone. That is, until she gave birth to him a year later.

Meditation revelation
Several people were surprised by visions of their future children when they were meditating. One woman spoke of seeing herself walking with a tall light man and a little blonde boy. At the time, she was engaged to a dark man. Eventually, she broke that engagement and married the man she saw in meditation and gave birth to that child.

A cry in the night
Another woman told Samantha how she began hearing a baby softly crying in her house. None of her neighbors had infants, and she could find no logical reason for the persistent cry for comfort that continued intermittently for five months. Then one day she realized the crying had stopped – which was at the same time that she found out she was pregnant!

Little matchmaker
A man reported that the spirit of his son-to-be appeared to him weekly. During one of those visits, the boy told his father to “go get pizza.” He followed his son’s instruction, and on that very night, at the pizza parlor, he met the woman who later became his wife and the boy’s mother.

More than one
Some parents have been blessed with the vision of all of their children-to-be at one time, such as the farmer who had fallen asleep one day out in the fields. When he opened his eyes, he saw four little faces looking at him, and they said, “Don’t worry, Daddy, we’re coming.” He now has four children who look like the spirits that comforted him that day. Another father saw his three future children standing on the shore with his wife as he was close to drowning in a lake. As soon as he saw their images, he felt calm and knew that he would survive this crises. Over the following years, all three of those children were born.

A child is born
In July of 1997, Samantha turned 39 years old and found herself still single. She wondered how her son could come to her that year if she wasn’t even dating anyone. Then it occurred to her: She had been promised a child, not a husband. By this time, Samantha’s love for her son-to-be was so strong that she committed herself to giving him the opportunity to come to earth in any way she’d have to, even if it meant single parenthood through anonymous donor insemination.

With her intuition and her son’s spirit guiding her, Samantha easily chose their donor and, despite a bleak prognosis from her doctor stating that she had borderline chances of conceiving because she supposedly had “old” eggs, in October 1997 Samantha got pregnant on the first try!

Her son is now in fourth grade and has no recollection of his prebirth communication. Nonetheless, for Samantha, his very existence is a daily affirmation of the awesome psychic bond of parenthood.

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