7 Things That Mean More Than “I Love You”

Understanding What “I Love You” Really Means

You’ve heard the phrase before—“Actions speak louder than words.” But what does that really mean? Many times within relationships the words “I Love You” can be too easily said. Whether you’re newly into your relationship, or you’ve been with your soulmate for what might be considered a sustained amount of time, you may find yourself needing to go above and beyond the simple “I Love You.” It all boils down to the fact that doing is better than saying. Here are seven things that you can seek from your loved one, as well as reciprocate, when searching to say more than just “I Love You.”

Take Risks

By taking a risk with your partner, you build amazing intimacy. I’m not talking about being forced to bungee jump off a bridge, or taking up knife throwing. No, taking a risk can be as simple as telling your other half why you love them, in a candid, honest and open way. That takes guts and strength. By drumming up the courage in your heart to share your feelings, you’ve already shown him/her that you more than love them.

Make Things an Adventure

Experiencing new places, people or events together is a great way of showing how much you love your partner, or how much they love you. Each of you should keep a running list of places to go and things to see and when things get a little boring, hop in the car and take your companion to a mystery spot on your list. By making it an adventure, you’re making it fun and showing your darling how important it is for you to make them happy.

Whisper Sweet “Somethings”

Did you know that by just looking deeply into a loved ones eyes you can trigger the endorphins in each other’s brain? The body has a distinct chemical reaction when sharing feelings of love. Make more eye contact, hug and kiss each other longer. This expression of affection is definitive. Whispering sweet nothings into your sweetheart’s ear means something. A simple “I’m IN love with you,” or “You complete me,” translates to something stronger than “I Love You.”

Meet Their Friends and Become Friends

Sharing is caring. As a couple, one of the most genuine ways your mate can show you that they more than love you is by incorporating you into their circle of friends. By introducing you into their lives and friendships, they’re making a conscious effort to present you to their friends as a new extension of themselves. And, of course, you can do the same for them.

Accept Love

Are you the type of person who feels uncomfortable accepting a compliment? One of the greatest ways to show someone you love them is by allowing them to express their love and devotion to you without making excuses. If he tells you “You look so beautiful in that dress!” or she says “You’re so handsome,” don’t disagree or fight them on it! Compliments are a great way of genuinely saying “I Love You.” Just say “Thank you!” when your partner compliments you.

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Put the Other Person First

Making sacrifices for each other is key. Don’t think of this as “you vs. me,” but more of, say, a pendulum. Sometimes you will need to be put first; other times your companion will need the attention. So whether it’s deciding to go to that chick flick you’ve wanted to see, or to the action thriller, horror, shoot-em up sci-fi movie he’s had his eye on, take turns and learn how to compromise. By having them do something selfless for you, they’ll be showing you that they’re willing to put their love for you above their own wants and needs.

Behave in a Loving, Considerate, Respectful Way

Treating your partner better than you would your best friend is the best way to say more than “I Love You.” Ultimately, if all your actions stem from the roots of love and respect, your relationship will grow like a big, beautiful and strong tree. When you’re considerate of the other person’s feelings, you’re not only showing them how much you love them, you’re leading by example and you’re showing them how you expect to be treated as well.

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11 thoughts on “7 Things That Mean More Than “I Love You”

  1. Jessica

    Dear Rheye,

    Ouch. I’ve been where you are–different details, but the same gist. If I were in that situation now, I would imagine myself on my own path. I would think of what I would like my life to look like, and how I would like to feel, and I would figure out how to make those things happen.

    And then I would follow my path toward those things, and I would only think about myself, and do what I want for myself and to take care of my home. I wouldn’t give my partner another thought.

    Either he would “wake up” and seek me out and want in on “the action,” or he wouldn’t. Either way, I would just keep on moving to make myself happy and not worry about him.

    He would have to not only want “in on the action,” but he would have to really step up his game for that to be possible. The merry-go-round would be spinning, and he’d have to figure out how to get on.

    That’s totally what I would do.

    Just as I said to CC Campbell: remember what an absolute goddess you are. Love yourself first and let your husband figure himself out…or not…either way, you’re living a life that makes you happy.


  2. Jessica

    CC, you’re welcome! I’m in my mid-50’s, so I can appreciate your perspective.

    There’s nothing needy about communicating about what you need/want, if it’s not a demand. Simply saying, “this is what I need, and I’m not willing to settle for something else…is this something that you’re up for?” isn’t needy, it’s a sign of strength. If he’s at all worthy of you, he’ll respect you for it, even if he can’t come through for you. And if he feels anything less than respect, then you’re really better off knowing, as Helen said, I think.

    A man will typically do what feels good and avoid what doesn’t when possible; and I feel like that’s a great example for us women to follow: listen to your intuition and your gut feeling: does it feel good?

    It doesn’t make your partner a bad person or a bad guy if he can’t meet your needs; and it’s also not your responsibility to forfeit what’s right for you to spare him or anyone else. It’s your right to be true to yourself and not commit to a relationship where your needs aren’t being met.

    It’s sad thinking about leaving a reasonably good relationship, so it might help to imagine not being in it anymore–kind of “sit with that” for a couple of days; and then imagine what it would be like to stay on the path you’re on with your partner, and “sit with that” for a couple of days.

    Oh, and by the way…don’t forget what an absolute goddess you are.


  3. rheye

    My husband says “I love you” at least once a day, but I feel like he never really puts me first and that bugs me. My income makes up 75-89% of our total income (depending on whether work needs him full time or part time) and I pay all the bills. I understand that he doesn’t make that much money but he spends more of his money on taking his coworkers out to lunch than he spends on me. I do things for him at least twice a month, like taking him out to eat at a nice restaurant, visiting a museum, or buying him new clothes or video games, and yet when I was sick last weekend and we ran out of jello (which was the only thing I could keep down) he wouldn’t go to the store and get more for me! If he gets sick he wants me to hug and kiss him but when I get sick he won’t even come near me. Just after I recovered and went back to work, I came home and he was gone! He finally called me several hours later and explained that he had gone to visit his dying grandfather several states away and that he had tried to call and let me know he was leaving but the cell phone died; whenever I need to leave town I always let him know several weeks in advance and we had known for months that his grandfather was dying but he never said a word about going to see him until he had already left! This isn’t the first time he’s made a decision that affects both of us without consulting me first, and I always involve him in decisions that affect both of us. He says he’s coming back in a week but I’m not sure I want to let him in my home if he’s going to continue taking and not giving and being inconsiderate.

  4. cc campbell

    Thank you, so much for the great advice. I forgot to say that yes, we have been together for almost a year. So Helen and Jessica, you are both right… I need to just ask him point blank at some point and make a decision based on his answer. I also forgot to say we are both in our late 50’s and I feel like I do not want to waste either of our time if we are not on the same ‘page’. I have avoided the issue because I did not want to seem like a needy or weak person and he is always there for me in other ways…I have met his family, co-workers, he fixes things around my house, my car, takes me out for dinner, has met my family and co-workers, always responds immediately to texts or phone calls, etc. but I also do a lot for him.
    I will give him, I think, until the first of the year, and then tell him, as Jessica said, it is an essential part of a relationship for me. And ask him what is holding him back, or if he can not freely say that he feels that for me that I do need to date other people.
    Thank you again for taking the time to leave comments.
    Your unbiased opinions have helped me gain clarity on the issue !

  5. Jessica

    Dear CC,

    What you’re describing sounds painful, mostly because it’s so hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. I feel the same way you do–that if I had to choose between the words and the actions, I would choose the actions, but the words are, nevertheless, deeply important.

    You mentioned telling your partner that the words don’t imply a commitment. Is it possible that even though you feel that way, for him, they do? Or that maybe he senses that for you, they would mean more of a commitment than you believe?

    What do you think would happen if you told him how much the way he treats you, means to you–that you love the way he treats you; and, at the same time, hearing the words isn’t just important to you, it’s essential?

    You didn’t mention how long you’ve been together, but if it’s been a year or so, it seems reasonable to feel that it’s natural to be not only acting in love, but to speaking it too.

    What if you told him that you need to be in a relationship where you’re not only treated really well, the way that he treats you, but also being told on a regular basis, that you’re loved; and that if he really feels that he’s not ready to take that step, you’re going to date other people–that you’d enjoy seeing him too, but that you aren’t prepared to be exclusive at this point?

    Just a thought. Maybe he’ll step up. Maybe he’ll tell you what’s holding him back. Maybe he’ll say goodbye. It would be taking a chance, but if he’s not telling you, and it doesn’t feel good to you, then maybe it’s not a good idea to commit yourself to being exclusive. Love yourself first, CC.

    Warmest wishes,

  6. Helen

    To CC Campbell

    If I were in your situation, I would ask my partner point blank, “do you love me?” And explain that you need to hear the absolute truth. It is taking a risk because you may not hear what you want to, but you need to know. Whatever the answer you will know where you stand and can the deal with it.
    Some people just have a hard time saying the phrase and that is all it amounts to.

  7. cc campbell

    My partner does all these things, but never does say he loves me. I need to hear the words once in a while too. Am I wrong? It is starting to feel like the ‘elephant in the room’. I have told him how I feel, and he has said he feels love for me, but has not told me because he does not want me to read too much in to it. I told him the words do not imply a commitment or come with ‘strings’ and that I am a person that needs to hear words of affirmation, at least occasionally. I can not imagine breaking up over this, because I am otherwise very happy. But I can not imagine living the rest of my life never hearing those words either. Can someone please offer some insight? I do know that actions speak louder than words, and talk is cheap… and I would rather have what I have than be with someone who told me they loved me and who’s actions spoke otherwise. But my heart aches to hear the words.


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