5 Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

About halfway through November, Venus enters a welcoming Sagittarius, bringing the Archer’s flair for adventure to lift our spirits (and love lives!). It’s out with Scorpio’s introverted tendencies, and time to let loose our playful, spontaneous, risk-loving selves.

Ask for what you want
If you have a partner, you better believe he or she is more than simply curious about your secret desires, both in and out of the bedroom. No one likes to play guessing games. And they can’t give you what you need until they know what it is. Of course, that means first being honest with yourself about what it is you do need and communicating it honestly and openly. This isn’t always as easy as it should be, so you might try putting it on paper. It will give you a chance to say exactly what you mean while escaping the sometimes inhibiting pressures of a face-to-face.  Want to change a routine, try something new, or fix a glitch? Be bold; ask! You’d be surprised how much it can do for you.

Shop together
Before you go out together, head to the mall. Agonizing over what you’re going to wear out gets old fast, and you’ve probably settled into a routine wardrobe by now. But dress-up becomes fun again if it’s for the person you want to see dressed up. Take your partner to your favorite stores and pick out what you want! Keep it playful and tasteful — you want to be able to enjoy an evening together after this. Treating each other makes it a little more exciting, and be sure to accessorize. When you’re both completely satisfied, show off your masterpieces with a night on the town. And you get bonus adventure points if your night leads you to a spot neither of you have ever been.

Get lost together
If you’re willing to live up to all that spontaneity you claim you’re seeking, you just have to pick up and go. Choose somewhere you’ve always wanted to go (preferably somewhere neither of you have been), grab a map, and take off! It’s up to you to survive what happens next together.  You might have a raging success, but even if you don’t, that kind of challenge to your relationship will be revealing, healthy and exciting. The best adventures are adaptable anyway. If you get rerouted, make an adventure out of where you end up. And if you do get lost, remember that the journey is a huge part of the experience.  

It’s not just about naughty nurses and pirate scoundrels. Role-playing is one way you can step out of your comfort zone and explore some of those more adventurous personalities you’ve been hiding. Create a character for yourself. It could be fictional, someone you know, or someone you’d like to be. Stay in character while you’re in public to add to the illusion, and when you get home, let your imagination have free reign!  

Plan an ambush
Romance is at its most exciting when it’s least expected. Choose a plan of attack carefully so that you’re laying in wait when your partner falls unexpectedly into your trap. Follow him out to the store or stop by after work and be waiting in the car when he comes back out. Approach her while she’s in public as if you’re a stranger and pick her up with your best moves. Or simply lay and wait when your partner doesn’t expect you to be home. Be creative; the idea is to surprise your partner, but it’s up to you to find the right surprise. Yours might be sexy, thoughtful or simply spontaneous. You could stage a kidnapping that ends at a resort, at the beach or at a favorite spot out.  And gifts, food and flowers are great additional touches to help entice your ambushee.

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